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MORE Unique Asteroids in the Natal Chart

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Here is my second round of seemingly-random asteroids that aren’t as frequently talked about as asteroids such as Nessus, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Chiron. While these asteroids are minor, you can assess them in your natal chart by noticing where they land and how they are aspected. For example, having an asteroid associated with luck conjunct your natal IC can indicate luck in home and family relations, while having the same asteroid placed in the 10th house can indicate luck in social standing and career. The aspects will show how easily or difficult you maintain the qualities associated with the asteroid, depending on whether these major aspects include sextiles, trines and/or conjunctions, OR squares and oppositions. You can assess these asteroids in your chart by plugging in their number values on If you have any questions regarding the process, let me know. Asteroid junkies, like myself, ENJOY!

Astrowizard (24626): This asteroid was named after an American astronomer named David V. Rodrigues known for his educational outreach, especially when it pertained to children. For many years, he has lectured at the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. During his lectures, he would often dress up in a wizard costume to intrigue the children and bring them into his teachings. Having this asteroid tightly conjunct a personal planet may confer a deep interest in both astronomy and astrology. Clearly, I have an interest in astrology, and this asteroid is tightly conjunct both my Sun and Venus! This asteroid may also involve the native being talented in both educating and entertaining others.

Bellona (28): Bellona is known as the Goddess of War in Roman mythology. And, as you can imagine, this asteroid is associated with power-house types of personality that aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and others. The native may be ready to “go into battle” to stand up for what they perceive to be right. Those with easier-flowing major aspects, such as trines and sextiles, seem to know how to be assertive when and where it is needed. They easily stand up for themselves and others they care for. With hard aspects, such as squares and oppositions to planets and other asteroids, assertiveness can border on intolerance. The native may overreact to what they perceive to be an attack on themselves from others. They more easily take offense to perceived slights or attacks on their character. With conjunctions, there can be a mixed bag between being a healthy amount of assertiveness and going overboard at times.

Elvira (277): The lore surrounding Elvira originated with the creation of the character by the French poet Alphonse de Lamartine in his “Meditations Poetics.” In this melancholy piece, he mourns the loss of his lover, whom he coins “Elvira.” Most will probably be more familiar with the contemporary character Elvira, “Mistress of the Dark,” portrayed by Cassandra Peterson in the horror/comedy cult classic. It’s also worth noting that Elvira is a name of Spanish origin, derived from Arabic, meaning “the white.” Taking these clues together, we can ascertain that this asteroid can confer mournful qualities, including being a hopeless romantic, perhaps maintaining a penchant for poetics, and someone with a sentimental heart. This asteroid is sitting exactly on top of my natal moon–and let me tell you–I’ve always been a fan of the musical group The Smiths, and have always been a hopeless romantic with my heart on my sleeve! Also, I’m incredibly pale. Heheh. It appears the smooth-flowing major aspects can create this qualities in a person without it being a detriment–while someone with major squares and oppositions to this asteroid may be more associated with the darker sides of melancholy, such as depression.

Artist Unknown

Melancholia (5708): Speaking of depression! This asteroid is more associated with the darker sides of melancholy than the asteroid Elvira. Having this asteroid prominent through squares and oppositions in the natal chart is associated with individuals who suffer from depression, bouts of melancholy, and mourning. Perhaps they maintain an outlook on life that is rather blue. For example–I have this asteroid conjunct my natal Lilith in the 3rd house and squaring 4 planets in my 1st house stellium. I have suffered from severe depression a few times in my life, and have had to work through a more negative mindset time and time again. Those with major flowing aspects, such as trines and sextiles, seem to be able to cope with events in life that trigger these emotions more astutely. Bad things may happen to them, as they happen to all of us, but their ability to cope seems to be more adequately developed.

Felicia (294): Felicia is a name of Latin original that means “happy” or “lucky.” This asteroid can confer both the ability to maintain a happy disposition in life, and a certain degree of luck in their dealings. I’ve noticed that even when someone has taken some pretty heavy hits in life, if this asteroid is prominently placed, they have been able to maintain a joyful and perhaps child-like disposition regardless of what they have gone through. They are less marred and beaten-down in adulthood than some of their peers. It appears that when this asteroid is negatively affected by squares and oppositions, or having little to no major aspects at all, these individuals have had a historically hard time maintaining happiness throughout their life circumstances. Don’t be blue if yours is poorly aspected–we all need to work on our mindset from time to time. Learning to be happy despite the obstacles we face is ALWAYS a work in progress!

Harmonia (40): This asteroid appears to be one of the largest indicators of musical talent in an individual! In particular, I’ve noticed those who are proficient in singing or musical instrument(s) have it positively aspecting their natal Neptune (in conjunction, sextile, or trine). There may be a natural affinity for harmonizing, or creating music that is pleasurable to the senses. When heavily aspected by squares and oppositions, there may still be a major interest in music, yet not exactly a natural talent. Think of the individual who loves to sing along to their favorite songs, yet somewhat make you cringe when hearing them. For example, my grandfather loves music, but can’t carry a tune to save his life. He has it squaring both his natal Neptune and asteroid Nessus. There may simply be more work that needs to be put in, if the individual wants to become proficient in singing or a musical instrument.

Sophia (251): Sophia is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.” This asteroid may confer an above-average sense of wisdom, insight, and intuition that can surprise others. It can also show WHERE we have this innate wisdom–for example, if conjunct natal Uranus, the individual may have natural wisdom when it comes to individuality, innovation, standing out from the crowd, etc. If conjunct Neptune, the same may apply for matters such as spirituality, religion, ego-dissolution, and the higher octave of love. With major flowing aspects such as sextiles and trines, this wisdom may be easily received by others–yet with squares and oppositions, others may perceive the native’s innate knowledge to be coming from a place of superiority or see the individual as a bit of a know-it-all. A piece of advice for those who suffer from others having this perception of them: How we give our advice can be equally as important as giving it in the first place!

Agrippina (645): Agrippina was the name of several high-ranking noblewomen in Roman society, one of whom was the mother of Emperor Nero. This woman helped orchestrate the downfall of Emperor Claudius in order to install her son Nero as the new emperor. This name is also the feminine version of the Latin “Agrippa,” meaning “born feet first,” which is a relatively uncommon occurrence. Having this asteroid prominently placed in the natal chart can make for an opportunistic person who may take unorthodox actions to meet their goals. They may have the ability to rise through the ranks of society or obtain political power in ways that most others do not. If poorly aspected, the individual may be tempted to resort to underhanded means or tactics to obtain what it is they desire. When positively aspected, the individual could be more likely to “stay on the high road,” and meet less resistance on the way to pursuing their goals.

Armisticia (1464): Having this asteroid prominently placed in the natal chart can bequeath a natural talent as a peacemaker or effective negotiator. I’ve noticed those who have historically been “the glue” between family, friends, or co-workers have this asteroid aspected by many trines or sextiles in the natal chart. Those who have cut ties with those dear to them, or who have broken relations, tend to have it afflicted by squares and oppositions. It also appears those with the easier aspects can more readily forgive others when they’ve been hurt or otherwise harmed, while those with hard aspects can carry grudges far longer that most.

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