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Venus Synastry Aspects with Outer Planets – Part I: Conjunctions, Sextiles, & Trines

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I’ve noticed my Venus Synastry aspect posts have been somewhat popular as of late, and decided to expand upon the planets I’ve written about thus far (Venus aspects with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus). This post will be dedicated to Venus Synastry aspects with the outer planets, including our optimistic, expanding Jupiter & disciplinarian Saturn. So to sum it up, this article will be looking at Venus Synastry aspects with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Although Jupiter & Saturn aren’t technically “outer planets,” they are just as important as our personal & outer planets in Astrology. I’ll be discussing all major aspects; including the conjunction, sextile, & trine in this article; with the next one covering the square & opposition. Enjoy!


Venus conjunct Jupiter: This is a great Synastry placement for relationships of all sorts, as the base of a long-lasting partnership is a true friendship, which this aspect certainly illicits. Both Venus and Jupiter will feel optimistic, light-hearted, and positive around each other. I say this is great for friendship because stimulating humor, intellectual activities, and fun are brought into the relationship. This aspect is also known for good-luck, in combination with a positive attitude–meaning, the future may be very bright between the two of you if the relationship blossoms/continues. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it’s important to not get too caught up in your fun activities–as, anything in access can be harmful to personal & relationship goals. Jupiter may take on the role of expanding Venus’ worldview, philosophies, religious views, or anything else having to do with culture & the expansion of the mind. Venus may take on the role of expanding Jupiter’s taste in aesthetic, music, personal interests, and art. This is a highly-ranked Synastry aspect, as the two may feel they can completely be themselves around each other, and criticism for one another could be laced with understanding, support, and helpfulness. Others may love being around the two of you as a couple, as you are lively & entertaining. As always, the whole Synastry chart must be analyzed, but this one’s great for relationships of all types.

Venus conjunct Saturn: This Synastry aspect may be known as somewhat of a “mixed bag,” as hot/cold tendencies may be present. While this relationship may very well be known to illicit strong feelings of trust, protection, dedication & discipline in the relationship, sometimes the Saturn individual may come across as cold to the Venus person with some time. Venus may perceive the Saturn person as stifling to their playful and loving side, while Saturn may perceive Venus as taking on too much of a care-free attitude in situations that may require a bit more seriousness. It’s important to note, however, that if the Venus individual is somewhat Saturn dominant or prone to Saturn-like tendencies (many natal aspects to Saturn, South Node in Capricorn, etc.) they may very well feel this protective & disciplined energy to be attractive and helpful in their own lives, as a sort of “stabilizing” energy. If Venus is more of a free-bird and is prone to much socialization and fun-loving activities, this energy may make them feel “shot down.” Saturn could very well see the Venus person as quite refreshing to their lives, especially if they are more Venus-oriented, as well. As Saturn is a binding planet, this union has the capability of being long-lasting. I’d say, however, that other supportive Synastry aspects should be present in the chart, as conjunctions (relative to the sextile and trine) can be a mixed bag aspect; depending on other factors.

Venus conjunct Uranus: This is another conjunct aspect with Venus that could present a mixed bag of situations/feelings between the two. Uranus in conjunction Synastry is known to sort of “shake up” the other person’s world in a way. In this situation, the Venus individual will most likely feel this ripple effect first & most prevalent. They may feel that somehow former rules don’t apply, and this can make them feel intrigued, or potentially even upset, if Venus has been used to the status quo. Venus may find that their former preconceived notions regarding love & relationships fly out of the window in the presence of Uranus. While feelings can be mixed, Venus may ultimately be very attracted towards the unique ways of Uranus. The Uranus individual may feel that their unique perspective is quite appreciated by Venus at the end of the day, and will feel quite good about being able to expand Venus’s view of life. This is a fantastic aspect for relationships of all sorts that may be working on creative projects together, as the intellectual & creative part of the minds will be stimulated. Feelings illicited from this aspect won’t feel heavy, but rather, electrifying & exciting–so if Venus is prone to loving these energies, this will ultimately be a very mind-opening Synastry aspect. Venus can have a unique healing effect on Uranus–as Uranus may feel their unique ideas and perspective are finally being appreciated. If Venus is ready, Uranus can open their perspective magically.

