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Tropical & Draconic Natal Charts: Who You Are vs. The Whisper of the Soul

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I’ve found the study of Tropical vs. Draconic natal charts to be particularly interesting in that the idea behind comparing the two is to take a look at who you are, vs. who you, as a soul in its infinite spark, truly are. The other way in which the Draconic chart have been interpreted is as a snapshot of who you were in your last life. I believe there to be truth to both–as, of course who we were in our last life would have an effect on our soul in the whole of its experiences. So, whether it’s that Draconic charts provide us with a snapshot of who we were in our last life, or whether it represents the soul in the whole of its experiences; the Draconic natal charts provide us with meaningful information on energies we (likely) have yet to unlock / integrate.

Every one of us has deficits; so knowing your true potential is definitely a good motivator in further developing it. For example, in my Tropical natal chart, the sign of Virgo is intercepted in my 8th house and contains no planets–meaning, the sign doesn’t cusp any of my houses, and therefor is unable to properly manifest itself through me. Yet in my Draconic natal chart, Virgo cusps my 4th house and contains my Moon within it; with a number of flowing trines in aspect to other planets / angles. I’ve always felt slightly insecure with Virgo-related subjects & themes, and haven’t been able to connect with very many Virgos personally unless they had other similar or compatible placements as me. So, while we know that the Draconic chart reveals that these energies are still very well within us, we also know that it is still difficult to access. People tend to become more similar to their Draconic chart as they progress through life, as personal transformation is the key to tapping into those energies to harness them for good in your life!

It’s also important to know that while Draconic charts reveal the energies we have yet to tap into, there are no differences in the aspects between planets / their placements within the Houses of the natal chart. Meaning, if your Tropical natal chart has Neptune & Uranus in the 1st house, your Draconic chart will report the same. It’s the sign that may (or may not) change in the comparison. It’s also worth noting that in every Draconic chart, the North Node starts at 0 degrees in Aries, while the South Node 0 degrees in Libra. This is because, unlike its Tropical counterpart, Draconic charts are based on the Nodes of the Moon. Your Draconic (and Tropical) natal chart(s) can be easily acquired from Simple go to free horoscopes > extended chart selection > create your profile with your birth data and, wallah, you can take a look at any type of chart you want: Natal Tropical, Draconic, Sidereal; Progressed charts, Solar return charts, Synastry charts, and much more.

Because I’m a visual learner, I understand the importance of examples shown in actual natal charts for those interested. Below is an example of a comparison between a Tropical natal chart and a Draconic natal chart of the same individual. As you can see, your natal aspects still remain the same in the Tropical vs. Draconic chart, along with the house placements.

Tropical chart
Draconic chart

What are the differences between your Tropical and Draconic natal charts? Do they have some similarities in the signs they fall in, no similarities at all, or are they even identical? Know that you have the power to unlock the positive qualities associated with the signs your Draconic planets fall in; it simply can take some time. Consider the positive qualities of the sign and strive to push yourself out of your comfort zone into a place where you can grow!

Love to All as we are One. Now strive to be a good human and I’ll try my best too!


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