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Natal South Node: Your Comfort Zone + What to Transform

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Every individual has both a North and South node in their natal chart. Often called the Nodes of the Moon or the Dragon’s Path, these points in your chart indicate your purpose in life, life path, what you are most comfortable with, and what will make you feel uncomfortable; but grow in the direction your soul most needs. These points can almost be seen, in 3D, as connected by an arch that represents the span of your entire life. These points, along with everything in-between, is where your soul should experience the most growth. Knowing certain theories related to the Nodes of the Moon can help you pinpoint innate gifts, talents, comforts (South Node); also how you must transform yourself to use your gifts in an outward manner or expression (North Node). While the South Node is indicative of talents, it also reflects where your pain-points are. The troubles in your past, or wounding. Another theory related to the South Node is that it reflects your most recent past life, and the wounding you have brought over from that time, too. So the South Node could even be seen as our baggage, or what we didn’t get right before–the baggage that we are here to grow and evolve from this time. A really Capricorn-y joke I can say is, you might as well grow & get it right; so you don’t have to keep coming back so many damn times! But really, we all have our comforts and discomforts that we must learn to work through, and it’s not easy for anyone. I’m going to focus on the South Node somewhat more prominently just because it’s quite helpful to understand before we catapult into our North Node. Understanding ourselves in the key to becoming the best damn selves we can become!

1st House South Node (or South Node in Aries): This person will be a fighter, naturally, and will have to grow from an over-developed sense of independence, assertiveness, aggressiveness, or ego. Positively, this person will know how to get things done in their life. They won’t have an issue in pushing their agenda, and are capable of taking big & brave steps. They are quite often seen in leadership roles because of their innate fire. All relationships this individual experiences may be considered karmic, due to their bold individuality–how can they grow so they know how to compromise with others, work together, & pick their battles more selectively? It’s quite possible to maintain the positive leadership-type qualities associated with the sign of Aries–while at the same time, propelling into a more emotionally-balanced, peaceful, and selective nature. The sign opposite Aries is Libra, so in the case that this is the axis, this person’s North Node would be in Libra; the sign associated with peace & balance. If the South Node is in the 1st house of Self, the North Node would be in the 7th house of Partnerships. While this is one of the more difficult nodal aspects to work through or balance, it maintains promise for those willing to address the issues that have made them angry in the past. Look to the House placements of the N-S axis in the Aries/Libra case, as you will get a clearer idea as to where these issues & growth can be experienced in life. What this person is capable of teaching others is the value of being strong, independent, and self-reliant–as we all need these qualities to a certain degree to get to where we want to be in life.

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2nd House South Node (or South Node in Taurus): The individual with a 2nd house/8th house or Taurus/Scorpio Nodal axis will have to deal with issues associated with self-worth. They may have come from a family where material wealth or practicality was of the utmost importance, while their families may have failed to properly instill a sense of self-worth into the child outside of the material realm. While it may be very difficult for this person to face themselves inside & obtain a sense of spirituality / connection to Source, this is where they will find the utmost joy, release, and sense of self-worth they hadn’t experienced before. More negative qualities of Taurus or the 2nd house may manifest early on in the individual, such as obsession with material things, luxury, laziness, or gold-hoarding. There may be a ‘status quo’ that the individual must break free from in some regard in order to obtain spiritual fulfillment & freedom. Both the 8th house and the sign of Scorpio relate to themes of being willing to die & be reborn again; even if it means letting go of something that you once treasured or a behavior you have outgrown. Once they have done this, this individual will see that it isn’t through material or financial security that inner security is found–but through personal transformation that allows them to live a life of integrity! This individual should strive to find the “emotional bottom-line” in all situations in order to connect with how they really feel. The goal here is to understand the meaning of interdependence among all people & things, rather than separating things in a independent vs. dependent, or black & white-type manner.

