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The Pluto in Scorpio Generation: Mystery, Exposure, Change, & Acknowledging the Taboo

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Warning ⛔️: Graphic content some may be sensitive to!

One of my favorites details in astrology pertains to the Plutonic generation into which I, and many others, were born into–with that being the Pluto in Scorpio generation (those born between the years of 1983-1995)! This generation fascinates me because this placement of Pluto is associated with major, trans-formative changes in society as a whole–as Pluto is most comfortably posited in the sign of Scorpio, and the sign of Scorpio represents transformation or change (of the major kinds). Being born into this generation, unfortunately, bestows a responsibility. Whether or not it’s due to our own past Karma, this means we will experience drastic societal changes in our lifetime, with unavoidable consequences! This means that we will likely be pulled into these very changes, for better or worse. I have found through personal experience, as a native Pluto in Scorpio myself, that the older we get–the more questioning we are. We not only absorb the information we’ve received from our parents/background growing up, but we ask WHY. And this VERY ‘why’–is why we end up going down the rabbit hole! Doing our research exposes all sorts of loose ends, taboos, unexplained behaviors, and more. We are reluctant to talk to the previous generations openly about societal issues and changes, because we sense that they simple cannot see things from our all-encompassing perspective. It makes us sad! But at the same time, one must remember–the glass is still half full in being able to not only seeing things from many perspectives, but also wanting to get to the core of issues that have traditionally been overlooked!

I’d like to analyze the lives & actions of a few celebrities that are native Pluto in Scorpio individuals themselves. I believe every Pluto in Scorpio native may experience 1 (or more) of 3 things: 1) experience events that force them to transform as a person dramatically; 2) change the “rules of the game” in society. A 3rd option, as seen in Hollywood historically AND currently, is the outing of individuals for participating in the darker themes associated with Pluto. Some Pluto in Scorpio individuals, depending on their own natal chart, will experience dark themes pertaining to the Self–and with the Scorpio Pluto position, the individual is much more likely to feel “comfortable” enough to speak out on these dark habits, behaviors, and outlooks–which may actually highlight the roots of old stigma that still haven’t been dealt with in society in-full. The current and recently-past Pluto transits, I believe, make this article a timely topic.

Ronan Farrow

The first individual I’d like to examine with a native Pluto in Scorpio is Ronan Farrow. The previous generation at least knows of him well. This is due to the fact that he, himself, is somewhat controversial–I’ll just go ahead and say I believe he is Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow’s child, rather than the child of Woody Allen; the ultra-famous script-writer who is supposed to be his biological father. Ronan Farrow’s case pertains to both points 1 and 2 on the “Pluto in Scorpio experience;” as in he experienced both trans-formative events that changed him and took action that jolted the status-quo. It’s clear that as he grew up, he became very disenchanted with his family life; poking & exposing holes that I’m sure Allen has historically not been too fond of. Allegations against Woody Allen by members of the family included the prospect that he molested his daughter; Ronan’s sister. What’s interesting about Ronan, and I think all Pluto in Scorpio individuals can learn from, is that he took his anger & frustration surrounding the very public controversies in his life growing up, and used that for a positive spur both in his private life & for society as a whole. While the son of famous individuals in their own right, Ronan Farrow is a famous journalist and touts a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for his work in the exposing & convicting Harvey Weinstein as it occurred. While there was never enough solid evidence that Woody Allen had molested his daughter OR that he was involved with his now-wife Soon-Yi Previn before she was of age, Ronan was able to turn his attention towards helping other individuals who experienced such horrid events seek justice through exposure of the truth on sexually-taboo subjects, and continues to do so to this day.

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Ronan Farrow, Woody Allen

Prince Harry (and Meghan Markle)

The second individual I’d like to discuss is Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex; also of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. Whether they like it or not, most individuals seem to know who he & his new wife; Meghan Markle, are. He is the younger brother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; the successor to the British throne. It’s interesting to note that William, the older of the two, was born within the Pluto in Libra generation. While I haven’t truly read extensively on Pluto in Libra, one can imagine the way Pluto drives its themes of taboo, transformation, and darkness is through the lens of a peace-loving Libra. While Scorpio gets obsessively concerned with getting to the root of something, Libra may be more apt to prefer tranquility in heart, home, and relations than Scorpio. It’s known that, during Harry’s younger years, he was comparatively closer to his mother, Princess Diana, than William was. It is also known that there is plenty controversy surrounding their mother’s untimely death, as many speculate that Princess Diana’s near-instant death by car accident was premeditated. While it’s believed that the boys buy the story that Diana was “hounded to death” by the paparazzi in their endless pursuit of her, who knows if Harry believes that to be the truth–this question is supported by the fact that him & his new wife have decided to abdicate, or leave, the royal family. While other members of the royal family have been known to part ways with it in the past, this move in today’s day & age reflects the changing times & the ever-fading relevancy of monarchies. I believe it’s possible that Harry decided to leave the family due to the many dark speculations & secrets surrounding the family. I’m not sure I could blame him either, if I put myself in the same shoes!

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Meghan Markle, Harry, Duke of Sussex

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Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey

Another late individual who was of the Pluto in Scorpio generation was beautiful yet troubled Naya Rivera, who died on July 8, 2020 at Lake Piru, CA. As many know, the determination of her death was by drowning in the lake while out on the water with her young son. Naya’s relevancy to this article is unfortunately through the personal exposure of dark behaviors. She was arrested in 2017 for domestic battery when her husband called the cops for repeatedly hitting him in a public space, in front of their young child. This is obviously… taboo and dark in all the wrong ways, while at the same time, not a new-type of behavior in personal relationships at all! It may be taboo, but is also unfortunately somewhat common. One can’t help but imagine what else might have taken place outside of where there might be prying eyes, as when the charges were filed. While those who have died absolutely deserve respect, it does not mean we can’t analyze this under the lens of the Plutonic Scorpio generation. I noticed that, while her South Node is in Libra & her Pluto in Scorpio, they are very close but not conjunct. It seems that when an individual has Pluto conjunct the South Node, unfortunately, Pluto’s negative tendencies are much more likely to display themselves in the individual by-default. The individual must often fight their own darker tendencies related to the subjects concerning Pluto–death, rebirth, sex, power, manipulation, taboo, etc, and perhaps this tendency is strengthened with Pluto posited in Scorpio, as previously mentioned, it is most comfortable in that sign; while any planet that conjuncts the South Node is more likely to portray negative tendencies/behaviors earlier on in the life of the individual. Other individuals who actually have this conjunction (instead of being only close, as in Naya’s case) include both Amber Heard and Jeffree Star, who have BOTH recently been outed for shady, manipulative behavior! Some verrry dark Plutonic things being exposed right now……. Let me know what you think, and if Plutonic subjects peak your interest; they do certainly do for me!

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