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Mars Synastry in the Houses: How do you provoke another?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Studying the Synastry chart between two individuals is simply one Natal chart compared to another Natal chart; one on top of the other based on where their planets fall within the 12 signs. The housing system also applies–for example, if you have 3 planets in the sign of Aquarius in your 3rd house, these 3 Aquarian planets could land in a completely different house when compared to the other person’s chart. In the case of Mars, which we will be discussing here, where it lands in the chart of another will be a highly personal placement that will undoubtedly affect the entire relationship. Synastry charts help us gain an understanding of what themes or qualities are likely to crop up within a relationship, and with Mars being a personal planetary body in our chart representing our actions, energy, drive, passion, war, aggression, and sex, you can count on it being incredibly important in assessing a Synastry chart. Although we will solely be looking at the house overlays of Mars in a synastry chart, it’s incredibly important to note that aspects (as opposed to simply house overlays) are just as, if not MORE important than house placements alone. For example, your natal Mars landing in your partner’s 7th house is indicative of the Mars person helping the house person become more confident and vocal in their one-on-one relationships, if Mars is positively aspected. However, if your Mars receives many squares and oppositions (difficult major aspects) in relation to your partner’s planets, this can create a lot of tension in the relationship surrounding 7th house issues and issues pertaining to where your partner’s planets in question land in their own chart. So remember to consider both where Mars lands in a Synastry chart and what aspects it receives in relation to your partner’s chart! (As a bonus, keep in mind what aspects your natal Mars forms in your own chart). As always, I’d like to say to trust your intuition as well when considering whether or not to enter a romantic relationship with someone (intuition is in your gut; panic, paranoia and fear you will feel in your chest). For the layman or novice, studying Synastry charts overall can be incredibly complicated and we might not always consider all factors in the chart as a result. Trust yourself and your abilities! Now, let’s get onto our Mars placements in the Synastry chart:

Mars in the 1st house overlay: This house overlay position for Mars has the potential to be either extremely irresistible and sexy or incredibly annoying, depending on how you may feel about the person and what aspects are formed in the synastry and natal chart of the Mars person. No matter what, the Mars person will have a stimulating effect on the house person. They will simply be able to get under the house person’s skin, for better or worse. On the positive side, the house person can find the Mars person to be incredibly direct, strong, and confident in how they hold themselves. The house person can see the Mars person as the epitome of how a person should be when it comes to self-confidence. As a result, the house person can be deeply attracted to the Mars person. On the other side of the coin, the house person can easily be peeved by how the Mars person acts, their mannerisms, or the way they hold themselves. This position can sometimes feel very much like a sibling rivalry, where the house person feels they often need to stand up to the assertiveness of the Mars person. It’s also very possible that the Mars person will provoke the 1st house person to portray the qualities of that particular sign more directly, for better or worse. For example–if the 1st house and Mars sign land in Aquarius, the Mars person could provoke the house person to portray more qualities of individuality, eccentricity, inventiveness, etc.

Mars in the 2nd house overlay: With Mars in the 2nd house overlay, the Mars person will likely affect the house person’s finances and self-confidence / self-worth, for better or worse. When Mars is positively aspected in the synastry chart (and perhaps natal chart of the Mars person), it’s much more likely that the house person will be positively influenced. On the positive side, the Mars person can help the house person organize their finances, get inspired to change jobs for financial earnings, or even get them a lucrative financial position. The Mars person might introduce new opportunities to increase earnings for the house person. As a result or overshoot, the Mars person could help increase the house person’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth. They could even do this by showing the house person how they are already so useful and purposeful in what they do, or how they could further capitalize on their talents. On the negative side, if Mars is heavily afflicted in the synastry chart, the Mars person could become a financial drain on the house person. They could either spend their money too frivolously, or convince them to get into some bad business dealings that hurt them financially. They could instead decrease the confidence of the house person, either by causing them to lose funds or simply being a drain on their own sense of self-worth. It’s also possible that the house person will be physically possessive of the Mars person. Overall, this has the potential to be a good position for mutual financial dealings and self-confidence.

Mars in the 3rd house overlay: This position for Mars in synastry, much like the 1st house position, can be very stimulating in either a positive or negative way. On the one hand, this position can stimulate a lot of invigorating conversation between the two, and the house person can appreciate how vocal and confident the Mars person is in their speech. The Mars person can help the house person to stand up for themselves in communication, and the Mars person will appreciate the way that the house person thinks, speaks, and communicates. The Mars person can help the house person to communicate more directly and effectively. If Mars is afflicted in the synastry chart, however, the house person can perceive the Mars person to be too aggressive in thought and communication. Verbal arguments can become an issue, and the Mars person may not have patience for the house person when communicating with them–perhaps thinking they communicate too slowly, ineffectively, or otherwise. As the 3rd house rules siblings, there can be a sort of sibling-like rivalry here. Even if mostly positive elements of this placement manifest, it’s still quite likely that there will be frustrations in communication from time to time.