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3rd House South Node (or South Node in Gemini): The individual with the 3rd/9th house or Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis may, in a sense, have a hard time growing up in a sense like the “Peter Pan Syndrome” indicates–not necessarily wanting to face certain facts about growing up, or the larger world in general. This person may be quite used to a particular local environment that doesn’t necessarily match the larger in ways in certain aspects of ideology. Because the 3rd & 9th houses are associated with communication & learning, this individual has the capability to taking all that they’ve learned from their local environment & culture to use it as a lens through which they can learn to grasp the world at large in general. But if they find that certain lessons they learned early on at home don’t reflect what they learn through their worldly experiences / studies, the goal is to break free of these restraints than only have a negative & limiting effect on the mind. The goal of this individual should be to connect to the world through higher learning, education, travels, and all the positive aspects associated with the 9th house or the sign of Sagittarius. This person has an easier time than some others in being able to connect with local communities, and these nodal axis’ would probably very much enjoy a travel experience in which they are able to experience what the lives are like of the locals directly through staying with them during the trip!

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4th House South Node (or South Node in Cancer): Those with a 4th/10th house or Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis will most certainly deal with issues associated with the balance between family and career, for sure! This nodal axis is both a blessing & a curse in that while this individual has the capacity to retrieve balance between family & career, they may be some issues or sacrifices in order get it. This person’s sense of comfort & replenishment will be with their home & family, while they may be slightly reluctant to get into their career of choice, regardless of the fact that they do have high aspirations! While their home life is their “happy place,” if left here for too long, the individual will start to feel restless, and is if there is something more they would love to accomplish. While the 4th/10th house axis will be more truly about family vs. career/public reputation, the Cancer/Capricorn themes of family vs. career one will be colored by their house placements, so those should be studied, as well. These nodal axis’ more than any other are known to have “mommy or daddy” issues–meaning, unresolved conflicts between the individual & their mother or father–or even, having to come to terms with how they truly feel about their mother or father. It’s important that these are addressed if the individual strives to attain that balance between family & career! It’s entirely possible, but working through past issues associated with these themes will be a cause for success.

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5th House South Node (or South Node in Leo): The individual with the 5th/11th or Leo/Aquarius nodal axis will have quite an easy time, relative to some others, in self-expression & going for certain creative endeavors. Because the South Node is often associated with the negative qualities of a sign at its lowest evolution, individuals with this placement can often be prone to luxury–even if they aren’t born into a high socio-economic class, they will often strive to get there with a solid belief they deserve all the pleasures in the world. While we all should maintain a sense of self-worth & importance, it is just as important not to let the ego get too out-of-check. They may also be prone to day-dreaming as it relates to romance, pleasure, and relationships. Leo is also capable of being extremely giving & loving to those they treasure in their life, so a Leo or 5th house South Node individual has the potential to balance the positive qualities of both Leo & Aquarius–while personal relationships come easy to them through self-expression, there is also a sense that there is something “bigger” the individual could be doing–the goal here is for the individual to try to “find their tribe.” They stand out, sure, but what cause can they rally behind that fulfills their humanitarian streak? One important mistake to avoid with one of these axis’ is to put all the attention towards their children, instead of finding that organization, club, group, etc. that they are called to. They can receive a positive, heightened emotional-effect from their children that they are fearful may be taken away from them, when in reality, the children are just a phone call or visit away. This person has the capability of being a joy to both those in their personal lives & the organization or issue they rally behind.

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6th House South Node (or South Node in Virgo): The individual with a 6th/12th or Virgo/Pisces nodal axis will probably be less likely than some others to struggle with certain aspects of the “daily grind.” To these people, maintaining patience & discipline in daily studies that interest them or they are supported to take an interest in isn’t the most difficult task they’ve encountered. These people may be drawn to a profession that serves others in some way–whether it be a nurse, dietician, or massage therapist. Since this is the South Node and we are often speaking of negative or simply stifling behavior or habits, these individuals may (from time to time) find themselves in somewhat humiliating social roles–whether it be for friends, family, career, etc. While the individual errs on the side of being helpful, useful, or productive, they must learn to stop & think about whether the endeavor is truly worth it for themselves, as resting or paying attention to other concerns is necessary, too. While this individual may be well-grounded in reality & the tasks they set out to accomplish, it’s these very tasks that can pull them away from the direction they most need to grow in–with those being the themes of either the 12th house or sign of Pisces. While the comfort of these people lies in daily activities that sustain and better them on the material-plane, the growth is to be towards endeavors that are of the more spiritual & creative plane. One great example of an activity that relates to both the 6th & 12th houses is the practice of Yoga–as it’s a practice that can be done habitually/daily (6th house of Health), while at the same time, considered to “feed” the Spirit, as well (12th house of the Unconscious).


