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Serial Killer Astrology: Part I

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

So, this article has taken me awhile to complete. As I’ve gotten more spiritually open and in tune over the years, my level of sensitivity to these subject matters has increased, and I simply cannot write about/research serial killers and the atrocities they’ve undoubtedly caused, for hours on end. Regardless, it’s a subject matter that interests me deeply and I’ve very much enjoyed finding astrological patterns in the birth charts of these extremely deviant and wicked individuals.


I thought I would put this article together because it’s a subject matter that’s seemed to intrigue us all on some level. What is it that makes serial killers do what it is that they do? How and why do they have the urge to kill other human beings, regardless of how the majority of us feel about such a heinous act? Surely, astrologically, there must be some hints or tip-offs as to what has the potential to contribute to the makings of a serial killer. It must be stated that the majority of individuals with one, some, or even MOST of these aspects in their natal chart are not and will not become serial killers. The information that is shown is simply the gathering of information after the fact–after any and all murders have taken place. I do not and will never claim that any one of these specific aspects or placements within the birth chart will lead the individual to becoming a serial killer, because that’s simply not the case. While we can intellectually theorize the probabilities based on these aspects and placements, my research has led me to believe even more so than I had before, that a large determining factor here is the environment in which the native was raised. AKA, there are a number of ways any individual aspect in the birth chart can play out–and it very much depends on the environment the person was raised in. It’s as if the birth chart is our basic, underlying coding, but how well or poorly the situations brought by our natal charts play out very much depends on the people influencing us, and therefore, how we respond to the events before us. This is somewhat paradoxical, as the natal chart can also reveal our early conditioning and the type of people who may enter our lives. I make my point on birth chart vs. environment because I’ve seen many individuals with the same aspects have them play out much, much differently–depending on who had influenced them, how much material wealth was at their disposal, and innumerable other factors. Here, I simply make an attempt at finding patterns among the birth charts of those deemed serial killers--people who have compulsively murdered many individuals.

Below is a list of all aspects and placements I found to be present or dominating in the charts of these 12 killers. Following is an extensive list of aspects and placements found in their birth charts. Not all birth times are available, however, but I’d guess there would be more oppositions to the midheaven (MC) and squares/oppositions to the ascendant (ASC). I will conclude my evidence at the end of this article.

