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Sun Synastry in the Houses: How do you light up their life?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Studying the synastry chart between two individuals is simply one natal chart compared to another natal chart; one on top of the other that generally considers three major points: 1) where both of your natal planets fall within the 12 signs of the zodiac, 2) where both of your natal planets fall in the 12 houses of the zodiac, and 3) the major and minor aspects that are formed between each individual's planets in the synastry chart. An example for clarity's sake-- let's say, in your natal chart, you have 3 planets in the sign of Aquarius in your 3rd house. These 3 Aquarian planets could land in a completely different house when compared to another person’s chart--they will not, however, land in a different sign. Perhaps these 3 Aquarian planets in your 3rd house land in the other person's 9th house. These 3 Aquarian planets will also likely form major and/or minor aspects with the other person's planets in their own natal chart. This comparison of two natal charts, one on top of the other, is the synastry chart. In the case of the Sun, which we will be discussing here, which house it lands within in the natal chart of another will be a highly personal placement that will undoubtedly affect the entire relationship. Synastry charts help us gain an understanding of what themes or qualities are likely to crop up within a relationship, and with the Sun being a highly personal planetary body in our chart representing the self, personality, ego, willpower, motivation, creative life-force, the conscious mind, and vitality, you can count on it being incredibly important in the assessment of a synastry chart. Although we will solely be looking at the house overlays of the Sun in the synastry chart, it’s incredibly important to note that aspects (as opposed to simply house overlays) are just as, if not MORE important than house placements alone. For example, your natal Sun landing in your partner’s 9th house is indicative of the Sun person being a philosophical, religious, or higher educational inspiration or like-minded individual to the 9th house person--if the Sun is positively aspected. However, if the Sun receives many squares and oppositions (difficult major aspects) in the synastry chart, this can create a lot of tension in the relationship surrounding 9th house issues (think religious and philosophical differences that create tension rather than harmony). So remember to consider both where the Sun lands in a synastry chart and what aspects it receives in relation to your partner’s chart. As always, I’d like to say to trust your intuition as well when considering whether or not to enter a friendship or romantic relationship with someone (intuition is in your gut; panic, paranoia and fear you will feel in your chest). For the layman or novice, studying synastry charts overall can be incredibly complicated and we might not always consider all factors in the chart as a result. Do your research, but also trust yourself and your abilities of discernment. Now, let’s get onto our Sun placements in the synastry chart:

Sun in the 1st house overlay: With your Sun sign in someone else’s 1st house, there will be a recognizable and instantaneous connection between the two of you. Whichever house the Sun falls into in a synastry chart will cast light on the specific themes and issues pertaining to that house. With your Sun in the 1st house of another, you will very much appreciate the way that person carries and projects themselves, their sense of style, mannerisms, and physical appearance. A lot of what the 1st house person outwardly projects will be appreciated and admired by the Sun person. This obvious admiration will naturally give an ego and self-esteem boost to the 1st house person. The 1st house person is likely to appreciate the outward self-expression of the Sun person, too, although perhaps not to the same degree as the Sun person towards the house person. It is more likely that this appreciation will be equally reciprocated when the Sun person and the 1st house person share the same sign via ascendant and sun sign--as it’s possible to have your sun sign fall into someone’s 1st house WITHOUT them sharing your sun sign sign via their ascendant. Both will likely accept and appreciate the other’s quirks, while not so harshly judging the more negative aspects of their personality--as regardless of whether you’re the Sun person or the 1st house person, you will recognize some of the other person’s deficits and negative personality traits within yourself. The more we relate to the issues of another person, the less likely we are to judge them on it, as well. This is a fantastic position for understanding and not judging the other too harshly on their shortfalls. No matter what, this is a very stimulating, appreciative, and understanding position for the Sun to be cast within a synastry chart. The phrase “birds of a feather flock together” very much encapsulates this house overlay position of the Sun. And, while this is a great house overlay for instant connections and electricity, look to the rest of the synastry chart to determine if this is likely to be a long-term connection.

Sun in the 2nd house overlay: This house overlay position for the Sun can really go a number of different ways, depending on many factors. The Sun person will cast a light on the themes and issues of the 2nd house in this relationship--how the house person earns their monetary income, the physical possessions they own/have accumulated, and their basic sense of self-worth. If the Sun is mainly positively aspected by sextiles, trines, and/or conjunctions in the synastry chart (and natal chart of the Sun person), the Sun person can help increase the self-esteem of the house person, while even helping them increase their monetary income by means of helping them secure a new job, or helping convince them to push for that pay increase or promotion at work by relaying just how important they are to the company they work for, or how important their talents are to the success of the company. The Sun person can cast a light on talents the house person has overlooked that either help increase the house person’s self esteem or begin to earn money through that uncapitalized talent. The Sun person could even become an important source of income to the house person, or the two of you team up on some endeavor together that helps increase both of your incomes. It is possible, however, that the house person feels the Sun person wants something from them in the material sense, and the opposite of financial stimulation can occur in the sense that the Sun person is a financial drain or detriment to the house person. Much of this will depend on how the Sun is aspected in the synastry chart and how the Sun person relates to money and finances themselves. But it is most likely that the Sun person will have an overall positive effect on the house person’s financial situation and self-esteem. Overall, this is a very practical synastry overlay, and will work well for those who are more practical in nature and/or have heavy Earth influence in their natal chart (Planets in the signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn; OR planets in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses).