Mars in the 4th house overlay: This can be a tough position for Mars to be in within a synastry chart, but it is more likely if Mars is afflicted by squares and oppositions. The way the Mars person acts and holds themselves can remind the 4th house person of their childhood, or more specifically, one or both of their parents. While that’s not exactly a sexy aspect of this placement, it can work well practically in the pursuit of building a family–we do appreciate what is familiar to us. The two may be driven to move in together, build a family, and do a lot of activities centering around family together. It’s important to note that if Mars is afflicted, there can be fights or arguments in the home, or centering around family. The house person may see the Mars person as too aggressive when it comes to dealing with family matters. But overall, this position invokes feelings and memories related to growing up and is good for building a family and enjoying activities with family. The Mars individual should take care to not pry too hard into the early life of the house person early on in the relationship, as they may end up irked and agitated if bad early memories are brought up for them. The house person should remember that who they are in the present isn’t the same as who they were in the past, as this position can suggest working through deep-rooted family traumas together, as well.

Mars in the 5th house overlay: This position for Mars in the synastry chart is overall very favorable. The 5th house rules all things pleasurable and beautiful to the senses, so having someone’s Mars in this house can make you irresistibly attracted to them. When around the Mars person, the house individual can feel like they are having the time of their life. They can engage in all sorts of fun and stimulating activities together, and perhaps even work on some kind of creative project together, as this house also rules creativity. The Mars person can take the initiative in planning all sorts of activities for the two of you to engage in. They can even encourage the house person to “get out there” more, to relax and have a good time, and indulge more in pleasurable activities. It’s important to watch out for going too overboard, though–as there is a chance for excessive indulgence with this overlay placement. When Mars is poorly aspected by squares and oppositions in the synastry chart, the Mars person could drag the house person into activities that aren’t necessarily good for them–including abusing drugs, sex, food, or anything else pleasurable to the senses. If the Mars person pushes too hard to get the house person to do something they don’t want to do, they could cut and run. But this is overall a great placement for truly enjoying each other’s company, engaging in creative projects together, and even having children (the 5th house rules children, as well)–and with Mars here, there is definitely a chance for having children down the line.

Mars in the 6th house overlay: While this house overlay position for Mars isn’t necessarily romantic or sexy, it can be very practical, grounded, and positive for a long-term relationship. The Mars person will likely see opportunities to help the house person out with organizing their daily lives, work routine, and how they manage their overall health. The Mars person will be able to see how they can help improve the house person’s everyday life by simply giving them a hand in their daily routine. Both individuals will likely feel an urge to help each other out and take care of each other’s needs in a very practical and helpful way that makes everyday life a bit easier. If Mars is afflicted in the synastry chart, or the Mars person is simply too controlling, this can play out negatively, however–with the house person seeing the Mars individual as more of a stern-taskmaster that is intruding too much in their daily work habits. The Mars person should recognize that they have a relationship with the house person, rather than being their personal coach or trainer. They should also be cognizant not to be too critical of the house person’s habits. It’s possible the two will engage in activities that help to improve each other’s health, whether that be changing eating habits, trying new workout routines, or self-care routines.

Mars in the 7th house overlay: This is a tricky position for Mars to be in within a synastry chart, as it can be indicative of a stormy relationship if not treated carefully. On the one hand, the house person will likely find the Mars person very attractive, yet perhaps a little too aggressive and domineering in their joint dealings. Positively, the Mars person can orient the house person towards more active self-expression in their relationship, and encourage them to be vocal, confident, and open in the relationship in areas where they may be tempted to keep their opinions and feelings to themselves. In turn, the house person can help the Mars person to be more diplomatic, fair, and even-handed in the relationship. This position suggests physical attraction, but certainly isn’t enough on its own to maintain a long-term romantic relationship. This position also suggests a “frenemy”-type relationship, where the two get on well at times, yet butt heads too frequently to have any long-term relationship be maintained. I’ve also seen this position of Mars in the synastry charts of those who have gone through a bitter divorce battle. If one or both partners isn’t too domineering, however, this position can work in teaching the individuals about a proper give-and-take in a one-on-one relationship.