Placements + Aspects in the charts of 12 Serial Murderers

  1. Sun / Pluto aspects (4)

  2. Sun / Chiron aspects (2)

  3. Sun / minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (4)

  4. Sun / minor asteroid Sado aspects (3)

  5. Moon / Uranus aspects (3)

  6. Moon / Pluto aspects (2)

  7. Moon / Chiron aspects (1)

  8. Moon / Lilith aspects (1)

  9. Mercury / Uranus aspects (5)

  10. Mercury / Pluto aspects (3)

  11. Mercury / Chiron aspects (2)

  12. Mercury / Lilith aspects (2)

  13. Mercury / Neptune aspects (1)

  14. Mercury / minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (1)

  15. Mars / Jupiter aspects (1)

  16. Mars / Uranus aspects (2)

  17. Mars / Neptune aspects (3)

  18. Mars / Pluto aspects (1)

  19. Mars / Chiron aspects (1)

  20. Mars / minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (4)

  21. Mars / minor asteroid Sado aspects (4)

  22. Venus / Neptune aspects (4)

  23. Venus / Saturn aspects (3)

  24. Venus / Pluto aspects (3)

  25. Venus / Chiron aspects (3)

  26. Venus / Lilith aspects (1)

  27. Venus / minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (4)

  28. Venus / minor asteroid Sado aspects (3)

  29. Jupiter / Pluto aspects (3)

  30. Jupiter / Chiron aspects (1)

  31. Jupiter / Lilith aspects (1)

  32. Jupiter/ minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (3)

  33. Jupiter / minor asteroid Pandora aspects (4)

  34. Neptune / Chiron aspects (3)

  35. Neptune conjunct Ascendant (ASC) / in the 1st house (2)

  36. Saturn / Chiron aspects (1)

  37. Saturn / Sado aspects (3)

  38. Pluto / Chiron aspects (5)

  39. Pluto / Nessus aspects (5)

  40. Pluto/ minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (2)

  41. Chiron / minor asteroid Lucifer aspects (3)

  42. Lilith / minor asteroid Pandora aspects (4)

  43. Nessus / minor asteroid Sado aspects (5)

  44. Squares / oppositions to the Ascendant (ASC) (16)

  45. Oppositions to the Midheaven (MC) (12)

  46. Conjunctions to the South Node (8)

  47. North Node + South Node axis in Virgo/Pisces or Pisces/Virgo (3)

  48. Uranus in the 10th house (3)

  49. The 29th degree in the sign of Gemini (2)

  50. As per the symbolic 360 degrees + their interpretation on

  51. “Unscrupulous, brutal, and cunning character ready for anything in order to reach one’s ends. One is driven by an intense instinct of domination, and one does not hesitate to betray supporters and friends.”

  52. Minor asteroid Pandora / Nodal aspects (3)

  53. Minor asteroid Lucifer / Nodal aspects (1)

Ted Bundy, AKA the “Lady [or] Campus Killer”:

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy became one of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century for the serial rape and murder of over 36 women, on record–while it is theorized that he actually killed over 100 women. He is somewhat unique from other serial killers in that his childhood wasn’t exactly wrought with extreme pain and hardships. He did carry a sort of shame passed down from his mother, who hid the fact from him that he was an illegitimate child, while claiming his grandparents were his real parents. His troubles were rather innate from the get-go–at age 3, he showed a major interest in knives, for example. He was perceived as an intelligent and bright young man, as he graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, and started attending law school in Utah shortly after. In his killing sprees, Bundy developed a pattern of targeting pretty college students on different campuses. He would often lure them to his car, and when away from prying eyes, hit them over the head with a crowbar or pipe. He often raped, beat, then murdered them. Many of his victims resembled a young woman from California whom Bundy fell madly in love with, before she broke his heart. What proved to be most damning in his murder trial were the bite marks found on a number of victims that matched Bundy’s teeth perfectly. He managed to escape from prison twice, yet was caught both times. He was executed in Florida’s electric chair in 1989.

Ted Bundy's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun square Lucifer (5 orb)

Moon opposite Uranus (3 orb)

Moon conjunct Lilith (7 orb)

Mercury square ASC (1 orb)

Mars opposite Uranus (7 orb)

Mars trine Pluto (0 orb)

Venus square Pluto (7 orb)

Venus square ASC (5 orb)

Venus opposite MC (4 orb)

Jupiter square Pluto (0 orb)

Jupiter opposite MC (3 orb)

South Node conjunct Mars (2 orb)

South Node conjunct Moon (6 orb)

Minor asteroid Lucifer square the North & South Nodes

Uranus in the 10th house

Jeffrey Dahmer, AKA theMilwaukee Cannibal”:

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted for the murder of 17 young men that took place between 1978 and 1991. He targeted mainly black men, and would pick them up at gay bars, bus stops, and malls. He’d lure them by promising sex or money, give them alcohol laced with drugs, and begin the murder process. He is known for necrophilia, or having sex with the bodies after killing them. He also confessed to cannibalism, AKA eating the people he murdered. He’d take photos of his process so he could “relive” the experience after it was done. While his upbringing wasn’t particularly traumatizing, his parents did notice a marked difference in the boy after surgery to correct a double hernia, followed by the birth of his brother. While this has been reported by an incredibly reputable source as reported at the bottom of the article, I don’t quite understand how a double hernia surgery could result in the overall mental and behavioral changes that were perceived in Jeffrey Dahmer after-the-fact. He became increasingly disconnected, tense, and lacked any semblance of a social life. He developed a serious dependence on alcohol, and it seems the severity of his actions (and) legal charges only dramatically increased when he was arrested for drunken indecent exposure when he was found to be masturbating in front of two boys in the summer of 1986. His murdering spree began far before that date of indecent exposure, however, with the first starting in 1978. On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was killed by a fellow inmate, having only served a couple of years in prison.

