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Moon Synastry in the Houses

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Studying the Synastry chart between two individuals is simply one Natal chart compared to another Natal chart; one on top of the other based on where their planets fall within the 12 signs. The housing system also applies–for example, if you have 3 planets in the sign of Aquarius in your 3rd house, these 3 Aquarian planets could land in a completely different house when compared to the other person’s chart. In the case of the Moon, which we will be discussing here, where it lands in the chart of another will be a highly personal placement that will undoubtedly affect the entire relationship. Synastry charts help us gain an understanding of what themes or qualities are likely to crop up within a relationship, and with the Moon being the quickest moving planetary body in our chart while representing our emotions, you can count on it being incredibly important in assessing a Synastry chart. Although we will solely be looking at the house overlays of the Moon in a synastry chart, it’s incredibly important to note that aspects (as opposed to simply house overlays) are just as, if not MORE important than house placements alone. For example, your natal Moon landing in your partner’s 7th house is a very good placement for personal relationships overall. However, if your Moon receives many squares and oppositions (difficult major aspects) in relation to your partner’s planets, this can create a lot of tension in the relationship surrounding 7th house issues and issues pertaining to where your partner’s planets in question land in their own chart. So remember to consider both where the Moon lands in a Synastry chart and what aspects it receives in relation to your partner’s chart! As always, I’d like to say to trust your intuition as well when considering whether or not to enter a romantic relationship with someone (intuition is in your gut; panic, paranoia and fear you will feel in your chest). For the layman or novice, studying Synastry charts overall can be incredibly complicated and we might not always consider all factors in the chart as a result. Trust yourself and your abilities! Now, let’s get onto our Moon placements in the Synastry chart:

Moon in the 1st house overlay: This synastry placement for the Moon is perhaps the most personal and vulnerable. If the Moon is overall well-aspected in the synastry chart, this placement can create a feeling of an incredibly “safe space” with your partner, where you feel you can share anything and everything with them, and they will be very understanding of your feelings. The Moon person will automatically feel safe + secure with the house person, while the house person will feel an instinctive need to care and nurture the planet person. The house person will often just “get” the planet person, which further eases communication and sharing of feelings. The Moon person can also bring a welcomed dose of vulnerability to the house person that will help the house person let down some of their own emotional walls and barriers. This is a wonderful placement for emotional sharing and bonding. It’s also worth noting this can be a very psychic placement, where each person can pick up on the other’s feelings instinctively. This can also mean becoming affected by each other’s moods, good OR bad–so be careful not to become too wrapped up in each other’s emotions. At times it can be easy to mix each other’s emotions, and not know where you end and your partner begins. This is overall a wonderful placement for the Moon, as you can telepathically pick up on what the other person needs.

Moon in the 2nd house overlay: Much of how this placement for the Moon plays out depends on the natal charts of the individuals involved, as you will soon recognize. The Moon person can value the 2nd house person as a source of emotional satisfaction and financial well-being. This isn’t a romantic overlay for the Moon, but one that can be a source of comfort and stability. Each partner can tangibly sense practical value in each other. Often times, the house person will be providing the support and security to the Moon person, although this can and does work both ways. The two of you can be quite generous to each other, as the 2nd house is ruled by Taurus and Venus. General self-esteem boosting can be prominent here. I say this placement depends on the charts of the individuals because for some, this isn’t the type of emotional satisfaction they are looking for–some want the overall fairy tale romance that leaves butterflies in the stomach. But this is a great placement for those who are more practical and like to feel grounded in their relationships, and I daresay a great placement for long-term relationships and marriage. The two must simply be careful not to “use” each other for emotional satisfaction or financial needs, as the other may end up feeling used to a degree. Give-and-take is important here.

Moon in the 3rd house overlay: I also consider this placement a good one for long-term relationships, although not exactly in the lovey-dovey ooey-gooey type of way. The partners can communicate well with one another, and spend much time talking about different subject matters that interest them both. This is a very friendly and cooperative position for the Moon to be in. Conversations can center around subject matters pertaining to both 1) the sign of the Moon for partner 1 and 2) the cusp of the 3rd house for partner 2. For example, if your Moon is in Pisces, subject matters can revolve around Piscean-type concepts: Spirituality, art, creativity, dreams, imagination, feelings, etc. If partner 2 has their 3rd house cusped by Aquarius, subject matters can also revolve around individuality, rebelliousness, standing out from the crowd, technology, innovation, community, friendships, and other Aquarian-ruled themes. There can be a deep intellectual understanding between the two, and they can often pick up on what the other is thinking instinctively. You may take up new studies and subject matters together that peak your interest. Often times, the Moon person will have a need for verbal reassurance from the house person in order to feel safe and secure within the relationship. This is overall a wonderful placement for true friendship and keeping communication and relations interesting for the long-term.

