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Why is Candace Owens like THAT? A Case Study

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Candace Owens woos the right as provocative face of Trump youth | CPAC |  The Guardian

Candace Owens at CPAC (2019)

Candace Owens is an American conservative political commentator with a knack for brutally attacking the U.S. Democratic party and those who subscribe to progressive ideals. While this is nothing new in the political arena, she does stand out as a conservative commentator for the simple fact that she is African American. Those of us living in the U.S. know this correlation (being both conservative politically + African American) is at least less prominent than White/Caucasian individuals, who make up the vast majority of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning individuals, on a state-by-state basis, according to research obtained by A simple click will suffice to show you why it’s unusual, for better or worse, for Candace Owens is an incredibly vocal and staunch Republican supporter. She puts forth the idea that the Democratic party in the U.S. operates in such a way that keeps African Americans below the poverty line, and even goes so far to declare it the “Democrat Plantation,” harking back to early American slavery days. Now, the simple comparison of the relatively left-leaning political party within the U.S. to the days when African Americans were not considered people and forced to labor day and night by their white slave masters is enough to baffle, confuse, and anger those who oppose her ideas. While I personally do not subscribe to her ideologies, it’s interesting to step back and analyze a woman who isn’t afraid to put her ideas out into the world, no matter how radical or bizarre they might be to a number of Americans. Surely, there will be indicators in the natal chart of her radical ways, rebellious streak, and sexual conservatism–a point that was recently highlighted by her ongoing Twitter feud with Cardi B regarding her hit song “WAP.” I will be examining some of her natal aspects rather than placements (for example, I won’t be looking at her natal Sun and Venus being posited in Taurus) due to the fact that I feel much more information can be obtained about an individual when analyzing aspects relative to placements.

Blackout | Book by Candace Owens, Larry Elder | Official Publisher Page |  Simon & Schuster

Now, let’s take a look:

Sun trine Uranus (4 degree orb): This natal aspect allows for the easiest flow of individuality and self-expression in a person. The individual will not only not mind being different from others, but pleased to be in this position. They can step back and analyze how they are different from others, and their confidence is increased as a result. There will be a strong desire to be inventive, whether it pertains to ideas, technology, or anything else that can be proliferated. A streak of ingenuity can sometimes turn their confidence into snobbery. The individual is likely to be known as someone with original ideas who isn’t afraid to put themselves out there intellectually.

Moon square Pluto (6 degree orb): This aspect, more likely than not, has its roots in the family home that the individual grew up in. There may have been verbal, emotional, or physical abuse they had endured growing up. Anyone who tries to change this person will likely receive an aggressive and abrupt reaction. It’s possible one or both parents tried to change something about the individual, which turned into resentment. Those who counter their ideas might receive a nasty backlash from the individual, as they tend to hit back hard. Emotional problems can stem from deep-seated anger, control issues, and impatience. They likely aim to be dominant and in control of their surroundings–anyone who oversteps is impeding on their territory.

Sun opposite Pluto (4 degree orb): Working in-line with the emotional need to be dominant + in control that natal Moon square Pluto can elicit, this aspect creates a need for the ego to be center-stage. The individual wants to be perceived as strong, and having it “all together.” They will likely be prone to keeping secrets and have a precise way they want to be viewed by the world. Sometimes they can feel in control of their image, but major life events are likely to rock their proverbial boat in such a way that the individual loses control of a perfectly-crafted image.

Venus opposite Pluto (2 degree orb): With this natal aspect, the individual is highly likely to be a bit of a control freak in their relationships. The idea that no one should be controlled in a relationship will likely be a hard lesson they will have to learn through pain, heartache, and hardships. It’s highly possible they will become involved in relationship(s) with themes of any type of abuse, unrequited love, addiction, cheating, or anything else that stirs up trouble in relationships. Their view of relationships might overall be skewed or distorted by troublesome relationships they endured while growing up, and they might develop an unhealthy definition of “love” until this is overcome through transformation–they cycle of coming to terms with the end, and the eventual rebirth that rises from the ashes.

Mars opposite Uranus (5 degree orb): Radical ways of thinking and behaving are likely to be prominent when this natal aspect is present. The person may be perceived as arrogant, authoritarian, and combative. They can make a scene when discussing something they are passionate about that others disagree with, and even see themselves “at war” with those who oppose their ideas. They can see those who oppose them as enemies, and openly oppose existing social norms and laws. With this natal aspect, the individual is likely to cause a stir and have some rather “out there” ideas and practices compared to the average individual.

Lilith trine Jupiter (1 degree orb): This aspect works in tandem with Candace’s Sun trine Uranus, as it elicits a love of being different and the overall freedom to share ones thoughts, ideas, and live a life unburdened by the expectations of others. Freedom is of the utmost importance to them, while this aspect also has a spiritual dimension, as well–they will feel spiritually uplifted by the breaking of rules and standards they deem to be unfit for society. Feelings of enlightenment can spring forth when the individual feels truly liberated.

Mars conjunct Chiron (3 degree orb): This natal aspect, in close conjunction, is an indicator that there is some deep-seated pain related to the themes of Mars–whether it be sex, physical appearance, passion, or putting themselves out there. The other way this aspect plays out (and I believe is quite relevant to Candace) is an overcompensation of Mars energies–resulting in a high level of aggressiveness, dominance, a threatening demeanor, or boldness teetering on intolerance. There can be shame surrounding how the individual perceives themselves as a person.

With these natal aspects, we can see why Candace Owens might be such a controversial yet outspoken figure. Hard aspects such as Mars opposite Uranus in the natal chart are an indicator that the individual will be quite “out there,” so to speak, while not always being careful of how they might offend or be portrayed. Smooth flowing aspects such as Sun trine Uranus will allow a unique brilliance to shine quite easily, but as we can see, the entire chart needs to be analyzed before we can surmount that her ideas will be well-received. It should be noted that not all aspects potentially contributing to her personality have been analyzed–those Lilith squares, for example, are worth delving into if you are interested. Personally, I can’t help but wonder what pain or trauma she has experienced with natal Mars conjunct Chiron–does she have difficult experiences when it comes to being black / African American? What are the reasons she so vehemently does not want to be lumped in with other African Americans in the U.S.? Is she deeply ashamed of her people? These will remain questions and simply that, because the natal chart will provide us with indicators, not specifics. Intellectual curiosity can only go so far in the study of astrology, but it’s the mystery and possibilities that intrigues me so. These are the questions that peak my curiosity!

YouTube tested, Trump approved: How Candace Owens suddenly became the  loudest voice on the far right


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