Venus conjunct Neptune: While this conjunction will certainly make the two feel like this is the romance of a lifetime & the type only found in romance novels and movies, the rest of the Synastry chart will certainly need to be assessed to determine whether this is leaning towards the truth or not (believe me; I’ve been caught up in it!) Upon meeting, a highly romantic bond will be felt. The Venus person should pay the most attention–as Neptune will truly captivate them & they may feel they’ve finally found the absolute perfect partner in the presence of Neptune. As time progresses, however, Neptune may sense that the Venus person is projecting their ideal image of a partner onto them–putting Neptune in the confusion situation of deciding whether or not to continue playing along with this image, or make the unattractive decision of setting the Venus person straight. Neptune may even (intentionally or not) test Venus to see if they truly appreciate themselves for who they truly are. While this may entirely be a supportive aspect in an overall workable Synastry chart, if the individuals are fundamentally different in profound ways, it’s likely this relationship may ultimately end in heart-break. While both individuals feel an innate sense of compassion & understanding for the other individual, with this Synastry aspect, it’s absolutely crucial for both individuals to remind themselves to express themselves authentically–or else confusion & disappointment may hurt more than the truth in the end.

Venus conjunct Pluto: This is a very magnetic, sexy, and alluring aspect in Synastry, that sometimes unfortunately also presents itself as a mixed bag. The attraction between the two may be so intense that it’s frightening, as one or both may feel a sense of not being able to control their own emotions anymore. This can be somewhat scary, as there may be times when the two of you feel on top of the world–you make each other feel so incredibly good & high, yet other times, you take each other to the absolute depths of emotions & the soul. You also won’t really be able to hide much from each other–in conversation, you take things to the absolute core & can even discover or re-discover certain things about yourselves that were hidden or forgotten. It’s important that the Pluto individual not be too controlling or manipulative, as, if these are tendencies, Venus may feel too suffocated in Pluto’s presence. If this isn’t the case, and Venus is open to peeling back all layers as Pluto manifests this energy, it will ultimately be a very trans-formative & healing relationship–or, if Venus is somewhat Pluto dominant or prone to Pluto-like tendencies. If Venus is too hesitant to delve into the depths of the soul, or Pluto too dominant & manipulative, one or both may be scared away. Together, you may work through some deep-seated personal issues, which feels empowering. Sexual relations may open either individual up to the reality that sex can be wonderfully pleasing & trans-formative.

Venus sextile Jupiter: As the sextile is known to be a somewhat easier aspect to handle overall than the conjunction (think up-in-your-face with conjunction vs. an established relation with sextile), Venus and Jupiter will be very happy in this aspect. The potentials for over-indulgence & excess as expressed in the conjunction aspect may be much less likely to take a toll on the productivity of the relationship here. As with the conjunction, a positive-overall outlook together will be present and luck may follow the couple in their endeavors. Goodwill, generosity, and positivism will be abundant. The two may feel as if their confidence is increased as a result of being together, and will be confident in each other that good intentions are aplenty in the relationship. Jupiter may take on the role of enlightening Venus in ways of philosophies, world views, and culture, while Venus may introduce Jupiter to new social groups, interests, and art that expand their personal interests. Others won’t be able to help but respond positively to you as a couple, as their is an innate sense of optimism in the relationship. The two may feel empowered to create the “good life” together, as personal & relationship ambitions seem all-the-more possible with the help & assistance of the other. Humor may play a large part in the relationship, so if either party is Jupiter-oriented or Sagittarian dominant, this will majorly help ease any tensions in the relationship.

Venus sextile Saturn: This aspect can be much easier to deal with than the Venus-Saturn conjunction. While Saturn is playing the part of the protector, disciplinarian, or more-serious party, this relationship is likely to illicit feelings of true commitment, a strong domestic-partnership, and a permanent friendship that bases itself in mutual support & care. There may be ambitions related to creating more emotional stability, a financial future; and these things will likely be in reach if both put in the work personally. A strong sense of respect for one another may be present, and the two will find it easier than with some other individuals to want to get to know their families, and contribute to domestic life in a positive & helpful way. While Saturn is less-likely to to dampen Venus’ feelings as with the conjunction, Saturn may give a healthy dose of reality & stability to the romantic feelings of Venus. Venus, in turn, will help Saturn feel lighter, more optimistic, and not so bogged down by everyday realities. While this is an extremely supportive aspect, the whole Synastry chart should be analyzed to ensure other energies of a positive relationship are present.