Sun in the 3rd house overlay: With your Sun in someone else’s 3rd house, communication will flow rather easily between the two of you. You will both understand and appreciate the way the other communicates and expresses their thoughts. The Sun person could encourage the house person to speak their mind more often, express their thoughts, and even convince them to begin or continue writing on some topic of interest. It’s also possible the Sun person could help the house person learn a new language. The Sun person will metaphorically “shine a light” on a number of 3rd house themes for the house person, pertaining to: communication, the expression of thoughts, language, writing, siblings, short trips, and the media. This means that you may also be inclined to take a number of road trips together, check out the local food scene, and go on a number of short trips or adventures together. The Sun person may also remind the house person of one of their siblings, or help the house person out with technology and media in some capacity. Perhaps you will be inclined to take on some writing venture together, or bounce ideas off each other for the benefit of some mutual project. This is a wonderful position for mutual understanding and communication in any relationship. If the Sun is afflicted within the synastry chart, or the house person’s Mercury OR 3rd house ruler is heavily afflicted by squares and oppositions in their natal chart, this could indicate verbal arguments and squabbling. It’s also possible that the Sun person tends to dominate in conversation with the house person. But no matter what, this position suggests there will be much to talk about and a high degree of intellectual stimulation between the two.

Sun in the 4th house overlay: This is a wonderful house overlay position for the Sun to be in for those hoping to create a home and raise a family together--but for some, the association with home and family life will be uncomfortable or a reminder of past traumas. The Sun person will “shine a light” on 4th house related themes and issues in this relationship--early psychological makeup, instinctive behavior, where you came from/your roots, home life, family, domestic life, our sense of security, our connection with the past, and even the mother or more maternal caregiver. For those 4th housers who grew up in a relatively happy home (none of us grew up in a perfect home), this will be a position of comfort, stability, security, and familiarity that will make you want to put your feet up and relax in the comfort of your own home with the Sun person. And even if the Sun person is prone to spending most of their time outside of the home, something about the 4th house person will make them want be more domestic with them--opting for staying at home and watching a movie, and if it happens to be a long-term relationship, this can even translate into building a home and creating a family together. As previously stated, if either the 4th house person or Sun person grew up in a heavily trauma-filled home, this can be a position of discomfort--but perhaps you came together to help work through those early traumas that can hold you back and stunt your growth. With the warm radiation of the Sun in the 4th house, you can work together to uncover hidden childhood traumas in order to process them and get over them with time, so you can mutually enjoy the comfort and stability your partner provides for you in the home and beyond.

Sun in the 5th house overlay: This is one of the best house overlay positions for the Sun to be in within a synastry chart for the sake of friendships, romances, and even long-term relationships. The Sun person will “shine a light” upon 5th house-related themes in this relationship, including all forms of pleasure, entertainment, games, hobbies, pastimes, creative pursuits and self-expression, romance, lovers, drama, and even children. The Sun person will simply be the embodiment of a great time for the 5th house person. When together, you’re likely to partake in all kinds of activities that are fun and stimulating, and you may even work on some creative pursuits together, as well. You could enjoy board games together, movie marathons, going to the fair, or any other activities the two of you find to be fun and stimulating. Perhaps one or both of you will help the other in creative projects such as making music, creative writing, or artwork. The Sun person may encourage the house person to focus more on their own creativity, self-expression, having fun, and experiencing pleasure and leisure. The house person will simply feel like having a good time while being around the Sun person. This position may even point towards the two of you having children together in the future. If you do have children, you will likely partake in many fun and creative activities together as a family. As a reminder, the 5th house is the house of romance as opposed to binding and long-term relationships--other placements and aspects within the synastry chart should be analyzed to determine whether or not this union is likely to last for many years of a lifetime. But if this is a romantic relationship, this CAN be a wonderful position for keeping the romance alive long-term. Overall, this placement suggests stimulation, fun, and enjoyment, which are important for any type of relationship.