Jeffrey Dahmer's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun square Pluto (3 orb)

Sun conjunct Lucifer (4 orb)

Sun square Chiron (2 orb)

Moon trine Uranus (2 orb)

Mercury square Pluto (3 orb)

Mercury square Chiron (4 orb)

Mercury conjunct Lucifer (2 orb)

Mars square Jupiter (4 orb)

Saturn square ASC (2 orb)

Saturn opposite MC (6 orb)

Moon conjunct DC (0 orb)

Pluto opposite Chiron (1 orb)

Pluto square Lucifer (1 orb)

Chiron square Lucifer (2 orb)

South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo

Uranus in the 10th house

Pandora square Nodes (5 orb)

John Wayne Gacy, AKA “Pogo the Clown”:

John Wayne Gacy

Gacy has a somewhat typical background of what we might expect from someone who is considered a serial killer. His home life, while young, was wrought with issues. His father was an abusive alcoholic who would beat the children with a razor strap. It was shared by his sister that he eventually “toughened up” and stopped crying throughout the beatings. He had wanted to impress his father, and this was further worsened by the fact that Gacy has a congenital heart disease that made it impossible to play with other children the ways that they do, while much later on, he discovered his homosexuality–throwing another wrench into his goal of making his father proud of him. Gacy actually had a reputation, as an adult, for being well-liked in his community. He was known for organizing cultural gatherings and political meetings. The majority of Gacy’s victims were underaged teen boys, with him having murdered 33 people at the very least. What is particularly heatbreaking is that Gacy described his “cruising years” (the years he got away with the vast majority of his murders) as being AFTER a sexual assault case against him had been dropped after the boy accuser didn’t show up to testify–and we have to wonder why.

John Wayne Gacy's stand-out natal aspects:

Mercury square Uranus (3 orb)

Mercury square ASC (1 orb)

Sun opposite MC (9 orb)

Mars conjunct DC (4 orb)

Mars trine Sado (3 orb)

Venus opposite Pluto (10 orb)

Venus opposite Chiron (5 orb)

Jupiter conjunct Pandora (3 orb)

Uranus conjunct DC / opposite ASC (4 orb)

Saturn conjunct DC (7 orb)

Pluto conjunct Chiron (5 orb)

Pluto square Nessus (1 orb)

South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo

Lilith conjunct Pandora (5 orb)

Nessus square Sado (1 orb)

Pandora square Nodes (3 orb)

David Berkowitz, AKA the “Son of Sam”:

David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz was born to an impoverished Jewish mother in New York and quickly thereafter became the adopted son to two blue-collar Jewish New York residents. He was particularly close to his adopted mother, and she passed before he had reached adulthood. This affected him greatly. He decided to enlist in the army at 18 years old, and proved himself to be a proficient marksman in the South Korean War. When he got back to New York and eventually began his quick but short murdering spree, he seemed to target mainly young couples and teenage girls. He frequented locations where couples were known to park and makeout, and the like. He is referred to as the “Son of Sam” because he originally claimed that his neighbors dog contained the soul of a 6,000 year old man named Sam who convinced him to carry out the murders. But he later retracted this and claimed it to be a desperate attempt to save his own hide.

David Berkowitz's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun opposite Lucifer (1 orb)

Moon square ASC (3 orb)

Moon opposite MC (3 orb)

Venus opposite Neptune (6 orb)

Venus opposite Saturn (7 orb)

Venus square Chiron (7 orb)

Venus trine Sado (1 orb)

Neptune square Chiron (1 orb)

Neptune conjunct ASC (9 orb)

Saturn square Chiron (0 orb)

Pluto square Nessus (4 orb)

Ian Brady, AKA the “Moors Murderer”:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ian.jpg

Ian Brady

Ian Brady's stand-out natal aspects:

Moon opposite Pluto (10 orb)

Mercury opposite Chiron (6 orb)

Mercury conjunct Lilith (9 orb)

Mars trine Lucifer (2 orb)

Jupiter square Lucifer (5 orb)

Neptune square Chiron (5 orb)

Saturn sextile Sado (3 orb)

Pluto square Nessus (2 orb)

Lilith trine Pandora (0 orb)

Myra Hindley, AKA the “Moors Murderer”:

Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley was an American serial killer who targeted children around the age of 12 with her boyfriend and co-conspirator Ian Brady (listed above). It was Brady who convinced Myra to carry out the killings with him. While young, a close male friend of hers suddenly died via drowning when she was 15. I can’t help but wonder if she had anything to do with his death, as she promptly dropped out of school and converted to Catholicism. As for the known murders, she acted entirely in accomplice with Ian Brady, a young man she fell head over heels for. It appears he played the murders off as a “test” for her allegiance to him. Their victims were 10-12 years of age, and the events that transpired included both rape and murder. I truly cannot imagine what would drive these individuals to commit such despicable crimes, to say the least, but here’s what we are working with in her chart:

Myra Hindley's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun conjunct Pluto (6 orb)

Moon square Chiron (7 orb)

Mercury conjunct Lilith (1 orb)

Sun opposite MC (7 orb)

Mars square Uranus (9 orb)

Mars conjunct Chiron (8 orb)

Venus square Neptune (2 orb)

Venus conjunct Lilith (3 orb)

Saturn square Sado (5 orb)

Pluto opposite MC (1 orb)

Pluto square Nessus (0 orb)

South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo

Nessus sextile Sado (1 orb)

Venus at 29 degrees Gemini

Myra Hindley's Natal Chart:

Beverly Allitt, AKA the “Angel of Death”:

Beverly Allitt

Beverly Allit was known to be a class-A attention-seeker and definitely suffered from Munchausen syndrome–a condition in which someone repeatedly seeks medical assistance for ailments, when no ailments are present at all. She was known for floating from doctor to doctor, as each one eventually caught up to her attention-seeking games. When this behavior failed to illicit the responses she may have been hoping for, she resorted to killing infants in the hospital in which she worked. She would convince parents their children were safe in her care, and she would worsen their physical condition to the point of death. I’m not going to lie–reading in detail about her murder spree felt incredibly dark and I had to take a break from my research. Her acts are some of the most abhorrent I have read about.

Beverly Allitt's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun conjunct South Node (2 orb)

Sun square Lucifer (2 orb)

Sun sextile Sado (2 orb)

Moon opposite Pluto (5 orb)

Mars trine Lucifer (2 orb)

Mars square Sado (2 orb)

Venus sextile Lucifer (0 orb)

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (2 orb)

Jupiter opposite Chiron (9 orb)

Uranus conjunct South Node (9 orb)

Neptune trine Chiron (6 orb)

Pluto opposite Chiron (7 orb)

North Node conjunct Pandora (9 orb)

Nessus opposite Sado (4 orb)

Dennis Rader, AKA the “BTK Strangler”

Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader is an American serial killer who became known as the”BTK killer,” which stood for “bind, torture, kill.” He was able to evade capture for many years as he killed sporadically, yet his penchant for fame and notoriety enabled him to be caught in 2004. He was fond of taunting the police by leaving clues, and even came up with his nickname by describing the process in which he killed, as described above. To all who knew him in his community, he appeared to be quite the normal family man. He worked for ADT security services for many years, was a very active leader in his church community, and even a scoutmaster for the boy scouts. When his trail of clues finally caught up with him by leading police to his church, the other members simply couldn’t believe this man to be capable of all he had done. He is currently serving out his 10 consecutive life sentences at the El Dorado Correction Facility in Kansas.

Mercury opposite Neptune (8 orb)

Mercury opposite Chiron (4 orb)

Venus conjunct Lucifer (4 orb)

Neptune conjunct Chiron (4 orb)

Venus square ASC (5 orb)

Neptune opposite MC (2 orb)

Chiron opposite MC (6 orb)

Moon conjunct DC (2 orb)

Moon conjunct South Node (4 orb)

Pluto square Nessus (3 orb)

Lilith trine Pandora (4 orb)

Richard Ramirez, AKA the “Nightstalker”:

Richard Ramirez: His bone structure / jawline are very Luciferian to me (1960-2013)

Richard Ramirez was an American serial killer who became dubbed the “Night Stalker” due to his tendency to break into people’s homes in the night, often raping and torturing his victims, and leaving a slew of satanic symbols in the wake of the murders. It’s worth noting her endured much head trauma as a young boy, and developed epilepsy. He was also heavily influenced by his older cousin, who returned from the Vietnam war a broken man who described how he tortured Vietnamese women. Ramirez even witnessed his cousin kill his own wife. A lovely backdrop, as you can see. Most murders carried out by Ramirez took place over the course of about a year, with at least 14 victims and dozens more who were tortured yet survived. Throughout his trial, he gained a prominent following of satanic worshippers, and even eventually married in 1996. After 24 years of being on death row, he died of cancer in prison at the age of 53.

