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A Look at Fatalistic Astrology: Is there Truth in Degrees?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In my study of celebrity natal charts as examples to progressively learn from over time, I have found that there are active influences in the natal chart; interpreted & explained by French astrologer and Kabbalist; Janduz, or Jeanne Duzea (1874); with those influences being assigned to specific degrees of the 360 degree Zodiac. Her major work, “Les 360 degrés du Zodiaque – Symbolisés par l’image et par la Cabbale – Nouveau procédé de rectification de l’heure de la naissance,” explains these influences with promising and inspiring interpretations, while also explaining the less-desired influences and what to do or look out for if a degree in the natal chart points towards negative influences. Every single degree in the 360 natal chart is assigned influences; with them varying widely and boldly. A theory of mine in this interpretation (or, at least, something I haven’t read about before) is that positive influences are more likely to show in a given person if the planet in question has mainly positive or smooth-flowing aspects, rather than difficult aspects–such as squares, oppositions; while conjunctions can go either way (again, probably depending on the situation the planets are in). For example, if my natal Mercury in Aquarius (12 degrees) has the following interpretation for that specific Aquarian degree:

  1. “Ambitious, independent, and fiery character. It is indispensable to give up vengeful projects and to ensure that one’s authority is not misused, lest all kinds of disastrous events and setbacks crop up. In a figurative sense, this degree indicates that one may be kept in prison by one’s rebellious and anarchistic tendencies.”

If planet Mercury has a number of harsh aspects (squares, oppositions, etc.), it may be more likely that the person in question will have to wrestle with themselves and the temptations that the interpretation suggests. Because these interpretations fascinate me so ^_^, I’ve studied the natal charts of numerous celebrities/public figures, and have found interpretations to be anywhere from possible (as, I do not know these people personally), all the way to absolutely right on the money from what they have done or they way they have behaved publicly. I’m going to present you with an example of a fatalistic interpretation of a well-known celebrity’s natal chart.

I’ve analyzed the degrees in Amber Heard’s natal chart of all major planets and a few popular asteroids for kicks. I actually looked at her chart prior to all the publicized evidence against her in her divorce. As much as I try not to pay much attention to celebrity drama, this was unsettling to me partially because I’ve loved Johnny Depp’s roles in many movies over the years! Upon looking at her chart, I realized there is definitely some hot potential for relationship f*ckery in her chart. I had simply hoped that, if Johnny was being honest about Amber’s behavior towards him, the truth would come to light eventually. And unfortunately, it has…not exactly something to be happy about predicting!

There are a number of degrees in Amber’s chart that, according to [a] fatalistic interpretation, spell trouble for the native. Let’s start with her Sun sign degree: 11 degrees in Capricorn. The interpretation of this degree follows as such:

  1. “Success and prosperity are achieved in the second part of life, at the moment when they are most needed. Profits and pleasures are linked to maturity. This degree often indicates that marriage is contracted with an older person for financial reasons. In some cases, it gives a strong interest in mathematics.”

While there are a number of points in this description irrelevant to her potential (and now actual) abuse involving her ex husband, it does indicate that marriage may be for financial reasons with an older individual. Her marriage to Johnny certainly made her fame and bank account rise to the top, as prior, she wasn’t by Hollywood standards “famous,” while we also Johnny to be 23 years her senior (she’s 33, while he’s 56). As a world-renown movie star, it’s safe to say due to his financial situation relevant to hers, it is indeed possible that she, in part, married him for his money (s’all I’m sayin’ girl!).

My hypothesis with fatalistic interpretations of astrology is that the more ‘stressed’ the planet or angle in question is, the more likely a negative quality is to come out of the person if the interpretation is suggestive of such a behavior.

Interestingly enough, the interpretations on occasion even suggest truths, for example, like: “If this planet/angle is conjunct Jupiter or Venus, this [prediction] is even more likely to occur.” But the interpretations themselves do not say anything about the degrees’ relations to the aspects they form with other planets/angles. Let’s take a look at a few more of Amber’s degree interpretations: her Mars sign falls in 11 degrees Capricorn. The interpretation of 11 degrees in Capricorn is as follows:

  1. “Shrewd, secretive, and subtle character endowed with swift thinking process. All activities based on speed are favored, such as cycling or flying, as well as all positions requiring quick decision-making capacities. Success can also be achieved in the police, in genealogy, and in all kinds of investigation work. However, if mental cleverness is misused and serves illegal purposes, one incurs a heavy punishment such as a prison sentence or exile.”

As you can see, Amber does have a few squares to her Mars that may make her more susceptible to negative behaviors. Her Mars square both Mercury and Moon spells trouble for personal relationships. While these two planets are only forming a square by an orb of 6 degrees and 4 degrees, respectfully, the fact that her Mars is in 11 degrees Capricorn may make her more susceptible to behaviors that warrant something akin to a prison sentence or exile. I’d say in Amber’s case, her exile is social. The public has reacted negatively to what appears to be her true behavior and intentions, thus ostracizing her from the general opinion. I suppose my point is that while there may be some truth to fatalistic interpretations of astrology, one must also keep in mind the aspects that are formed to the object’s degree, while also understanding that these are old interpretations and can certainly occur in modern day, but in a different fashion than the one described (Ex: Amber’s “social exile” vs. exile from traveling abroad, etc.) Oh, and another thing. What is interpreted by the degrees in NO WAY is guaranteed to happen. Good or bad. Some degrees promise wealth and unimaginable fame; not everyone who happens to get a planet or point that lands in that degree will experience unimaginable fame.

Regardless of the fact that these are extreme interpretations, there can absolutely be truth to them, and they can even help you to manage your own destiny better! See it this way–you at least have somewhat of an idea of what major challenges or obstacles may crop up in your life if you aren’t using yourself to your fullest potential, trying to become a better person, etc. We all have challenges to overcome, and I think that karma will be on your side in the end if you are on your correct path/pushing yourself to do better–only you know!

Please let me know if you’d like to hear more on fatalistic astrology / delving into celeb charts!

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