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Speculation & Research: Past Life Astrology

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Past life astrology isn’t particularly as popularized within the West as it is in historically in places like India and Asia, but I wanted to put my “research” out there as to what I have gathered on my own time–specifically, in the Synastry between an individual & someone they speculate they actually may have been in a previous lifetime. While this facet of astrology is about as abstract as it gets, the more I have delved into metaphysical & spiritual concepts, the more draw there has been due to actually receiving really intriguing information and answers. While some say that the past life shouldn’t be deeply explored, I’d say it can help anyone better understand themselves, and possibly even help provide explanation as to why ‘you’re that way,’ when there appears to be no discernible cause, in some cases. I say I think it could help anyone because, whether or not that previous lifetime was overall positive or tragic, there are benefits–if this was a life in which you wielded some sort of power, did some good things for society, etc. this can help further integrate those energies into your current life for empowerment. If it was an overall unpleasant life, this may provide you with some explanations as to fears, phobias, and negative behaviors you’ve speculated about in yourself–especially if you have natal planets in the 12th house.

Evangelical Belief in Reincarnation and Astrology Shockingly High, Survey Finds

I can’t sit here and tell anyone one way in which you may discover who you were in a past life. Some people feel an instant recognition in absorbing information on the late individual, seeing them, or hearing them speak. Others have come forward in their own questioning by using tarot cards to speculate. Although this research is done on a rather abstract subject matter that I cannot 100% back-up, I believe part of life involves learning to integrate the unseen with the seen; belief, or faith, I suppose. It’s difficult for our human egos to take seriously something that doesn’t exist within the material world. But when you let that guard down and give it a try, it’s miraculous what you can discover through time by relenting to concepts that feel intriguing, but don’t always feel comfortable exploring whether it’s due to your reputation, how you feel about yourself, or (likely) any other external factor that would have a hindering effect on you. Unfortunately, our intuition only truly grows when we intuitively trust ourselves, and to an extent, the Universe. I am going to list a number of Synastry indicators that may be a tip-off to a past life soul connection, based on the accumulation of my own research that is both supported by other online publishings AND placements/aspects that I found on my own.

  1. Your Ascendant conjunct their Ascendant; or Ascendant in the same sign

  2. Your Ascendant conjunct one of their outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and/or Pluto

  3. *Asteroid Juno prominent (* = only found in my research; never seen published before):

  4. Your Juno trine or conjunct their personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and /or Venus)

  5. Your Juno trine or conjunct their Jupiter

  6. Juno conjunct or trine Juno

  7. Juno conjunct the major angles

  8. *Same Plutonic Generation–Pluto the same sign into which you were born; your Pluto conjunct their Pluto

  9. Your South Node conjunct their Mars (or other personal planets)

  10. Your North Node conjunct their South Node; or NN/SN flipped in same signs

  11. Asteroid Vesta in the same sign; both in the same house; your Vesta conjunct their Vesta

  12. Vertex in the same sign; your Vertex conjunct their Vertex

  13. Vesta conjunct major angles (Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant, & Midheaven; to/from either chart)

  14. *Your South Node conjunct their asteroid Vesta

  15. Your Asteroid Part of Fortune conjunct, sextile, or trine their Part of Fortune;

  16. Moon-Neptune major aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, & opposition; to/from either chart)

  17. Many Neptune trines (to/from either chart)

  18. Many Mars trines (to/from either chart)

  19. Your Jupiter trine their Jupiter

  20. Mars-Jupiter major aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, & opposition; to/from either chart)

  21. Jupiter-Saturn major aspects

  22. Uranus-Saturn major aspects (to/from either chart)

  23. Sun-Pluto major aspects (to/from either chart)

  24. Chiron/Moon major aspects (to/from either chart)

  25. Chiron/Lilith major aspects (to/from either chart)

  26. Nessus/Vertex in the same sign; conjunct (to/from either chart)

  27. Chiron-Pluto major aspects (to/from either chart)

  28. Chiron-Saturn major aspects (to/from either chart)

This research is interesting to me because anything & everything we cannot see intrigues me. While this also very much includes Science (I am an M.S. in Environmental Studies major), I’m also very interested in learning the secrets of the Universe. The truth is what intrigues me, so if anyone wants to come at me for this, fine. I honestly couldn’t care less (but maybe don’t take that as a dare; I’m still sensitive!)

Concluding on the research, I think maybe the reason why our past lives would have particular flowing or challenging aspects & placements is so the time period & world at the time is somehow compatible with who you were in your past life, while the difficult major aspects are there to remind us of our Karmic woes that have been carried over & should be healed in this lifetime. If anyone has any questions as to how you may speculate and/or narrow down the list on who you might’ve been in a past life, just let me know! It’s abstract & bizarre, but only WE know what energies we truly feel reside within us, and whether or not we connect with certain people, practices, events, or anything else throughout history. Remember to Love and take care of yourself!

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