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Welcome to Path-strology: About Blog / Me

My name is Jessie, and I am an avid junior astrologer with a passion for all things astrology and helping people to maneuver through the rifts & valleys of life. I’ve started this blog in the interest of sharing my knowledge through numerous astrological articles that are both fun and stimulating, while also being helpful and honest.

Themes for articles may include (all astrology-related):

The “good, bad, and in-between” of certain natal chart placements

Synastry aspects / placements

Composite aspects / placements

Chart readings of celebrities / infamous individuals that we can use to better ourselves

Personal profound experiences

My philosophies related to astrology

Memes of the zodiac signs

I am also very interested in providing my own astrological services, so if anyone finds themselves interested in asking a personal question(s), feel free to send a message!

Additional Details / Links Pertaining to Me

My Natal Chart

Social Media

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