7th House South Node (or South Node in Libra): Relationships will play a major part in the individual’s life with either the 7th/1st or Libra/Aries axis. As the South Node is more likely to foster diminishing behavior in the individual, it’s likely this person will a personal relationship or two that serves to stifle them in some way. Oftentimes, this South Node is difficult because it calls for the person to “break free”–from people & situations that, regardless of how they may feel for us, serve to stifle us in our personal lives. While the solidification of “Self” is more of a challenge with this placement, these individuals are known to be capable of some remarkable feats. This is because, once this major challenge has been overcome, they are free to pursue their goals, past issues surmounted. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have issues to work out otherwise, just that until they see themselves in their full capacity, many relationships in their lives will serve to hold them back in some fashion. Because of the potential for remarkable feats/spurs in their lives, it’s not uncommon to see famous or otherwise renown individuals with this nodal placement. With the opposite node (North) being either in the 1st house or Aries, it’s imperative for the individual to develop a more fire-y response to others treading on their freedom. The house placement will show in what areas the individual needs to become more fiery, rather than peacekeeping, in!

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8th House South Node (or South Node in Scorpio): Having an 8th/2nd or Scorpio/Taurus axis means the individual will have to deal with themes associated with spiritual vs. material, complicated vs. simplistic, dark vs. light, and more. In particular, with the 8th/2nd axis, the goal here would be to move from a spiritual or even psychic space to a more earthly, material one. While a number of subjects will surely interest the SN in 8th house native, they may have more difficulty in figuring out what they want to do in order to earn money & become financially independent. This is a good nodal axis for those interested in any type of financial work. The person may have/had psychic talents in a past life. The situation may be slightly different if the person simply has the Scorpio/Taurus nodal axis (not in 8th/2nd)–no matter what, the person will likely be deep, penetrating, mysterious, and secretive. While they have a hard time opening up to others, they have the capacity to “completely fuse” with another, or truly understand somebody else to their core. They may have a tendency to overthink. As this is the South Node, let’s not forget that many negative aspects of the sign can show up, usually early on in the individual. When considering the sign of Scorpio, we know we can almost certainly expect some issues with jealousy, possessiveness, holding grudges, cutting others off before they do it to you, etc. While there are many positive traits to the sign Scorpio, the individual should work on becoming more “soft” in certain respects. Strength should be drawn deep from within, so that “having the rug pulled out from underneath you” feeling these individuals felt emotionally when young no longer applies (therefor, they won’t trip themselves up by overthinking due to a fear of having this happen again, etc.)

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9th House South Node (or South Node in Sagittarius): Having either a 9th/3rd or Sagittarius/Gemini nodal axis means the individual likely has previously mastered in another life, and therefor finds it quite easier, to connect to matters of religion, philosophy, travel & an overall quest for truth. It’s important to remember though, as the South Node represents our lower-evolved self, that this knowledge of truth is shrouded in facade, or rather, one particular point of view! A potential example (I would imagine) might be somebody from a traditional, top-tiered socio-economic status in rural India–their family may be traditionally religious, with traditional life & religious philosophies prevailing. While it’s quite possible the person was very lucky to receive an exemplary school & religious education, this doesn’t mean they understand people outside of their “box” very well. In my research I read that this axis is something akin to “the view from the mountaintop vs. from the village.” I would imagine this to be a difficult axis, simply due to the fact that it requires a certain amount of ego to be side-stepped in order for an individual to “make their way down” the mountaintop to the village–but as we know, if we don’t take the necessary steps to build our character for the better, situation & life-change will present itself to force the growth. In particular, with the Sagittarius/Gemini nodal axis, there is a tendency towards a carefree-joyful disposition. While this can make a huge difference in a sometimes cruel world, the individual may be prone to remaining care-free when really, they should maybe consider the facts more. As Gemini is associated with words, communication, and thought processes, the individual should confront their true feelings, while remembering to not toss out facts or observations simply because they may not fit the narrative one wants.


