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Why the Natal Chart Matters: A Case Study of Kim Petras’ Natal Chart

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I’m gonna be that annoying amateur astrologer that says it again–in the study of astrology, and natal charts in particular, it depends on ALL the pieces put together. Astrology is a deep study; not looking up your “big 3” and ascertaining everything about yourself or someone else from that. I have picked a specific case in which this lesson exists. This woman’s name is Kim Petras; she is a 27 year old musician and aspiring pop star. She is a Virgo sun with a Leo moon.

Upon gaining this knowledge, many young or inexperienced astrology followers might ascertain too much about her! Some might assume her music to be very sweet and poppy. While she certainly has a taste for sweet sounds, her music is all about: transcendence, death, being reborn, the phoenix-like rise, pain, pleasure, strength, overcoming odds…all themes that remind us of what sign? Certainly Scorpio comes to mind, or the ruling planet of Pluto. Below is a sample lyric from her song ‘Massacre.’

One taste of blood is not enough to satisfy Take your last breath and get a rush Gotta die to feel alive Sweet evil, come deliver us the sacrifice Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Gotta die to feel alive

This is perhaps a little surprising, given our knowledge of her Sun and Moon. Virgo and Leo alone as signs do not represent quite so dark themes that are suggested in the lyric above. This means that we must look elsewhere in the chart to determine where these powerful, dark, and sexual energies come from. Below is an image of her chart:

What I have circled in purple there is where Pluto lands in her chart. While her birth time is unknown, we can see that her Pluto has many aspects to it; with the tightest orb being that of the aspect Pluto sextile Jupiter. This is followed by Pluto square Moon, Pluto sextile Venus, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto square Lilith, Pluto square Saturn, Pluto square Chiron, and finally, Pluto forming a sextile with both Neptune and Uranus.

What does this say about Kim Petras? Well, as the more aspects a planet forms in a specific sign, the stronger the planet & signs influence on the individual. And since Pluto is in its native sign of Scorpio, this energy is even more powerful than it would be in a different sign. It’s very intense, passionate, mysterious; and all the deep or dark energies that Pluto represents. Since Scorpio’s influence appears to be very prevalent in Kim’s chart, I decided to look up the breakdown of the Signs’ influence in her chart–using a simple chart delineation; the Pullen chart on

As you can see, there are some surprising findings as to what signs are most prevalent in Kim’s chart. Capricorn, a sign that (somewhat like Scorpio) likes all things dark. I bet half the Capricorns you know like to wear all black (just kidding, but not really). Looking back at her chart, you can see that both her Neptune and Uranus have multiple trine aspects to them. The planets or bodies these two connect with do so in a very free-flowing, easy, and perhaps subtle way. This is because sometimes it may be difficult to discover gifts as a sort of “uncovering” when the energy flows so seamlessly. But in Kim’s case, this reveals something important about her. Some may be surprised to know that Kim is a transgender woman. She wants fame, recognition, power, the ability to perform & create music; while she is open about who she is as a woman. She walks the line seamlessly between letting the world know who she is (she has a song called TRANSylvania), and owning it without evening needing to address it. She created her own label when she was displeased with how people were trying to market her as a transgender woman. But back to how we can see this comfort-ability in her uniqueness–multiple Uranus trines in Capricorn (Uranus is the planet of uniqueness, spontaneity, revolution, change, and more similar themes). Her Neptune trines indicate creative talent. The fact that Uranus and Neptune are fairly tightly conjunct indicates using her uniqueness in creative talent, as Neptune represents all things creative, dreamy, illusion; while oftentimes people with trines to their Neptune have a particular love of music (I do!).

Now that we’ve done a simple break-down of certain qualities in Kim’s natal chart, we can see where all the powerful and dark energy comes from! I want to make clear that when I say “dark,” I don’t mean evil or anything remotely similar. What I really mean is that she digs deep below the surface, to dark places that a lot of people wouldn’t want to visit. She is daring in that respect. On the contrary, I’d *guess* that her rising sign is also in a sign that represents lighter energies, as she certainly has the look of a pop princess! It makes it that much more fun and surprising upon listening to her music. The point in me breaking down certain aspects of her chart is to show that we truly need to study the entire natal chart when trying to help ourselves or others through astrology. Without the full picture, it’s too difficult to try to put the puzzle pieces together. As previously stated in another post, I do readings and can help you translate this information into your daily life. Like Kim Petras, we are all multi-faceted creatures! Hopefully in understanding ourselves better, we can transform ourselves & the world. Right, Kim? (She’s got the stuff).

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