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Moon Signs – Aries through Pisces

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

While the placement of the sun in our natal chart is definitely one of the most influential planets, the placement of the moon is just as important; if not, even more so. This is because the moon represents a core part of us that not everyone who interacts with you will get to experience in its full capacity–our deepest emotions, feelings, intuit, and even subconscious; and how we are likely to portray certain qualities of our moon sign in this respect. Knowing & understanding your moon sign can help you to understand yourself even better–you can “put a finger on it,” so to speak, on numerous aspects of your emotional state you were previously unable to verbalize or truly understand. You can get to know your emotional triggers–which we all have–and how best to combat the unhealthy or self-defeating ways we have emotionally conditioned ourselves to respond in.

Moon in Aries: Oh boy. This is a fun, yet fiery, placement. With an Aries moon, the individual may be prone to a lack of patience in getting what it is they desire. While they may be brave, bold, and have an overall “take charge” attitude, the other side of this coin is the fact that moon in Aries natives can be overly assertive, aggressive, competitive, and impatient. While they may be bold and independent, these individuals are still surprisingly sensitive; and may be quick to retaliate if they feel they’ve been hurt. When it comes to romantic displays of affection, they may be slightly lacking in the traditional sense. Moon in Aries natives may feel certain emotional displays to be somewhat “weak” in character and therefore keep things quite straightforward with a partner or romantic interest. They may also truly dislike being told what to do–as previously stated, independence is important to them, and aren’t afraid to speak up when they feel it is being threatened.

Celebrity with Moon in Aries: Rihanna

Rihanna has been known to have her hot-headed moments, and has been photographed in intense verbal altercations with loved ones.

Moon in Taurus: The moon in the sign of Taurus is considered to be exalted–meaning, the moon feels very comfortable in the sign, while the sign’s natural qualities fit well with the moon. Taurus is also a Fixed sign, translating to, emotions being quite enduring for the native–whether it’s good or bad for them. These individuals will have a deep-seated need for comfort & security in order to be in an emotionally-positive state. They may be prone to relaxing, and very much enjoy indulging (whether it be in sex, food, or luxury)! Emotions in this sign are relatively stable, as it may take a lot to get a rise out of them. They can be very comforting, affectionate, and loving to their partners, friends & family. This individual probably doesn’t like to be rushed–they will get it done, but on their own time! Slow but steady is the name of the game for moon in Taurus. Others may get frustrated with their tendency to immovability, as they can be “slaves to routine” and rather ingrained in their own way of doing things.

Celebrity with Moon in Taurus: Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is known to be rather even-keeled, mild mannered and pleasant. He appears to be staunchly dedicated to both his wife (Priyanka Chopra) and their new baby girl.

Moon in Gemini: Individuals with their natal moon in Gemini will be prone to emotional excitability. They might be quite the talkers; as they love to talk and make people laugh. New ideas and inspiration can come to them quite easily; while their problem lies in a lack of consistency & determination to finish already-started projects. They may be known as “idea people.” They may be prone to anxiety & insomnia; relative to the other moon signs. Multi-tasking may be the way this individual prefers to work and get things done. They may be highly sociable, intellectual, and interested in absorbing all kinds of information. Their interests may be diverse. Witty banter & comedy might be an interest of theirs. In a relationship, it may be beneficial for the native to be with someone who provides a calming & relaxing effect to their nervous nature. This is a Mutable sign, as in, the individual may be prone to more emotional adaptability, flexibility, and won’t be very inclined to hold grudges. This moon sign more so than others is likely to let an insult bounce right off of them with a quick-quip or joke in retaliation.

Celebrity with Moon in Gemini: Ben Shapiro

Anyone who has heard to speed at which Ben Shapiro speaks will not be surprised to see he has a Gemini moon. He has his own talk show, and has written numerous best-selling books.