Richard Ramirez's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun opposite Pluto (4 orb)

Mars square Neptune (6 orb)

Mercury square ASC (3 orb)

Moon square ASC (7 orb)

Mercury square ASC (3 orb)

Moon opposite MC (9 orb)

Moon conjunct South Node (4 orb)

Mercury conjunct South Node (1 orb)

Mars square Lucifer (0 orb)

Mars conjunct Sado (1 orb)

Venus square Neptune (0 orb)

Venus conjunct Sado (5 orb)

Jupiter trine Pluto (4 orb)

Jupiter trine Lucifer (4 orb)

Pluto opposite Chiron (6 orb)

Pluto trine Lucifer (1 orb)

Wayne Williams:

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams carried out his murders in the late 1970s, early 1980s, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. At the time, there was a spike in child murders around the area, many of which Williams is suspected of having committed. Although it is highly suspected that he was involved in many of these murders, he was only found guilty of having murdered 2 adults. It is suspected that he is responsible for the deaths of over 20 others, as well. There isn’t much data out there as to the state of Williams’ home life as a young boy–and I can’t help but suspect this has much to do with media bias. In the United States, national media coverage has traditionally focused much on crimes surrounding white individuals, to put it plainly. Williams is an African American man who grew up in an impoverished area of Atlanta. The specific amount of additional deaths that Williams is suspected of having committed is anywhere for 20-29. Unfortunately, for many of those deaths, there was a 98% DNA match to Williams at the scene of the crimes, yet the 2% doubt was enough to prevent further convictions.

Wayne Williams' stand-out natal aspects:

Sun square Pluto (6 orb)

Mercury square Uranus (7 orb)

Mercury conjunct Lilith (7 orb)

Mars conjunct DC / opposite ASC (8 orb)

Mars square Lucifer (2 orb)

Mars opposite Sado (5 orb)

Venus opposite Neptune (8 orb)

Venus conjunct South Node (8 orb)

Venus trine Lucifer (1 orb)

Jupiter sextile Lucifer (2 orb)

Jupiter sextile Pandora (2 orb)

Saturn square Sado (4 orb)

Chiron sextile Lucifer (2 orb)

Nessus trine Sado (3 orb)

Wayne Williams’ natal chart

Richard Speck, AKA “Birdman”:

Richard Speck

Richard Speck, AKA “Birdman,” (presumably because of his looks), was convicted of one of the most horrific mass murders in American history when he killed eight student nurses living in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Prior to this, Speck had a long history that included an abusive and alcoholic step-father in his younger years, and became an abuser to his own family when he was an adult. When his personal problems turned to petty crime, things started to snowball out of control when he had the words “Born to raise Hell” tattoo’d on his arm. It was precisely this very tattoo that gave him away years later when he committed the horrid crime first mentioned. Apparently, Speck hadn’t noticed that the young woman who answered the front door just prior to his gruesome acts had hid under a bed as he carried out his heinous crimes. It took her many hours after he had left–but when she had summoned the courage, she screamed out to the neighborhood, and the one defining characteristic of Speck that she recalled was his “Born to raise Hell” tattoo.

Richard Speck's stand-out natal aspects:

Sun trine Chiron (1 orb)

Sun conjunct Sado (9 orb)

Mercury opposite Uranus (7 orb)

Mercury trine Pluto (0 orb)

Venus opposite Pluto (5 orb)

Venus square Lucifer (1 orb)

Jupiter conjunct Lilith (7 orb)

Jupiter conjunct Pandora (3 orb)

Neptune conjunct ASC (0 orb)

Pluto conjunct Chiron (9 orb)

Lilith conjunct Pandora (7 orb)

MC on the 29th degree of Gemini

Richard Speck's Natal Chart:

Edmund Kemper, AKA the “Co-Ed Killer”:

Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper could be described as more of a “cookie-cutter” serial killer in the sense that he exhibited many red flags while growing up with his troubled and abusive mother. He was known to kill animals in various ways during his youth. His first murders were his grandparents, whom his mother sent him to live with as a result of his many troubles. The killing occurred after a heated argument with his grandmother. It’s quite troubling to know that he could’ve potentially been stopped at this point, but was admitted to a psychiatric ward and was eventually released at the age of 21 in 1969. While working for the highway department in Santa Cruz, Kemper was struck by a moving vehicle that rendered him unable to work anymore. Naturally, he turned his mind towards his “other” interests he had developed in his youth. He began picking up hitchhiking women and subsequently murdered, dismembered, and engaged in sexual acts with their remains. His last murders were his mother and her close friend. He fled the scene at first, but while in Colorado, phoned the Santa Cruz police department to confess his crimes. He gave the police everything they needed for an indictment. He is currently serving out his multiple life sentences

Edmund Kemper's stand-out natal aspects:

Mercury opposite Uranus (2 orb)

Mars square Neptune (3 orb)

Mars conjunct Lucifer (2 orb)

Venus square Saturn (8 orb)

Venus square ASC (8 orb)

Venus conjunct Chiron (3 orb)

Chiron square ASC (3 orb)

Venus opposite MC (4 orb)

Uranus in the 10th house

1: As you can see from this compilation, I’ve found the minor asteroids Lucifer, Sado, and Pandora to be of major importance in assessing the charts of these killers. They show up in aspect to many planets and angles. To understand these asteroids, let’s conduct a brief inspection. The asteroid Lucifer shows us where our pride lies–excessive pride or ego that can get in the way of what we truly want or need. I believe in the case of these serial killers, it truly can represent the biblical story of Lucifer–a “turning away from God” to go your own way to satisfy your needs + desires. A refusal to abide by normal standards. Secondly, Sado represents our sadistic side–the side that derives pleasure from causing harm, pain, and suffering onto other individuals. And lastly, Pandora has to do with all things hidden and that insatiable need to “open pandora’s box,” or seek what is forbidden or hidden. A prominent Pandora may prompt the individual to seek out thrilling or taboo experiences.

2: Major squares or oppositions to the ascendant (ASC) appear to be prominent. Having these aspects to the ascendant can make it very challenging for the individual to get across who they truly are to others, and they may be shamed or persecuted for what they appear to be. Being misunderstood is common. Many of us have squares or opposition to our ascendant, and alone these aspects will NOT make you a serial killer! It’s simply clear that being misunderstood is probably a problem most of these individuals experiences early on in life, further provoking their dark and sinister urges.

3: Oppositions to the Midheaven (MC) appear to play a large part in the charts of many serial killers. Oppositions to the midheaven can prompt being very much misunderstood, chastised, and looked down upon in the public eye, or having an image that doesn’t suit the individual’s fancy. It’s fairly clear those who resort to murdering others aren’t going to be looked at pleasantly in the public eye. On top of that, these individuals can be very much “in their own world,” and rely less on what society things vs. what they think. Think private individual with perhaps a bit of a controversial image.

4: Planetary conjunctions to the South Node are prominent, as well. When a planet conjuncts our South Node, this is indicative of a few things. One, the individual may be much more comfortable with the themes surrounding that planet. What tends to occur frequently, however, is much negative expression associated with that planet can be present. For example, my natal Moon conjuncts my South Node. I’ve had to work through a lot of negative emotional behaviors to get to where I am now. At the same time, I’ve always been rather comfortable with expressing my emotions! Yet in the case of these serial killers, it’s possible they’ve stuck to their own deviant thoughts and behaviors rather than growing towards their North Node–the direction we are supposed to be heading towards.

4: And lastly, Pluto plays a major part in many aspects to planets, angles, and minor asteroids. Starting with both Pluto/Nessus + Pluto/Chiron major aspects, which are present in the charts of 5 (out of 12) individuals each. Next comes the Sun aspecting Pluto (4), along with Mercury/Pluto (3), Venus/Pluto (3), and Jupiter/Pluto aspects (3). Anyone who is familiar with the themes of Pluto know that it represents all things dark and taboo, including death & sex. This is perhaps the least surprising finding in my research of these killers thus far.

Let me know if this subject matter further peaks your interest as well–comment and let me know of any further specifics regarding these serial killers you are curious about, or if you’d like to see further research on other serial killers (hint: I’ve already compiled the research on almost 12 more!)

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Um, creepy, but thank you for your research. Now I'll be seeing serial killer potential in every chart I open >_< ....By the way, it's piquing not peaking when it comes to curiosity/interest. If it PIQUES your interest (not "peaks").

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