Moon in the 4th house overlay: There are two varying and competing interpretations of this house overlay position of the Moon, and how much each one is relevant to you will depend on other factors, such as the native’s natal Moon aspects and the aspects it makes in comparison to the other chart in synastry. On the one hand, this placement can make for a very close bond between individuals that feel a sense of familiarity and comfort on an emotional level. There may be a natural inclination to nurture each other. It’s possible the two have been raised in similar home environments, have similar family structures, or ancestral practices. For those who believe in reincarnation, this can very well indicate that the two were related in a past life and that sense of closeness has continued on into this lifetime. If you are a couple, it’s possible you decide to move in together relatively quickly due to this sense of comfort. This is also a wonderful position for raising a family together. It’s also possible, however, that you will feel competitiveness with one another, much like siblings do. There can be a high level of tension and energy that can make it difficult to spend all hours of the day together. If this happens to be the case, a friends-for-life-type relationship may be better than marriage. Again, trust your instincts and intuition!

Moon in the 5th house overlay: This is a very romantic and warm position for the Moon to be in within the synastry chart. If not heavily afflicted in this chart, the Moon person should overall feel a sense of pleasure when being around the house person. This is a position of emotional satisfaction, ease, beauty, and enjoyment. The Moon person may even see the house person as the embodiment of beauty, or simply feel how they are is how others should be. The house person will be incredibly receptive to the joy and good feelings they bring out in the Moon person, and may receive a boost of personal confidence as a result of being able to make them feel good. The two can arouse feelings of creativity and spontaneity in each other that reminds them of childhood. The ease of this position makes it easy for the Moon person to drop their guard and develop emotional closeness with the house person, who will likely be receptive to this. This is a great position for friendships, relationships, and marriage alike, due to the sense of ease and pleasure it elicits.

Moon in the 6th house overlay: This house overlay position for the Moon can be beneficial or detrimental, much of which depends on the individuals involved, and the aspects the Moon receives both natally and in the synastry chart. On the one hand, the Moon person can feel indebted to the house person and find themselves offering all sorts of help to the house person on a daily basis. If the house person isn’t too self-involved or vain, it can easily work both ways where each individual helps each other out with tasks around the house, daily work activities, and overall physical and mental health. While this isn’t a particularly romantic position for the Moon to be in, it can work quite nicely where both individuals help each other out on a daily basis to get closer to fulfilling their goals and ambitions. If either the Moon or the house individual feels their offering too much and getting too little in return, resentment can grow in the relationship. If you work well together, you can feel as if you help each other feel more effective and efficient in your daily routines and work habits. Besides an uneven give-and-take, the other possible detriment to be aware of is the tendency to criticize each other. It could easily become a game of “you did this wrong” back-and-forth and you could end up driving each other crazy. Chill out and remember you are in this together!

Moon in the 7th house overlay: This is a wonderful position for the Moon to be in for a long-term relationship or marriage. It can create an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and working together through anything. While not quite as exciting and stimulating as the 5th house position for the Moon, it can provide a layer of stability important for any long-term relationship. The Moon person can feel secure in the company of the house person, and as if they will not be judged for anything they want to share. This can illicit a general feeling of acceptance and openness in the relationship where each individual doesn’t feel they need to mince their words in order to avoid a negative reaction from the other. As this is the house of equal partnership, trying to “one-up” each other or being too competitive with each other is less likely to occur. Alternatively, this house is also the house of open enemies–so if the relationship ends on a bad note, you may regard each other as enemies on some level. Think the couple that blocks each other on social media after the split. This alternate side of this house position is more likely to play out if the moon receives many hard aspects in either the natal or synastry charts.

Moon in the 8th house overlay: This is perhaps the heaviest position for the Moon to be in within a synastry chart. The house person easily arouses deep feelings, perhaps including deep-rooted traumas and fears within the Moon person. These deep feelings, of course, can also include a feeling of deep bonding and understanding between in the individuals. Much will depend on the aspects of both the Moon and Pluto in each of the individual’s natal charts (especially Pluto). If Pluto is heavily and negatively aspected within the natal chart of either individuals, there can be many power struggles, manipulation, greed, and even dark sexual fantasies between the two. The house person can use their potent arousal of the Moon person for sinister uses to get what they want from the Moon person. On the positive side, these two can just get each other on a deeper level than most people understand. They can help each other work out deep-rooted issues that have rested below the subconscious. Sometimes, it takes someone coming into our lives to trigger particular issues we would rather keep below the surface–and this position of the Moon in a synastry chart will give you that feeling. Even if you’d rather these feelings not come bubbling to the surface, know that we all need to work through our deep-rooted issues if they aren’t to harm our relationships, career, lives, and even ourselves. Transformation is the name of the game with this synastry position! With a dose of caution.