Sun in the 6th house overlay: This house overlay position for the Sun is more practical in nature, but all of us need a healthy dose of practicality in our relationships. The Sun person will “shine a light” upon 6th house related themes in this relationship, including: daily work and jobs (as opposed to a career), physical and mental health, health management, routines, organization, service, helpfulness, attitudes towards food, exercise, and even pets. The Sun person will likely be helpful towards the 6th houser in these matters by helping them get back into some form of exercise, helping them form better eating habits, or establishing routines that help in retaining or improving both physical and mental health. Perhaps you join a gym together, start a new diet, or just talk about ways in which you can improve your overall health. It’s also possible that the 6th houser works for the Sun person, or vice versa. If you live together, it’s also possible that you will adopt some pets--dogs, cats, or the like. A fair warning--with this position, it’s important to ensure that neither the Sun nor the house person becomes more like a servant to the other rather than simply being helpful and an aid to the other. It’s possible that someone in this relationship could end up feeling like they are giving too much and receiving much less in return. But overall, this is a practical position for the Sun to be in within the synastry chart that can help both of you hone in on a number of health or work-related issues that you haven’t been giving enough attention to, while encouraging each other to help build up the other in their own physical and mental health journeys.

Sun in the 7th house overlay: This is a great house overlay position for the Sun to be in within a synastry chart for those hoping to have a long-term partnership or marriage. The Sun person will “shine a light” on 7th house-related themes in this relationship, including: companionship, partnership, marriage, one-on-one relationships, business partnerships, contracts, and even our alter-ego or shadow self. The Sun person will stimulate the 7th house person’s desire for partnership and marriage, and the 7th house person may very well see the Sun person as their absolute ideal mate. The 7th house person will see all the qualities they admire, yet feel they themselves lack, in the Sun person. This can create a sort of balancing effect in the relationship, as the Sun person will portray certain qualities and quirks that the house person admires, yet doesn’t quite have themselves. As the 7th house is the house of marriage and contracts, marriage is quite possible with this house overlay position if a long-term relationship is involved. It’s also possible that the two of you enter into some sort of business agreement or contract together. There are a couple of things to be wary of, as with any other house overlay position. If the two of you are a couple, it’s possible that you get somewhat “lost” in each other, and don’t know where you end and your partner begins. It’s important to remember that you and your partner are individuals in a union, rather than a single entity in and of itself. Secondly, it’s possible that only the HOUSE person sees the Sun person as their ideal mate, rather than the other way around (an unrequited love interest--I’ve been there with this synastry overlay!). Look to the rest of the synastry chart to determine whether or not there are mutual feelings of compatibility and long-term companionship.

Sun in the 8th house overlay: This house overlay position for the Sun is not for the faint of heart. It’s likely that both individuals (the Sun person and the 8th house person) will fall into one of two extremes in how they feel about the other--there will either be an intense, primal, and magnetic attraction, or one or both will be creeped out, bothered, or disturbed by the other person altogether--sometimes, oscillating between both extremes! This is because the Sun person will undeniably “shine a light” on 8th house themes and issues in this relationship, including: Sexuality and sex, death and rebirth, transformation and crisis, personal growth, change and evolution, psychology, addiction, taxes, others’ money, and all things taboo or subjects not generally accepted or talked about by the general public. The natural drawing of attention to these deep subject matters will either intrigue or disturb the house person, while the house person will either invite the Sun person into their hidden chasms or shun them altogether. The house person can view the Sun person as mysterious and deep, while the Sun person is able to see into a lot of what the 8th house person has hidden from most individuals. If both individuals are Pluto dominant, have a strong Plutonic or 8th house presence in their natal chart, it’s likely that this union will work, as there will be a mutual fascination and attraction. Yet if one or both individuals have a lot of trauma, kept secrets, and hidden shame they actively suppress, this connection is likely to scare off those involved. This house overlay position suggests being able to help each other work through hidden issues most others do not see, while maintaining a deep and intense connection that can help transform both individuals for the better. With this position, it’s important to make sure one or both of you doesn’t use power plays or manipulation in order to get your way in the relationship. Overall, this position can work if both individuals are open to deep levels of sharing, growth, and transformation.

Sun in the 9th house overlay: This is a great house overlay position for those who appreciate philosophy and higher learning, or are Sagittarius or 9th house-oriented in the natal chart. The Sun person will “shine a light” on 9th house related themes and issues in this relationship, including: Personal belief systems, philosophy, religion, spirituality, morals, higher education, long-distance traveling, foreign language and cultures, exploration, and publishing. Even if the 9th house person is prone to being a homebody and would rather curl up and watch a movie at home, the Sun person will actively stimulate their sense of adventure and exploration in many or all of the topics mentioned. And no matter what, topics of personal belief systems will be highlighted--perhaps the two of you grew up with a shared religion or moral code, OR completely different belief systems that will help each of you grow, challenge, and expand your higher mind. Even if you came from contrary backgrounds pertaining to these matters, there will be mutual fascination in learning about how each other grew up in culture, religion, and belief systems. It’s possible you will engage in travel together overseas or over long distances. Perhaps you take classes together on any of these higher learning topics. If the Sun is afflicted by squares and oppositions in the synastry chart, or the 9th houser has the planet ruled by their 9th house afflicted by squares and oppositions in their natal chart, fascination in each other’s belief systems can turn to disagreement and argument over these philosophical topics of importance. No matter what, this position suggests helping each other expand your minds to further understand deep philosophical, moral, and cultural topics of importance that help you both to grow and prosper in the realms of higher learning.

