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Donald & Ivanka: Synastry Chart Analysis

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Warning⛔️: Graphic content some may be sensitive to!

It’s no secret to the American populace (and the rest of the world, really) that Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka have an unusual relationship. Many have speculated that certain aspects of the way they interact with each other, speak about one another, and conduct their overall-relationship is somewhat bizarre. There appears to be some sexually-uncomfortable overtones & undertones between them, at times. It can be somewhat impossible to ignore if/when observing their interactions and the way they have spoken about one another. Donald has been incredibly overt in how he finds Ivanka attractive, with phrases such as calling her a “hot piece of ass,” while even claiming he would almost certainly be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter. While Ivanka is much more censored in her speech than Donald, she certainly doesn’t seem to brush this behavior away. In fact, I’d always speculated she probably uses her father’s lewd comments & behavior to her advantage–and certain aspects of their Synastry point towards this being a very real possibility. Ivanka’s comments regarding her father, on the other hand, have commonly played the role of “humanizing” her father; AKA making him appear more relatable, likable, and emotional than (I believe) he truly is. While I also believe a lot of his egotistical behavior to be more of a “front” for deep-seated insecurities, I believe his disbanded family-member, Mary Trump, when she claimed Donald’s father refused to allow him normal, yet sometimes unpleasant, emotions. Emotions including sadness, regret, compassion, empathy, or anything that might inhibit the individual from an insatiable need for money, power, & recognition. I digress, but I think these are important things to keep in mind when assessing the relationship between Donald & Ivanka. I will be assessing the Synastry between the President & his daughter Ivanka, whom many have jokingly referred to as the “real first lady.”

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump

The aspect I’ll start with is Don’s South Node conjunct Ivanka’s Venus, by a 3 degree orb. This is a definite Synastry aspect that spells comfort & love between the two of them, in the most general sense, and I’ll definitely say it isn’t uncommon for family members to have other members’ planets conjunct their North or South nodes. According to many, the South Node in Synastry can not only represent our habits & comfort-zone, but also a past-life relationship of some sort in Synastry. It’s been theorized that Venus conjunct the South Node, specifically, likely means the two may have been involved in a romantic relationship in the previous lifetime. It’s possible that the South Node, in this case Don, is looking for some sort of “payback” from Venus (Ivanka), for something nice, giving, or similar for them that they provided in this previous lifetime. I’d like to point out that alone, this Synastry aspect does not point towards the types of uncomfortable behaviors between father & daughter as appears to occur between Ivanka and Don. It can very simply mean someone you are comfortable with, feel you can confide in, and truly love with ease. I’ve found within Astrology, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to say whether or not certain things occur based on placements alone; through a Natal or Synastry chart. So before I continue, I’ll simply state that we can certainly use astrology to confirm suspicions if there is ample evidence provided, yet it is a dangerous & slippery-slope to ascertain ultra-specific details about people through Astrology, or exact events that have transpired between individuals. In this case, we are using Astrology to support already uncomfortably-provided evidence.

Donald & Ivanka’s Synastry

The second South Node conjunction I’d like to point out is Don’s South Node also being conjunct Ivanka’s Neptune; with this being an exact conjunction (0 degree orb). This aspect sets up a picture I believe to be prominent in the relationship between the two of them. While Neptune being conjunct either the North or South node can represent a spiritual connection, perhaps a feeling of enlightenment between the two, we must recall that until we mature a bit, any planets conjunct the South Node (Natally or in Synastry) can show behaviors towards the more negatively-manifested end of the pole. With Ivanka’s Neptune conjunct Don’s South Node, there is likely to be illusion, mystery, infatuation, and perhaps even deception between the two. As previously stated, I believe Ivanka has become a master at deceiving her father, whether that’s intentional or not. It’s known that prior to her father’s big electoral win, she & her husband, Jared Kushner, donated to many Democratic and liberal causes & politicians, rather than the Republican party Trump represents. She has claimed in the past to be liberal; with specifics such as openly declaring her support for gay marriage taking place. While it’s entirely possible for someone to change political philosophies over time, much of what she has said & supported is in stark contrast to the current Trump Administration. She has recently stated that she appreciates how (she feels) her father’s platform has expanded the Republican party-base; or has made room for more ideas. This is a little bizarre, considering there have been a number of roll-backs in the efforts to provide gay people with the same rights as those that consider themselves straight, environmental policies/initiatives; and a hammerhead approach to family-separation and detaining of undocumented immigrants. I personally think Ivanka speaks too intelligently (relative to her father, at least) to truly be buying into what he is doing. Whether she’s hiding how she truly feels about her father’s policies from herself, her father, or both, illusion & deception seem quite likely to be prominent here.

