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Jeffrey Epstein Case Study: The 360 degrees of the Zodiac Analysis

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Warning ⛔️: Graphic content some may be sensitive to!

I wanted to write another piece on the 360 degrees in astrology; this time regarding Jeffrey Epstein (I previously covered Amber Heard). If you read that article, you may recall that the degree one of Amber’s personal planets fell on described the individual as potentially having “married an older person for financial reasons.” …. I need not describe to you how ‘in the ball park’ this is. As I discussed, my theory is that the most difficult aspects a planet makes to other planets/angles; the more likely it is that a negative interpretation of a specific degree in a specific sign will manifest itself in the person’s life. With Amber’s planets being somewhat stressed, the consequences of having partaken in negative tendencies unfortunately has become part of her reality. All of it, really.

I wanted to discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s natal chart under the umbrella of our 360 degrees; due to the fact that the interpretations of HIS planetary degrees have (practically) nothing but fantastic things to say about him! Of course, there is plenty in their regarding: Intelligence. Willingness to help others. Being kind. Being strong…but then, some descriptions do point towards his potential (and now actualized) demise. While not quite so overt as it is in Amber’s case, there are clues; possibilities to actualize.

Let’s start with his North Node. It lands on 12 degrees Aquarius; where my Mercury is exactly! I am currently using my mind & intellect to dissect his chart and fate. It certainly does fit. But I digress; the description for 12 degrees Aquarius is as follows:

“Ambitious, independent, and fiery character. It is indispensable to give up vengeful projects and to ensure that one’s authority is not misused, lest all kinds of disastrous events and setbacks crop up. In a figurative sense, this degree indicates that one may be kept in prison by one’s rebellious and anarchistic tendencies.”

Wow! There certainly is a lot to unpack here in regard to Jeffrey Epstein’s life. When intuiting the phrases / sentences that stick out in relation to him, we see it states “one’s authority [musn’t] be misused, lest all kinds of disastrous events and setbacks crop up.” We KNOW his authority was misused in the simple fact that he manipulated under-aged girls to have sex with him. I don’t even care, this is the truth and it shall be spoken. For all the Brilliance Epstein was said to have, it means nothing when you are entirely consumed by your Shadow side. The description of 12 degrees Aquarius also states [he] “may be kept in prison [by his] rebellious and anarchistic tendencies.” We know he has been kept in prison–in the literal sense. It is where he left this world.

I suppose my point is that these descriptions, which can be entirely helpful in having us see our negative (and positive) tendencies, is that it certainly isn’t black & white. That description on 12 degrees Aquarius opens us up to a whole host of possibilities–in MY case, having that degree myself, I stand strong in the fire; independence; and ambition. But I’ve learned to temper myself in such a way that allows me to preserve my stores of energy for important moments; rather than wasting my breathe on people or projects that do not align with my spiritual ascension or path in life.

Another aspect of Epstein’s natal chart that stands out is the fact that there is an exact conjunction between Venus and Mars in Pisces; trine his Uranus by 1 degree:

Now, before we discover the description of 16 degrees Pisces, let’s discuss the planetary aspects to Uranus. Recall that a trine is a very smooth-flowing aspect. While this is an easy aspect, in all likelihood, this would make him comfortable with his sexual tendencies (whatever sexual preferences the individual has with this aspect). In this SPECIFIC case, this can spell trouble. Uranus is the planet of change, progression, upheavals, individualism; and what aspects and house your Uranus is in points towards where these themes will be prevalent in your life. While we don’t know the time Epstein was born, we see that the trine makes it easy for him to accept his deviancy. OKAY, let’s get into 16 degrees Pisces:

Pessimistic, misanthropic, and withdrawn character. Instead of shutting oneself away in an ivory tower, one ought to seek the company of cheerful and devoted friends. In the professional area, partnerships must be given priority because they can offset the threat of bankruptcy portended by this degree and ensure a decent standard of living. Dangers come from depressive tendencies and from water.

Anyone who knows “some” about Epstein know that no one actually really knew him! He absolutely, in the figurative sense, locked himself away in his ivory tower and created his own world within. His neighbors thought it odd he was so incredibly private. While odd behavior and situations have been spotted by neighbors in-full, he absolutely kept to himself otherwise. He also had his own private island; so there’s another figurative ivory tower for ya’, too!

While I believe a whole host of his acts to be despicable, I still will only go so far as I have in discussing his vile deeds. Regardless of it all, I believe the dead deserve some respect. Now, the girls he devastated, THEY have a right to talk about it. He Fucked up–royally. But hopefully he can get it right next time. We are in this journey of growth on Earth together.

Please let me know if you’d like me to break down more aspects of Epstein’s chart, or anyone else, really! I do enjoy it. Stay safe, comfortable, calm, and happy. We are in it together and we should all be proud with how far we have come and continue to progress. Change and upheavals aren’t always easy, in fact, they are often disastrous when problems aren’t properly addressed. WE WILL BE OKAY! 🥰😻😃

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