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Venus Synastry in the Houses

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Studying the Synastry chart between two individuals is simply one Natal chart compared to another Natal chart; one on top of the other based on where their planets fall within the 12 signs. The Housing system also applies–for example, if one individual has 3 planets in the sign of Scorpio, when compared to the other individual’s chart, it will fall within a particular House in their chart. A further example includes these 3 planets in Scorpio landing in the other’s 11th house–meaning, the themes in the relationship surrounding each planet will be most inherent in the capacity of what the House itself represents. Venus represents romantic attraction, beauty, love; and when placed in another’s 11th house, will contribute towards the two of them being close friends if a romantic relationship does develop, as the 11th House represents friendships, associations, and more. If Jupiter in Scorpio in one natal chart falls in the 12th house of the other natal chart, there may be a strong & inherent psychic and subconscious connection between the two. They might have frequent dreams of each other, and truly be able to know each other in a deep, subconscious way. Because of the different themes represented & emphasized in each Synastry chart, some relationships will be pleasant, while some not so much. Some will hold themes of friendship, some of sacrifice, some of sexual attraction, and so on. As a result, not every relationship will be for you! Synastry charts help us gain an understanding of what themes or qualities are likely to crop up within a relationship. Although your judgement of someone you are romantically interested in shouldn’t be solely based on the Synastry chart, it is definitely to be taken with a grain of salt! Relationships work out all the time that don’t have the most traditionally ‘beautiful’ Synastry, and Synastry alone shouldn’t be what keeps you from your love interest. Consider both experience & Synastry; and listen to your INTUITION! You will feel it in your gut; not in your chest.

Venus in the 1st House: Synastry overlays with Venus in the 1st house will point towards the Venus person seeing the 1st house person as their ideal “type.” The way the 1st house person conducts themselves, behaves, and responds serve as a model for the Venus person in what it is they find desirable. They could easily be inspired by the house person in one way or another. The 1st house person could also see the Venus person as the epitome of what it is they find attractive. The only danger here is in making sure the Venus person isn’t just attracted to the house person due to their looks or way they conduct themselves in public. The 1st house person may feel their confidence is boosted in being with the Venus person or simply feel attractive in their presence. These qualities may be enhanced the closer Venus is to the other person’s Ascendant line (conjunct). Overall this a positive placement, as the 1st house person will feel attractive in Venus’ presence, while Venus may be inherently attracted to the 1st houser and feel they may have truly found their “type.”

Venus in the 2nd House: This overlay isn’t always conducive to romantic partnerships, as there is the possibility that the Venus person will mostly be interested in what it is they can “gain” in the relationship on a material or self-esteem level. This won’t help the house person in feeling they can give & receive love from the Venus person; in fact, they could become suspicious of Venus’ motives. Another danger here includes the possibility of Venus seeing the house person as their own; akin to an object, as the 2nd house rules material possessions. Another possibility is that the Venus person may be able to teach the house person to be more financially practical & reasonable. The 2nd house also rules self-worth, so the Venus person will likely be able to increase the self-esteem of the 2nd house person. And, as the 2nd house is traditionally ruled by Taurus, there is still the absolute possibility of a true feeling of sensuality being present–physical attraction that can lead to more, as Taurus is the most sensual sign. It should be stated that this placement can absolutely work in a relationship; it’s just not the most traditionally “romantic” position for Venus to be in. If financial well-being & support is important to both of you, and whole story of the Synastry chart supports romance, this can be a very stabilizing affect for a long-term relationship!

Venus in the 3rd House: Those with this Synastry overlay will feel very comfortable in your communication with each another. Words may be said with the utmost sympathy & respect. The house person will have a stimulating affect on Venus’ mind, and the house person will feel appreciated for their thoughts & ideas. They may have very similar tastes in music and other types of art or fashion, and will be inclined to talk about these topics. They may write sweet love notes to each other. The only danger with this position lies in the fact that the house person (or both) may feel somewhat uncomfortable with arguing or speaking the truth if they believe their partner will respond negatively. This can lead to a somewhat “superficial” feeling in the relationship; as if some things haven’t been said that should be said. But overall, conversation will flow easily & smoothly between the two. It’s simply important to keep in mind that your partner admires your mind; it’s okay to speak the truth! Even if initially upset, they will appreciate your honesty from the heart.