Moon in Cancer: Individuals with this moon placement may truly live up to their element of water with this sign, as emotions can change & sway like the tides. They may be prone to “moodiness,” aka, having somewhat frequent emotional changes. These individuals are very loving, caring, nurturing, and giving. They enjoy the act of giving and taking care of someone they love. This placement may be the most sentimental and sensitive placement for the moon. Especially in men, there may be a tendency to shelter feelings, as beneath that tough crab exterior lies the incredible softness of their emotions. Emotions can be reigned-in as a result of not wanting to get hurt. But truly, this person is very caring and that is a special gift. In order to snuff out whether or not someone is trustworthy, a moon Cancerian might unintentionally (or intentionally) test the person of interest. While they can be forgiving, it will be difficult for them to forget. Imagination and intuition are at a high in this placement.

Celebrity with Moon in Cancer: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has a very sensitive, caring, and empathetic aura. She's even shared a photo of herself crying to relay to fans that not all days are good, and even she has her ups and downs.

Moon in Leo: Those born with their moon sign in Leo are known to be passionate, expressive, and fiery. As Leo is a Fixed sign, they may very well crave a stable but passionate relationship. They may be inclined to express themselves through the arts; whether that be through acting, dancing, singing, or anything else. They will seem and most likely be emotionally confident, and are usually very warm & friendly. The Fixed aspect also suggests determination & perseverance; while coupled with the element of Fire, is a positive coupling, indeed. When these natives put their mind to it, it’s relatively easy for them to keep a resilient determinism. Having fun may well be their specialty–their friends will likely never get bored hanging around them. These individuals will enjoy stimulation and hanging around those they deem pleasant. They may enjoy helping & providing support for those they love, and their positivism is infectious. Darker sides of this placement may include the tendency to be bossy or selfish; so being cognizant of your loud & proud expression is simply something to keep in mind.

Moon in Virgo: These individuals are prone to being somewhat reserved, simplistic, and thorough in their daily lives. Virgo has an innate need to serve others, and naturally, these natives may find themselves working in industries such that allow them to do just that. When it comes to romance, they may be the type to be OK with a “fixer-upper”–meaning, someone with some issues they deem to be solvable and not a deal-breaker. They may also be prone to sticking to routine, which helps make them feel happy & safe. This sign is relatively likely to be prone to paranoia, hypochondriac tendencies, and overall anxiety. Ways for them to therapeutically deal with these darker feelings are through cleaning, organization, and feeling they have made a job well-done. This isn’t a moon placement that craves attention–in fact, many Virgo moons would be more comfortable working “behind the scenes,” so to speak, instead of having the focus & attention on them. They strive to be emotionally well-balanced, stable, and composed.

Moon in Libra: Those with their natal moon in Libra will be inclined to seek peace in all aspects of their emotional life. This includes the relationships they have with others–the inclination will be to hold the peace between the native and the other person(s). This can become a problem, as they oftentimes will not portray their true feelings in order to benefit the other person relative to them. This can lead to unnecessary confusion & suspicion in relationships, which can easily be avoided with reminding themselves to express their true emotions to others. The native will be inclined toward artistic endeavors, and have an eye for all things beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing. As emotional chaos is their enemy, this may be reflected in their personal taste–interest in the modern & simplistic is often present. These individuals can make great negotiators, as they oftentimes can see from both (or all) perspectives. They will feel most alive when they are in a partnership/relationship; which can easily slip into co-dependency, which is something to keep in mind. Feeling and being independent should be a developmental goal for them. They may be relatively charming and flirtatious with those they interact with.

Moon in Scorpio: Ahhhhhhhhh. If you have a Scorpio moon placement, I definitely hold some respect for you; whether or not you consider yourself emotionally-evolved. This is one of the most difficult lunar placements, as emotions can be quite volatile & intense. You are deeply intuitive and potentially psychic in some way. These natives’ emotions can sometimes feel like tidal-waves hitting them, which may cause them to be quite moody with loved ones, overly-critical, or shut-off from others due to not knowing how to deal with it. They can easily absorb the vibrations around them & the moods of others. There is an innate “darkness” in Scorpio moons; whether it be mysterious, sexy, or daring. Being a Fixed sign, Scorpio does not let go easily–whether it be a love interest or a long-held grudge. Love can take them to the absolute highest heights and lowest depths of emotional experiences. It’s important for these natives to hold back on vindictive and spiteful deeds, as there will be a tendency to hold negative thoughts towards those who have wronged or hurt them. These individuals will have a deep & innate sex appeal many would find hard to resist.

