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A Handful of Fun (and Unique) Asteroids in the Natal Chart

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

I decided to compile a list of seemingly random asteroids I find to be interesting, entertaining, and useful when assessing natal charts–that stand apart from the typical asteroids we tend to look at (such as Ceres, Pallas, Juno, etc.) All of these asteroids will be most useful when assessing the natal chart. I believe having any of these asteroids conjunct the angles (Ascendant, IC, DC, or MC) can show when and how the ideas behind the asteroid(s) can be triggered in our lives. For example, if asteroids related to luck and successful financial endeavors are conjunct your natal DC, it could indicate that successes in life are somehow linked to a marriage or business partnerships. This idea similarly applies to the planets–the themes associated with each planet being conjunct a particular asteroid must be considered in the analysis. For example, if an asteroid related to personality is conjunct your natal Sun, you could be known amongst the public for that particular personality trait–if conjunct natal Uranus, an event could be triggered in your life that pushes you to develop that personality trait. If an asteroid that proclaims a fighting or revolutionary spirit is conjunct natal Mars, you may end up working for a cause that brings out your fighter spirit at some point. The next step, of course, would be to add the themes associated with house placements–if natal Neptune resides in the 9th house of philosophy & religion and is conjunct an asteroid associated with a particular religion, you could very well experience spiritual transcendence (associated with Neptune) through a religion or certain cultural themes. Please LIKE or LET ME KNOW if you find this subject matter to be useful in your own personal research! I’ve compiled more asteroids that I find useful than I’m currently sharing, and certainly wouldn’t mind expanding the list of asteroids to assess.

Asteroids to look at when assessing the natal chart:

Arachne (407): This asteroid is named after the Greek myth of a woman touting that she could weave better than the goddess Athena, patroness of crafts. When Athena took her on, the woman arguably won, but it was said that she shamed the gods due to the fact that her tapestry included Zeus cheating on his wife Hera with several mortal women. Athena subsequently turned her into a spider, and the woman continued to weave in her spider form. This asteroid being very tightly conjunct any angles or planets could illicit themes of boastfulness, reveling in one’s own accomplishments, a disdain for authority, and not to mention incredible skill as it pertains to certain types of craftsmanship. It appears this asteroid being conjunct one of the luminaries (Sun or Moon) may illicit somewhat of a know-it-all or braggadocios type of personality, and perhaps especially be more off-putting if also afflicted by squares or oppositions. It’s also possible with this asteroid that spiders play an important part in one’s life.

Ate (111): Having this asteroid tightly conjunct an angle or planet could indicate an assertiveness bordering on intolerance, or responding too heavy-handed to a real or imagined threat. Ate is the goddess of mischief and ruin in Greek mythology, and was said to be the curse behind the sparking of the Trojan War. This asteroid being afflicted by prominent squares or oppositions appears to illicit someone who can’t necessarily take jokes about themselves lightly, or have issues in letting their guard down regarding their own sense of self. Taking jokes about themselves (or subjects brought to the attention by house placement or planetary aspects) too seriously.

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Beer (1869): Just as it states, this asteroid could grant significance to the drinking of alcohol (not necessarily just beer). If this asteroid is heavily afflicted in the natal chart, it could signify someone who has issues controlling their alcoholic intake. I have this asteroid tightly conjunct my natal South Node, and let me tell you, I’ve always enjoyed myself a good drink! But I’ve never had a real issue with alcohol–It’s also trine (the smoothest-flowing aspect) my Sun and Venus. Some aspects I’ve seen in the charts of those who have had issues with alcohol include this asteroid being squared by the South Node and North Node, tightly conjunct an afflicted Moon, conjunct Jupiter, and if looking at all these asteroids in the chart at once, being in tight aspect with the Ate asteroid (goddess of ruin), and in particular, the trine between these two asteroids.

Cloelia (661): In early historic Roman mythology, this woman was one of those captured by a king named Lars Porsenna who waged war against the city. She was able to escape captivity, and swim across the Tiber river to freedom. She was said to also assist other hostages in regaining their freedom. Having this asteroid tightly conjunct an angle or planet could indicate an individual who is able to emancipate themselves and/or others. A fighting spirit with a strong sense of justice could develop in response to hardship. To get a better idea of how these ideas might proliferate, consider it being conjunct the IC–the individual may have the capability of emancipating their family members from ideas or practices that keep them in metaphorical captivity or otherwise. This asteroid is likely to be prominent in the charts of those who frequently speak up for those who are in trouble somehow, and advocating for causes close to their hearts.

Elpis (59): Elpis is the Greek goddess of Hope, and was described as a beautiful looking woman holding flowers and a cornucopia. The name Elpis is also etymologically related to the word ‘will,’ meaning “to wish, desire, or want.” In the natal chart, this asteroid could indicate a positive, hopeful, and expectant person with a consistent sense of desire. It could be that, due to this enduring desire, the individual is able to reach the goals they have set for themselves. I’ve noticed those who tend to look at the ‘glass half empty’ (a negative point of view) in life in general have this asteroid afflicted by planetary squares or oppositions. Those who are successfully able to renew hope in their lives have it featured in conjunctions or easier aspects.

Fides (37): Having this asteroid tightly conjunct an angle or planet could indicate that the individual is trustworthy, honest, and dignified. Fides is the Roman goddess of trust and bona fides (good faith). There may be an innate degree of moral integrity. Having conjunctions to this asteroid in Synastry could indicate a connection based on truth and fairness. When afflicted, it could indicate a relationship wrought with issues related to trust. I’ve found that those who have been very trustworthy in my life to have conjunctions or easier aspects with this asteroid (sextiles and trines). For those who have been dishonest or disrespectful, squares and oppositions. I’ve seen it squared in aspect to Saturn and Chiron, opposite Pluto, and if looking at these asteroids together all at once, squared asteroid Perseverantia (below).

Narcissus (37117): Narcissus is a figure from Greek mythology who was known to be extremely handsome–so much so, that he fell in love with his own self image reflected in a pool of water. Having a prominent Narcissus in the chart could be indicative of someone who physically attractive, yet by that same token, is too self-absorbed, selfish, or possibly thinks much too highly of themselves. There may be issues in understanding others’ point of view or sympathizing. Those with Narcissistic-type personalities tend to have this asteroid afflicted by squares in oppositions–to planets and angles such as the Sun, Saturn, MC and IC, Ascendant and DC. Someone having this asteroid conjunct the North Node will almost certainly become somewhat of a narcissist.

Perseverantia (975): This asteroid is associated with the idea of never giving up, or having the ability to maintain perseverance for the long-haul. An astute dedication, endurance, and discipline may develop in relation to the angle, planet, or house the asteroid is in relation to or residing within. Look to the house this asteroid resides within to get an idea of what area of life the individual has perseverance. The sign can also be an indicator, such as having Perseverantia in Cancer can be indicative of someone who has a strong dedication to their family.

Thalia (23): Known in Greek mythology as the muse of comedy, a prominent Thalia in the natal chart might indicate a happy, jubilant, entertaining, and comical personality. Someone with Thalia conjunct a personal planet may be known in some way as a class clown or would make a good talk show host. Someone I know well who is a professional comedian has this asteroid trine her Ascendant and conjunct her natal Uranus. It appears this asteroid being afflicted in the natal chart isn’t necessarily bad, but makes for a more twisted or shocking sense of humor perhaps more than the average individual.

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