Venus in the 4th House: This is a rather fortunate & easy place for Venus to be in the synastry chart. Venus will see the house person as potentially an ideal mate for building a home together and starting a family--especially if the Venus person is 4th house or Cancer-oriented. These two may immediately feel like family when they are together. Even if the house person isn’t typically a home-body, they will hold an inherent appreciation for spending time at home with Venus, their loved one. The Venus person might see the house person as somewhat similar to a female family member they hold positive relations with. The house person will not only enjoy time at home with you, but may even feel like taking on the role of homemaker or ‘interior-designer’ if they decide to share a home. By the same token, even if Venus doesn’t normally place immense importance on family, they will feel their love of family is stimulated by the house person. Venus may also feel comfortable & happy in the presence of the house person’s family. In some cases, the Venus person might feel somewhat hesitant in opening up fully to the house person. This may be particularly true if the house person does not have harmonious home-relations. As a result, the house person may feel a hesitancy on the part on Venus; as if they cannot love openly & fully. Observe your relationship before jumping the gun and thinking this alternative may happen, however–if things are working smoothly with yourself, your partner, & family; this placement can be very favorable.

Venus in the 5th House: Those with this Synastry overlay will be very happy with this placement, indeed. I consider this to be a somewhat “fairy tale-like” placement, as the Venus person will see the house person as the embodiment of what is beautiful. It’s a placement that contains the possibility of the Venus person having eyes specifically for the house person; AKA them being mesmerized. The Venus person may see the possibility of having children with the house person. The house person will feel truly special in the eyes of the Venus person. Even if the house person isn’t the most attractive person in the world, the Venus person will still see all that is special in the house person. These two will very much enjoy spending time together, as there is never a lack of fun. The house person will thoroughly enjoy holding the attention of Venus. The only danger here lies in the fact that this placement furthers the possibility of over-indulging in life’s pleasures; to the detriment of responsibilities, etc. You may enjoy playing games together very much. As the 5th house is rules by Leo, a Fixed sign, these light, playful, and positive feelings are likely to last! The house person should simply be aware of making sure they aren’t taking advantage of Venus’ undying attention & devotion towards them; AKA, letting them have their space/time with other people important in their life, as well.

Venus in the 6th House: I also consider this placement to be a good one for the long-term; even if not traditionally romantic. The house person will feel deeply appreciated for what the Venus person does for them daily. The Venus person will very much enjoy simply “doing things” for the house person–whether it be assistance in a project, doing a chore, or anything else they can do to help make life easier for you on the daily. Loving each other, day by day, may come easier to this couple than most. The two may share common interests when it comes to daily routines, health, exercise; and may even work together in a professional way. It may be easier for these two to partake in the less savory aspects of daily life–doing laundry, cooking, and the like. They may both encourage each other to release their bad habits and work towards more healthy alternatives. Just be mindful not to nag on your partner too much. While not a traditionally romantic position, the consistency of this placement will especially be appreciated by Earth-types--individuals with natal planets in the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, or natal planets in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses.

Venus in the 7th House: Venus in the 7th house of partnership is a very powerful & favorable placement, indeed. Getting along & communication will flow quite smoothly between the two. If roadblocks arise in the relationship (which they always do), it will seem as if the Venus person knows exactly what to say in order to ease the house person. How Venus handles connflicts within the relationship is very attractive to the house person. It will seem as if their personalities & mannerisms go very well together. Where one partner is weak, the other is strong. When one is tired, the other picks up the slack. There is still the possibility that the house person won’t be as attracted to the Venus person, however. If this is the case, they may feel as if Venus is too “in their space” too often. It’s still more likely that if romance is indicated, however, that this placement will work in their favor. An overall harmonious relationship is indicated by this placement; while it’s still important to look at the rest of the Synastry chart and observe how this & other placements/aspects relate to each other.

Venus in the 8th House: The Synastry overlay of Venus in the 8th house indicates a deep, romantic, & intense relationship. There is the possibility for intense sexual attraction, while talking about the more “difficult” subjects in life will come easy between the two. If the individuals are looking for a deep, emotional, and sexual connection with their significant other, this placement definitely supports that. Subjects such as sex, death, the occult, and other taboo subjects will be easier to talk about. They are likely to share secrets with one another. As the 8th house also rules joint resources, the Venus person may bring some (or a lot) of that to the table! This is a favorable aspect for amassing resources & long-term money together. They may both consider the relationship to be deeply intense, complex, and all-consuming. This placement can be indicative of obsession with your partner, however, so it’s something to keep in mind if you have an addictive personality; or are just a love addict in general. As not everyone is necessarily fond of deeply intense experiences and prefer light fun, this may not be everyone’s favorite placement. If this is your cup of tea, however, it’s guaranteed to be a deeply enriching & all-consuming experience that may very well change your life in some profound way.