Sun in the 10th house overlay: With your Sun in someone else’s 10th house, the 10th house person will naturally see you in a position of authority, or as someone to look up to or aspire to be like. This is because the Sun person will “shine a light” on a number of 10th house themes in this relationship, including: career and profession, public reputation or recognition, authority, achievement, social standing, bosses rather than employees, government, and the more paternal or father-like figure in a given set of parents. With this position, the 10th house person can either look up to the authority and seemingly powerful status of the Sun person, or feel a sort of tension with the Sun person because they don’t like the feeling of someone having some sort of power over them. It’s likely that the Sun person will see all sorts of potential in the 10th house person related to 10th house matters. Perhaps the Sun person can help the 10th houser to achieve more recognition in their profession, improve their reputation with the wider world, or be like a father figure to the 10th house person. The Sun person will naturally stimulate a desire in the 10th house person for public recognition and career advancement. While it’s likely that the Sun person will naturally be seen as someone to look up to in the eyes of the 10th house person, and for the Sun person to see professional and reputational potential in the 10th house person, tension brought on by feelings of inequality is something to look out for. If the 10th house person is the type of individual who is comfortable in having role models and doesn’t let their own ego get in the way, and the Sun person isn’t too domineering and comes from a place of guidance rather than dominance towards the house person, this relationship can work in helping both individuals strengthen their public image and advance their place in society and career-related matters.

Sun in the 11th house overlay: With your Sun landing in another’s 11th house, the 11th house person will naturally see you as a potential friend with whom they can share their hopes, dreams, and common goals with. This is because the Sun person will naturally “shine a light” on 11th house themes in this relationship, including: friends, groups, organizations, personal goals, aspirations, humanitarianism, and our overall sense of being a part of the group. The 11th house person will see the Sun person as a natural friend, and someone with whom they can share their hopes and dreams. This position suggests a feeling of equality, and a lack of hash judgment coming from either party. It’s entirely possible that the two of you join some sort of organization that supports some cause you are both passionate about, go to rallies together, or work on campaigns that support your political affiliations. You will stimulate feelings of passion surrounding humanitarian issues in one another. You could be a part of the same friend group, or introduce each other to your respective friend groups. And, as the 11th house is traditionally ruled by the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus, the Sun person will stimulate and encourage the house person to shine in their own individuality and eccentricity more often. The Sun person won’t want the 11th house person to hide who they are or the causes they are passionate about. The house person will see the Sun person as a beacon of acceptance, friendship, and a supporter of their hopes and dreams. While this is a wonderful position in synastry for true friendships, if this happens to be a romantic relationship, other aspects and placements in the synastry chart should support it. But this is still a GREAT house overlay position for romantic relationships--as we need to be true friends with our significant other if the relationship is to truly last. Overall, this position suggests true camaraderie, acceptance, support, and passion for mutual or overlapping causes.

Sun in the 12th house overlay: This house overlay position for the Sun can be confusing and generate mistrust on one end of the spectrum, yet be incredibly spiritual and healing on the other end. The Sun person will “shine a light” on 12th house-related themes and issues in this relationship, including: all that is hidden or below the surface, karma, self-undoing, soul growth, dreams, hidden strengths and weaknesses, private affairs, spiritual studies, and even hospitals or prisons. The house person is likely to see the Sun person as somewhat mystical, mysterious, spiritual, and perhaps even spell-binding. But another possibility is that the house person sees the Sun person as confusing, elusive, or hidden in some capacity that they simply can’t seem to put their finger on. It’s also possible that the Sun person feels too masked or hidden in this relationship being in the deeper realms of the 12th house. Perhaps this relationship is hidden from the general public, or from the 12th housers family and friends for some reason. This position can feel stifling for the Sun person if they are naturally very public and outgoing rather than private and introspective. Also, if either individual is prone to paranoia or suspicion, the natural hidden quality of this position can easily generate mistrust in either party. If mistrust occurs with this position, it’s important to ask whether or not your suspicion is due to real and tangible reasons or is purely fear or imagination-based. If either or both parties have 12th house planets in their natal chart, have Pisces placements, or a strong Neptune, AND aren’t hiding too much about themselves or suppressing old karma and fears, this synastry placement can work. You can help each other uncover both hidden traumas and strengths that help you grow and become a better person. As this is also the house of spirituality, you can open each other up to new ways of thinking about existence, prayer, and connecting to the higher Source.


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