The next aspect I’ll discuss is Ivanka’s North Node conjunct Don’s Venus, with is exact (0 degree orb). While the North Node represents a less-comfortable part of ourselves that is to be developed throughout our lifetimes, planets conjunct this point in Synastry can illicit a feeling of growth & purpose between the two. It’s known in the astrological community that North Node conjunct Venus in Synastry likely means that the Node individual feels the Venus individual to provide them with a sense of love & understanding they may feel can help them to grow in their desired direction. The two may feel they can combine their talents somewhat seamlessly in order to be successful. It’s even possible that the Venus person (Don) is willing to go the absolute extra-mile for the North Node person (Ivanka); whether that be helping them through their careers, buying them nice things, etc., which may be hard to turn down from a father that you love. It’s now known that Don’s wife, the real first-lady Melania Trump, has often referred to Ivanka as “the princess,” which may imply Ivanka being prone to getting what she wants. This also supports the idea that Ivanka may “play” her father somewhat if she wants the tides to turn in her favor. Also, during Ivanka’s speech during the recent Republican National Convention (RNC), she described many incidents in which she “saw” her father respond emotionally to the devastation caused by hurricane Laura; and I think this supports the idea that her North Node on his Venus appreciates the love that her father can provide, at times, even if this may be fleeting.

The other planet also somewhat-tightly conjunct Ivanka’s North Node is Don’s Saturn, by about a 2 degree orb. This is known as a Synastry aspect that may be slightly less comfortable than the Venus conjunction, as Saturn represents responsibility, tough lessons, discipline, & the like. But it’s known that, the Node individual is less likely to be “fleeing” the situation if their natal chart has a prominent Saturn–as Ivanka’s South Node is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), it’s evident that she may be likely to take on these responsibilities without dropping them. On the less-evolved side, this Synastry aspect can indicate the Saturn individual (Don) thinks the North Node individual to be irresponsible and childish. Perhaps, in an effort to impress her father, she has let her own views take a back-seat as a result.

Worth noting also is the conjunction they have between their asteroid Lilith placements, by a 3 degree orb. With both having natal Lilith in Sagittarius in a conjunction, the two would likely associate & intuitively understand and even feel each other’s darker sides–whether that be the jealousy, control, and sexual temptations each feels as an individual; being constantly power-hungry, and more. Adding to this is the fact that they also have their natal Moons in the sign of Sagittarius, as well. They likely understand each other on an emotional-level very well, further adding to an emotional & perhaps even unhealthy or dark connection or similarity between the two. The other aspect that seems to play prominently into their more bizarre and (seemingly) sexually-infused behaviors is Ivanka’s Chiron being conjunct to Don’s Midheaven by 3 degrees. This Synastry aspect means the two, through association, are likely to be known as “famously tragic.” While Ivanka’s birth-time is unfortunately unknown, I’d bet that a deep-wounding of hers, associated with Chiron, is they way her father causally *just* steps over the line in referencing & talking about his daughter. Sure, it’s something she’s learned to deal with and even mirror, but this uncomfortable behavior between the two of them is quite openly in the public arena. And as the Midheaven & 10th house are natally known as our public-face or reputation with the world or others who know of us, her wounding is projected for all of us to see in a pretty full capacity.