Venus in the 9th House: Those with this Synastry overlay will feel a certain affinity with each other when it comes to personal philosophies, outlooks, or viewpoints in life. Venus may act as an adviser, teacher, or spiritual counselor to the house person. It’s possible the two came from the same cultural background or religion. Even if they are from completely different backgrounds, they will be deeply interested in learning about each other’s. The Venus person may inspire the house person to become more involved in travel or higher learning topics, including philosophy, religion, and different cultures. In fact, participating in 9th house-related themes will serve to bring the two closer together. Traveling & learning about other cultures will serve as positive experiences for this couple. They may enjoy discussing different philosophies in life, and big, worldly topics, in general. This house is definitely less possessive than that of the 8th house; so those with Sagittarian-type personalities & philosophies will fare very well with this placement. There may be a mutual interest in helping humanity or performing humanitarian-type deeds.

Venus in the 10th House: Those with Venus in the 10th overlay may find it easier to put work before play in the relationship. This is a good placement if the couple is looking to support each other’s professional goals, or even build a professional relationship together. The Venus person may see the house person as someone who can help them climb the ladder to professional success. The house person may provide certain qualities in the relationship that the Venus person is lacking–a certain creativity, imagination, or anything else that can be used to further professional success. The house person may see the Venus person as embodying the professional or public face that they aspire to. They can treat the Venus person like gold because of this. There is also a mutual interest in being in the public eye. The two, even if they don’t like experiencing it alone, may very much enjoy attention in public together. This is a very favorable placement for those couples seeking to “make it” professionally. The house person can even show Venus where their creative talents lie, or discover parts of themselves that they hadn’t paid much mind to before. Because the two of you may be inclined to put importance on social status, it’s still important to keep in mind that status & material possessions aren’t everything. The only danger here is that of putting too much importance on your status as a couple or professionally. Reach for the stars, but keep in mind that life is about bettering YOURSELF, not for comparing yourself to others!

Venus in the 11th House: I believe this to be an overall favorable aspect. Why? Because one of the most important things, if not most important in any relationship, is the friendship between the two of you. The 11th house represents friendship circles, groups, & associations, so naturally, there will be deep love felt in their association with each other. There may be common interests, a lot of joking around together; while the two are lively & entertaining in group settings. Others around them will truly see the love & friendship present between them. The 11th house person may be supportive in helping the Venus person expand their social circle & network with those who can help them in some way. These two might be even more inclined to portray romantic behaviors when they are around others. As the 11th house is more impersonal than that of say, the 5th or 8th, it's unlikely that these individuals will give into notions of jealousy & toxic behavior, as this may turn either of them off. The couple may delight in communication in regards to their hopes & dreams. While not considered a traditionally romantic placement, this placement is still found in plenty of Synastry charts between married persons, suggesting common interests and friendship to be of utmost importance.

Venus in the 12th House: This Synastry placement I consider to be a mixed bag; and it’s outcome has to do with whether or not the individuals involved are evolved, comfortable, and confident in themselves. With time, it will be easy for the Venus person to understand the house person’s shortcomings, habits, and tendencies. If the Venus person has the best interest in mind when it comes to the house person, this relationship has the potential to be ultimately very transformative for both parties. Venus may aid the house person in overcoming their fears, phobias, secrets, or anything else they hide from the majority of people. Some individuals are uncomfortable with this placement because it’s such a deep & subconscious connection. The house person might illogically suspect the Venus person is up to no good, when this in fact, this is ultimately just a fear. Both have the potential to understand each other on a level unmatched by others. As you can see, some would run from this, while some would welcome it. Having experienced it, I can say it is wonderfully transformative–the relationship urges you to go deep beneath the surface to better yourself. Those not ready for this will not accept it. But if accepted & worked with, the two can share an emotional & spiritual bond usually only portrayed in movies & romance novels.

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