Moon in Sagittarius: Those born with the moon in Sagittarius are often “full of life” individuals. They naturally look on the bright side of life; and this tendency is infectious. They can make great friends & allies, yet should be forgiven for their natural forgetfulness and flightiness. On the bright side, the individual will have it relatively easier emotionally than others. On the darker side, as stated, Sagittarius moons can be flighty with those who care about them. If negative cracks in a friendship or relationship start to show, instead of dealing with it head-on, they may prefer to drop it and move onto greener pastures. This stems from an innate discomfort and anxiety when it comes to turbulent emotions. Akin to the Leo moon, this sign will be prone to be interested in the arts, music, or anything performance or theater-related. They are likely to enjoy the company of animals. They will most likely enjoy a lifestyle that involves lots of action, events, and variability in general. In love, they may desire someone who can go on the adventures of life “side-by-side” with them, yet can be adamant about maintaining their independence.

Moon in Capricorn: With the moon in Capricorn at the time of birth, these individuals will be very much tied to Earth. Being in nature is the perfect way for any Earth moon to unwind and release all negative emotions, naturally. Some might consider these individuals to be too practical, materialistic, cold, or traditional. Partnerships aren’t likely to consist of numerous flings, as they are likely looking for a life partner; or simply taking being in relationships very seriously. They may be inclined to choose partners who can provide or contribute to their funds. This individual will likely need to have a certain set of goals & aspirations to feel fulfilled, and constantly & consistently working towards those. If they were raised in some type of traditional fashion, they are likely to carry them on; sometimes to a T. This individual is unlikely to open up to just anyone; saving their emotional involvement for people they deem worthy of their time, and also because they may fear getting hurt. Social status may be something important and striving to keep or higher their social position may be on their repertoire.

Moon in Aquarius: Those with this moon placement may be inclined towards being somewhat of a loner; needing ample time for solitude in order to recharge emotionally, and to think about/digest all the social interactions they may find themselves in. While they can be very friendly & are inclined to partake in group activities, the unique loner streak in them is inherent. Reading and/or writing might be of particular interest. Surprisingly, these individuals can be very soothing & comforting to those who are in mental distress. They may truly feel like a humanitarian at heart; and choose a profession that reflects that–whether it be in science, the arts, or politics, they are inclined to want to make a difference. One of the challenges of this placement is learning to truly understand compassion towards yourself & others. Because Aquarius is a sign attracted to logic, intellect, ideas and the like, when it comes to their emotions, Aquarius moons will seek to see from the lens of these qualities.

Moon in Pisces: Those with this moon placement will almost certainly be very sensitive, dreamy, idealistic, and romantic. Many who have this placement see it as both a blessing & a curse. This is because they are able to truly feel and have an unmatched empathy for others, but this sensitivity makes it easier for them to get hurt emotionally. These individuals are dreamy and may be inclined towards the arts. There may also be an inclination towards “escape,” meaning, experiencing something pleasant in the face of unfavorable situations or circumstances; even if it’s something that should be dealt with straightaway. It’s important to understand this desire, and make sure to not go overboard on the drinking, smoking, etc. as they may be more inclined to have addictive tendencies with forms of escapism. This also applies to relationships–it may be easy for the individual to fall into co-dependency or unhealthy relationships. While sensitivity is at an all-time high with this placement, there is an incredible amount of ability to feel–yes, sadness, but also profound and true happiness. Many types of artistic or psychic talent is inherent in these individuals.

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