Moon in the 9th house overlay: This is a wonderful synastry position for the Moon to be in, particularly for those with heavy Sagittarian, 9th house, Aquarian or Uranian influence. While not quite as dreamy as the 5th house position, this is a great position for higher learning and mutual admiration. The Moon person may see the house person as somewhat brilliant, learned, philosophical, traveled, inspirational, and the like. The house person will be receptive to this and feel confident and appreciated around the Moon person. It’s likely that you both have similar interests or worldviews pertaining to politics, philosophy, religion, travelling, and education. You will likely help each other learn more together, and even grow spiritually through the mental stimulation you give each other. You may travel together, garner new experiences, and feel overall that the relationship expands your life. This position is also frequently found in a synastry chart of those in a long-distance relationship. For those who love discussing life’s bigger questions, you will very much appreciate this synastry position of the Moon. If the Moon is heavily afflicted in the synastry chart, there may be differences pertaining religion, higher values, philosophy, and the like that could put some strain on the relationship. Overall, this is a mentally stimulating position for the Moon to be in.

Moon in the 10th house overlay: On its own, this position of the Moon in a synastry chart isn’t enough to maintain a long-term and deep-rooted love in a romantic relationship. It can still be a very helpful position, depending on the individuals in question! If both individuals are interested in furthering their career goals, public achievement, and overall reputation, then it can be very beneficial for both involved. This is a valuable position if the individuals are interested in working together or establishing a business relationship. Even if you don’t start out working together, it’s possible that you will down the line. The Moon person can help the house person feel more secure and comfortable in their public and work life. They may promote the house person, speaking of them positively so they’re received well by the public at large. If there is a mutual respect between the two, this can be a good position for both love and career. It’s also possible that both or either individual may see their partner as a sort of “trophy wife” or “trophy husband,” in that they further garner them a positive public image. For those with a lot of Earth element in their chart (Taurus, Virgo, and/or Capricorn OR a 2nd, 6th, and/or 10th house-focus), this type of relationship may suit you very well.

Moon in the 11th house overlay: This is a very beneficial position for the Moon to be in within a synastry chart, as it elicits a general feeling of friendship and acceptance between the two. If there are other issues within the synastry chart, this position of the Moon can help as it can be very difficult to remain mad at each other. Being friends and liking each other simply comes easily. Neither one will care too much or worry about what the other person thinks, as there is a general feeling of acceptance and understanding. If you do get mad at each other, the fact that you simply like each other too much may cause you to bust up laughing and forget any negative experiences (within reason). You are likely to be very supportive of each other’s goals and aspirations, even if they don’t fully align with your own. You simply like each other the way that you are, and this is incredibly beneficial to any long-term relationship. It’s very possible that you end up having the same friend groups, and hangout with them together. Your friends will sense how well you work together and likely be supportive of the relationship. You may be passionate about the same or similar causes, and may take up those causes working together in varying associations and groups. This is a very stimulating, albeit not extremely romantic, position for the Moon to be in. Further assess the synastry chart if this is the type of relationship you are pursuing–but overall, this is a great synastry placement.

Moon in the 12th house overlay: This is an incredibly tricky position for the Moon to be in within a synastry chart. The 12th house can be very spiritual, yet also delusional, sensitive, and confusing. In actuality, it’s quite possible that the Moon person will, at times, have a sense of paranoia and distrust pertaining to the house person. There might not even be a tangible or valid reason for these feelings, yet they persist. They may either share this with the house person or the house person will simply sense it–possibly leading to an overall lack of trust within the relationship. This certainly isn’t the case for all 12th house synastry positions (especially with outer planets)–but the Moon in particular is a very sensitive and personal part of our charts, that can easily get lost and confused in the 12th house of another. In close relationships, we like to know how the other is feeling–and it can be difficult to ascertain how either the Moon person is feeling, or the house person is at any given time. If you are an incredibly emotionally-secure person who hasn’t had trust issues in the past, this position can work. It can also work if both individuals have well-aspected planets in Pisces or the 12th house natally. If you can handle it as partners, the upside of this position of the Moon is a truly deep spiritual and psychic connection once you get past the lower vibrational energies of distrust, paranoia and suspicion.

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