Venus sextile Uranus: While this aspect may not feel as abrupt, electrifying, or interrupting as the conjunction aspect, those themes will likely be present, but in smaller doses. As previously stated, the conjunction can often create mixed-feelings on the side of the Venus person, as Uranus’ introduction into their life may “shock” the status-quo of the Venus person, and this can have both positive & negative effects. Between the two, life will naturally feel exciting & stimulating. The two may perhaps share some unusual or eclectic interests, and will find it rather easy to accept each other’s styles & preferences, even implementing or adopting them into some of their own. Venus will likely feel attracted to Uranus’ unique ways, while Uranus will feel appreciated for their unique perspectives, outlooks, and theories. This can also feel quite healing to the Uranus individual, if they are used to their ideas being shunned or overlooked. Together, you may delve into new areas of interest & often be excited by trying new things. This is a wonderful aspect for being able to “keep things fresh” in a relationship; without feeling dampened by the mundane aspects of life. Sexually, you may be open to trying some new things and this can help keep things refreshing & fun in the bedroom (or wherever else these two may be doing it), as well!

Venus sextile Neptune: I’d say this aspect is overall “better” in Synastry than the conjunction of Venus-Neptune, as their is less of a chance of illusions being present that leave either individual feeling confused or heartbroken by things not being “as they had seemed.” There will naturally be a compassionate, nurturing, and understanding aspect to the relationship that, of course, help smooth things over when hiccups occur. The two may be interested in following a spiritual or religious path together, even if their original viewpoints were different–they may feel a sense of expansion in areas of spirituality. The mutual feelings of idealism, romanticism, and a fairy-tale-like romance may be more grounded in reality than what can oftentimes play out between the conjunction. The two will see an innate beauty in their partner that not everyone else may see. To ensure illusion & deception won’t likely be present in the relationship as can happen in the conjunction, assess the natal aspects of each individual’s Venus & Neptune that are in the sextile–this will point towards whether or not either individual is likely to “play along” out of not wanting to hurt or disappoint the other. Overall, the two will feel a deep bond with each other & will likely not feel the romantic aura between them fade away, if the Synastry chart supports it.

Venus sextile Pluto: Also an aspect that’s a lot easier to deal with than the conjunction between Venus-Pluto. While it’s quite possible themes of being overly-possessive or manipulative can be present, I’d say this is more likely if either individual’s planets are heavily afflicted in the natal chart. It’s likely the two will feel a magnetic attraction for each other, without the anxiety-inducing fears that the other person has some power/control over them/their emotions (as in the conjunction). It may feel somewhat easier to compulsively tell the other person how you feel, and with some time, you’ll see the “pulling back all layers” theme in conversation with each other is ultimately healing & empowering. The two will be highly sexually & romantically attracted to one another. If disagreements occur, it’s more likely that this is useful for a deeper-understanding of each other, and help you to grow as human beings. There is an opportunity here to become incredibly close with your romantic partner, and you’ll help each other in your own healing processes. It will feel great for the two to unburden themselves from secrets they may have kept from others for some time, and in this way, this aspect can also create a sense of new-found freedom. Love of truth will likely be a binding force between the two, and fears of secrecy & manipulation much less present.

Venus trine Jupiter: All positives of the conjunction and sextile apply here, but in an overall more seamless way. The two may truly feel a deep personal friendship with each other, and as if there isn’t anything they can’t accomplish together–and that very well may be accurate. They will bring out the absolute best in each other; helping each other to build upon the more positive aspects of their personalities. There will be an overall tolerance & understanding in any differences that occur between the two. Creating abundance together will be a major theme, and the more these two push, the more they’ll likely see they can reach sky-high heights together in emotional bonding & financial abundance. If they decide to create a business together (still keeping in mind other aspects), they will likely succeed. There will be a heightened sense of generosity, and both will enjoy giving freely to their partner. Jupiter may take on the role of supporting Venus in their creative endeavors, while Jupiter can majorly expand Venus’ worldview & philosophies. Optimism & happiness between the two of you will be contagious, as others in your presence will feel some of that rub off on themselves, as well. Together, you will be very sociable and enjoy hanging around new places & meeting new people. This is an excellent Synastry aspect in keeping a long-term relationship fresh & optimistic.