Mars in the 8th house overlay: When someone’s Mars lands in your 8th house, this person can easily provoke you to engage from darker parts of your personality, secrets, or deep-rooted issues. Both individuals can easily feel slighted by the other, and there could be power struggles in the relationship. On the positive, the house individual can be deeply attracted to the Mars person, finding them provocatively sexy and alluring. This could even get to the point of obsession on the part of the house person. If both individuals are decently mature, this can be a wonderful position for deep sharing of personal experiences, secrets, and traumas that help both to transform for the better. The house person can help the Mars person work through experiences that have scarred them, and vice versa. The Mars person will be able to see how alluring they are to the house person, and will certainly appreciate this. As the 8th house is traditionally ruled by Pluto, it’s important to watch out for power plays, manipulation, or pushing each other into dark realms you would rather not reach. If both partners have Pluto positively aspected in their natal charts, it’s less likely that the darker aspects of this placement will play out. Sex between the two can be ultimately very powerful, trans-formative, sexy, deep, and taboo.

Mars in the 9th house overlay: With someone’s Mars in your 9th house, there is the possibility for a lot of adventures and horizon-expanding activities to take place. The Mars person will challenge the house person to step out of their comfort zone by trying new activities, learning about different cultures or religions, or travelling to new locations together. The house person will likely see the Mars person as sexy through the lens of them being very learned, cultured, or philosophical. This is a wonderful position for anyone with heavy Sagittarian, 9th house, or Jupiter influence in their natal chart. If the house person is prone to staying in their comfort zone, the Mars person will challenge them to take steps to get out there with them more. This position can indicate similarities in world views, culture, or philosophical viewpoints. Yet if Mars is poorly aspected in the synastry chart, it’s possible that the Mars person clashes culturally with the house person, and may push them too hard to see things from their perspective. Either way, the Mars person will challenge the house person to expand their horizons and there are likely a lot of experiences to be enjoyed together, so long as there aren’t deeply divisive ways of looking at the world or experiences overall.

Mars in the 10th house overlay: With your partner’s Mars landing in your 10th house, they are likely to impact your social standing, career, or public reputation in a direct way. This could be very beneficial, given that the Mars person is in a position to help the house individual grow publicly in their career or overall public reputation. Somewhat similar to the 6th house position, the Mars individual will see opportunities to help the house person advance in career and social standing (rather than daily work routines and health). The house person may look up to the Mars person and admire how they’ve managed their own career and public reputation. This position also suggests a desire to do something publicly together–whether it be working on a mutual cause, progressing a particular vision or message, or intertwining careers in some way. This is a great position for mutual respect and admiration, and may be very much appreciated by those with heavy earth influence in their chart (Taurus, Virgo, and/or Capricorn), or prominent natal placements in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th house. If Mars is afflicted by squares and oppositions in the synastry chart, there is the possibility for the Mars person to actually be a detriment to the house person’s public reputation and career. If the relationship is volatile, this could reflect poorly on the house person. But overall, this is a very respectful, useful, and encouraging position for Mars to be in within the synastry chart.

Mars in the 11th house overlay: With Mars in the 11th house overlay, there is the possibility for an enduring friendship to grow between the two. The Mars person can be a powerful ally to the house person who helps them to capitalize on their mutual interests in particular groups, friendships, and associations. The Mars person can help the house person “get back out there” when it comes to certain past or new associations that can be formed with their help. Within these groups and associations, the Mars person will be willing and able to stand up for the house person if someone is stepping on their toes or simply doing something out of line. The house person will likely easily accept the Mars person for who they are, and see them as a natural friend or ally. The Mars person will not feel as judged by the house person as they may feel around other people. With this position, it’s also possible that the Mars person is a sort of rival to the house person, but not exactly in a true enemy type of way. The house person may see the Mars person as a rival, but someone who ultimately helps them to stand up for themselves and grow. Even if this relationship happens to be a bit rocky, it’s very likely it happens to help both individuals grow and improve. If this is a romantic interaction, the Mars person will likely be very supportive of the house person’s goals, wishes, and ambitions.

Mars in the 12th house overlay: With someone’s Mars landing in your 12th house, it’s hard to determine exactly how it is you will respond. Much will depend on your own natal chart–are you 12th-house oriented, in that you have personal planets in the 12th house, planets in Pisces, or the ruler of your 12th house being well-aspected? On a more personal and intuitive level, how much have you worked on the secrets you try to keep even from yourself? Are you prone to self-sabotage? Are there a number of personal issues you’ve tried running away from? These aren’t always easy questions, but will help you determine whether or not this synastry placement can work for you. The 12th house is associated with self-undoing, confusion, dreams, but also spiritual transcendence and true enlightenment. The positive manifestation of this Mars overlay is that the Mars individual can help the house person tremendously in true spiritual growth by overcoming past fears, phobias, and personal issues that lie below the surface where most people can’t see. The Mars person will likely have deep insight into the house person’s subconscious, and this simply isn’t comfortable for some people. This position has the potential to be an intense catalyst for spiritual growth, but much will depend on the individuals involved.

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