10th House South Node (or South Node in Capricorn): Those with a 10th/4th or Capricorn/Cancer nodal axis naturally are comfortable with a position of authority, public recognition, power, and hard work. In particular, with the 10th/4th axis, this is true–while their family lives, for one reason or another, may be a source of more discomfort. The importance in their own families growing up may have been placed upon obtaining power & money, so this is their default mode. It may be rather easy for them to obtain an authority position, either because they naturally have a leading charisma or they come from a family in which a large amount of power has already been attained. While it seems to take some individuals, in particularly men, sometimes entire lifetimes to grow towards, this is what the main goal should be in life–not only be comfortable with one’s family, but to help nurture & care for them, one way or another. This also may come with the potential responsibility of destroying outdated family viewpoints on power & success. Emotional maturity is also something that should be worked towards, as at its lowest evolution, this nodal placement can mean the individual thinks every situation is about them, or tries to make it so. One major aspect of life that should be worked on with a Capricorn/Cancer axis is emotional maturity–in facing your own emotional problems, not overcompensating at work for not taking proper care of yourself or others you are responsibility for, and other issues likely associated with family or family themes/issues.

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11th House South Node (or South Node in Aquarius): Those with either the 11th/5th or Aquarius/Leo nodal axis will need to work on their negative feelings associated with being “different.” While they at times revel in it, they find they can unintentionally feel like misfits with those they truly want & try to fit in with. In particular with the Aquarius/Leo axis, they will have to confront issues associated with accepting any difference that may or may not be “made up” by their own mind, and get comfortable with taking center-stage. While these people generally (when younger even more so) feel uncomfortable with all eyes on them, this is exactly what they need to have happen, in some respect. In order for them start earning the respect of others, even if it’s not exactly the people they wanted the respect from in the first place, they must own who they are in a more publicly visible way. In the case of the 11th/5th nodal axis, the individual must work on naturally coming from a place of “us” to developing a more healthy expression of “me.” The person might be known to have many friends & associations, or be involved in numerous organizations. The individual should work on creative self-expression, artistic endeavors, romantic relationships, & even the nurturing/care of their children. There may be an overall ambivalence towards opening up emotionally, as there may be some abandonment issues associated with childhood, or how emotions were dealt with early-on. A proper “blooming,” I believe, would be a good description of what needs to happen for the individual.

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12th House South Node (or South Node in Pisces): Having either the 12th/6th or Pisces/Virgo nodal axis means the individual may be prone to psychic tendencies, keeping secrets, artistic talents, and much more–but each is somewhat different. If the South Node is in Pisces, the individual will be known for being quite sensitive and a little shy. In particular with the Pisces South Node, the individual will not be happy when having stress in their lives. Their innate goal is for “inner peace,” and since this is the South Node, this can mean to the detriment of other areas of life. There may not be enough storing of the facts, attention to detail, or clear perspective on certain subject matters. They should learn to ease stress as a result of pressure. With a North Node in Virgo, there will be earthly ambition. Yet one cannot follow a major ambition if they aren’t willing to work hard or face pressure. The individual, through practice, should take on responsibility and overcome fear through practice. If the individual has a 12th house South Node, it’s slightly akin to the 9th/3rd. There will be a dissolution of ego that needs to occur–as the 12th house is often referred to as the house of the Mystic, the individual is likely to have deeply held philosophical, religious, or spiritual beliefs. Yet attention needs to be drawn from the (collective) unconscious to the (collective) conscious. It’s theorized in some past-life astrology that individual’s with this placement may have spent a “long time” not reincarnating as human on earth due to needing a break. They may need to re-establish a lot of the habits / practices exemplified by the 6th house due at least in part to this. But with this placement, the main goal should be to put oneself at the service of others rather than always falling back on solitude for the sake of peace.

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