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Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump

The next aspects I’ll reference that seem to prominently support the aspect of illusion on the side of Donald & deception on the side of Ivanka is Don’s Moon being conjunct Ivanka’s Neptune by a 1 degree orb. With the conjunction, it’s very possible that while this can be a mixed bag of good & bad, it’s likely the Moon individual does not see Neptune clearly, while Neptune may be prone to exaggeration, in order to please the Moon person. They may not want to let them down over fear of shattering an illusion, but this is slippery, of course. It’s even possible for outright deception to occur, in which Neptune intentionally deceives the Moon person if they feel they can gain something out of it or use the person to their benefit. I know that Ivanka & her husband Jared were hoping to grow their social network, and level of fame & recognition, through working with the administration. While this alone isn’t enough to illicit an accusation, this real-time note from those connected to the White House certainly supports the possibility of Ivanka somewhat “using” her father to further her status. It’s also possible with this Synastry aspect, that there are issues such as co-dependency, clingyness, possessiveness, and addictions that occur between the two.

A second major planetary connection involving Neptune between Ivanka and her father is Don’s natal Sun being directly & exactly opposite Ivanka’s Neptune. Ivanka again plays the part of Neptune here, so deception is likely. It can cause the Sun individual to see the Neptune person in a sparking light, while ultimately being disappointed to find that they were wrong about the Neptune person all along. With this aspect, it’s also known that the Sun person may not really understand the Neptune person’s emotional nature, and may somewhat forcefully get them to support their viewpoint–and as Neptune is not a conflicting or dominating planet, they will likely fall in line with the Sun person–and as previously stated, Ivanka has dropped her previously political philosophies in favor of her father’s. With this aspect also comes the possibility of the Neptune person resorting to subversive tactics in order to keep the Sun person around, as Neptune also rules addictions.

Speaking of addictions, obsessions, clingyness, oh my! Ivanka and her father also have the Synastry aspect of Venus square Pluto, by a 1 degree orb, with Ivanka playing the role of obsessive Pluto. Many know this to be, oftentimes, not a very pretty Synastry aspect (don’t freak on this alone if you have it in Synastry with your partner or someone close). But it’s important to be conscientious of the fact that this relationship, at times, may include elements of possessiveness, jealousy, and volatile emotions–something that can be controlled with some mindfulness. It’s quite possible that Don & Ivanka arouse in each other their deep-seated insecurities, along with a pressing fear of losing the other individual. Power struggles, manipulation, and bitter endings are definitely possible with this Synastry aspect. While both individuals may experience jealousy & possessiveness, it’s the Pluto person that may tip the scales to their side in portraying these behaviors more prominently. It’s worth noting Ivanka’s natal chart has Jupiter sitting directly on top of her Pluto–and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches, it’s likely she has some real control/jealousy issues; perhaps especially as it relates to her father. Also in the Venus-Pluto square between individuals, the Pluto person may bring out tendencies & behaviors in the Venus person that they would rather keep “under wraps,” or hidden from most eyes–and it’s quite possible Ivanka, intentionally or not, brings out some of Don’s less-savory tendencies, including his inappropriate comments regarding her. That’s in no way to say it’s Ivanka’s fault–the vast majority of us know his behavior to be awkward and inexcusable, especially as the father of his child. But Synastry paints a picture that is sometimes impossible to ignore, with individuals often playing these parts unknowingly or subconsciously–and assessing the Synastry can help us understand why certain behaviors may be playing out by asking the hard questions. Despite the awkwardness of this subject matter, it’s most disturbing & sad to see what has played out in the United States since the beginning of 2020. I hope all are remaining safe, healthy, and grounded during this time! Blessings to All!

Melania Trump, reacting to Ivanka at the RNC


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