Venus trine Saturn: This aspect between Venus & Saturn is the most indicative of a long-lasting, stable, and supportive union between individuals. The two will naturally feel very committed to each other, and Venus is much less likely to feel bogged down by Saturn’s practical & methodical approach. Saturn may take on the role as provider, disciplinarian, and create structure/organization within the relationship, while Venus lightens the mood with fun, creativity, and a sort of lightness that makes Saturn feel less bogged down with everyday realities. Saturn may seamlessly help Venus become more responsible & disciplined, and they will feed off of this energy in each other, further solidifying the union. This will be a bond that will prove very difficult to break, indeed. It’s less likely either individual will stray from the relationship or make a move that may end up hurting the other individual. The iron-clad but easy bond between the two will often prove too wonderfully strong to do something stupid to break it. Valuable lessons will be learned with both parties, and they will naturally help improve each others’ personalities & tendencies with time.

Venus trine Uranus: To others, this union might seem somewhat odd or quirky, but it’s plain to see the union works. It will likely be shown that the two of you are attracted to each others unconventional & experimental sides. Together, you might very well enjoy breaking the rules and enjoy the differences between the two of you just as much as the similarities. A deep appreciation for each others’ unique perspectives, artistic tastes, and aesthetic work to make a seamless yet unique union. Uranus will find the Venus person uniquely attractive, while Venus will naturally be drawn to Uranus’ unique tendencies. This relationship will be dynamic, exciting, yet strong between the two of you. It’s likely you won’t get bored of each other, and is a wonderful Synastry aspect to have in a long-term relationship, given other aspects support the union. Even if certain events throw you off, it will be rather easy to work together in a stable union. Given that the Venus or Uranus person doesn’t natally have heavily afflicted aspects to their relevant planets, there will be a sense of freedom, independence, and respect for each others’ own points of view in the relationship. This is also a wonderful aspect if the two are involved in any creative pursuits with one another. Even if the two decided to part, it’s likely they will always appreciate each others’ unique perspectives and what the other person has taught them.

Venus trine Neptune: This aspect drastically increases the likelihood that the individuals involved will maintain a sense of compassion, nurturing, gentleness, and affection for each other that lasts long into the future. You may feel, in each others’ presence, that you’ve finally found the one you’ve been looking for all along. This is a connection of true intuitive love, and the chances of these feelings being based on simply illusion are hugely offset with the trine. The two will likely find it easy to express who they are to their partner, given other Synastry aspects support this picture. They will likely feel innately appreciated for who they are, and what their “soft spots” are, deep down. This is the aspect between Venus & Neptune that may 100% be worthy of all the magical, fairy-tale like feelings you likely illicit in each other. You may consider your union blessed or heaven-sent. Physical touching & affection likely will be prominent, and the two of you will feel very mentally, physically, and spiritually tuned-in with each other. There can be an innate sense of trust, as intuition will tell you that you can trust the other individual wholeheartedly. As long as the overall Synastry picture supports the union, this could be the blessed long-term relationship you’ve been waiting for, after-all.

Venus trine Pluto: This relationship will be full of passion & strong emotions, but likely not (sometimes) to your detriment, as can often be the case in the conjunction. This relationship may feel entirely fated, and feelings for each other quite profound & deep. Venus will likely be mesmerized by Pluto, and feel attracted to their mysterious allure. Pluto might be fascinated & blown away by the inner & outer beauty of Venus, to the point of becoming absolutely obsessed with them. It’s likely sex between the two will be mind-altering, and a great level of physical intimacy may be reached. Both individuals will feel transformed by this relationship, and may never want to leave each other. Unwanted reactions, emotional displays, and erratic behaviors are much less likely with the trine aspect of Venus & Pluto. Helping each other grow through learning to let go of old issues will help both individuals feel more empowered & free. Pluto will come into the relationship with an “all or nothing”-type attitude, and this will more than likely than not be extremely attractive to Venus, and will dig their power aura without feeling too smothered. No matter what, even if this relationship ends, both parties will look at it as a profound time in their lives that helped them uncover & grow through the other individual. While this aspect has much less of a chance of manifesting the extreme (and sometimes negative) emotions between Venus & Pluto, the relationship will still be profound/intense and touch the hearts both individuals forever. Some stabilization in Synastry may be required, as in that of Saturn’s influence.

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