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Jeffrey Epstein + Ghislaine Maxwell Composite Chart Analysis

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

It’s no secret (anymore, anyhow!) that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had a… less than conventional relationship. Of course, that is an awfully mild way of putting it. Jeffrey and Ghislaine allegedly did date for-real for a time, until it became clear to Ghislaine that Jeffrey would not marry her. After that point, the relationship appeared to become more of a close friendship/business partnership. You could say Ghislaine made a “Deal with the Devil” when she took on the role of seeking out young girls for Epstein full-time. I had written in a previous article that when Ghislaine was a younger woman, she fled to the United States from Britain, following the murder of her father and his subsequent reputation being tarnished due to the revealing of a host of illegal business dealings that left many without. She no longer had a source of income, and while still a somewhat wealthy socialite, needed to find a new source. As we know, that source eventually became Jeffrey Epstein. He was able to provide Ghislaine with the lifestyle she was so used to. In the analysis of their composite (relationship) chart, I shall point out and explain some of the reasoning, bargaining, fantasy, and abuse behind their relationship. For those who don’t know, the composite chart shows you how a relationship will play out, the relationship dynamics, & what the major themes of the relationship will be.

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell

I’ll start with the disillusionment on the side of Ghislaine. In their composite chart, Venus is squared by Neptune by a 3 degree orb. This is probably the most telling sign of disillusionment in a relationship within a composite, although this is just one aspect and the whole chart must be looked at in order to make a more accurate assessment. This aspect is known to illicit grand dreams for the future together, fantasy, idealism, and (oftentimes) ultimately, the shattering of an illusion. As previously stated, Ghislaine had at one point hoped for a marriage with Epstein. With a composite Venus square Neptune, one or both individuals in the relationship may project the idea of their perfect partner onto the other, and this can cause stress in the relationship, as the other person will eventually be able to sense it. With this aspect also comes the possibility that others observing the relationship will also sense disillusionment in the relationship, leading to those in the relationship trying to prove themselves as a couple to cynics. It’s clear that Ghislaine tried to market their relationship as a legitimate one, but there were plenty of those that questioned whether or not that was the truth.

Another aspect related to illusion is their composite Mars square Neptune; this aspect only by a 5 degree orb. Not only would both parties likely experience illusion, but this aspect would prompt a draining feeling in the relationship. One or both individuals may be quite self-sacrificing in the relationship; usually one relative to the other. There is also the possibility that the two have big dreams for the relationship, but these plans are somehow nonsensical or simply not grounded in reality. While we know that Jeffrey & Ghislaine were able to get away with their sex trafficking ring of (mainly) underaged girls for many years, this all began to unravel in 2005. It may have taken some time, but this reveal shows no matter how powerful or shielded one believes they are, if they’ve acted through deceit & illusion, it will catch up with them eventually. Lastly, a composite Mars square Neptune can also point to the relationship involving a heavy use of drugs, alcohol, and participation in sex. We do know all three of those things were involved; perhaps some more prominently than others.

Jeffrey + Ghislaine Composite Chart

Another prominent aspect in the infamous duo’s composite chart includes the Mars conjunct Chiron, by 1 orb. This aspect in a composite chart (of individuals who are dating) is associated with the individuals being an unlikely pair, or both individuals being attracted to each other even though they aren’t the others “typical type.” The relationship is considered odd or quirky, regardless of the attraction. Sex between the two may be considered a source of healing, while at the same time, this aspect can spell trouble or hurt through sex–whether it be cheating, fantasizing of another, or anything else grounded in sexual reality that may cause an individual to become hurt. We also see that Venus is conjunct Chiron, although this aspect being only by 3 degrees. This aspect in the composite chart is associating love with pain in the relationship. They will touch each other in an extremely personal & emotional way, and while this may be healing, it can also cause a lot of pain if the relationship is on shaky grounds.

Jeffrey + Ghislaine Composite Chart

An aspect that I believe truly played into the schemes they involved themselves in is the composite Mars opposite Uranus, which is exact (0 orb). While the easier aspects between these two planets (sextile, trine; perhaps conjunction, although considered a hard aspect) can simply point towards the relationship being unique, out of the norm, quirky; as previously stated. All composite Mars-Uranus aspects may hint towards the couple being “different” in some way–whether it be different cultural backgrounds, a gap in age, or the relationship being long-distance. It’s known that Jeffrey was born in New York and Ghislaine in Britain; prompting differing cultural backgrounds to some degree–but in this specific case, as we know, things go much further & darker in the couple’s uniqueness. The composite opposition of Mars & Uranus is the specific aspect we are dealing with, which can be more difficult to handle. While sexual experimentation may be likely, there is also the possibility of frequent upsets or fights; usually ones that can blow over quickly. The relationship may have an overall instability-feel to it, as if it’s always on shaky grounds. The energy between the two may be quite erratic, and may ultimately be exhausting.

Finally, Venus opposite Uranus by a 3 degree orb elicits much of the same as Mars opposite Uranus. It also points towards the relationship being “hard to pin down.” Ghislaine found this to be true, and this erratic energy can even show up as unexpected events between the two. I had read some articles that described Ghislaine, in court, sobbing and asking over & over, “How could this happen?” She truly thought herself to be near-invincible, and the sudden death of her literal partner-in-crime + her arrest upon being found were not events she had anticipated.

This may be considered a rather shallow example of the “points of exhaustion” made, but considering the mentioned potentially quite-stressful aspects within the composite, I do notice a marked difference in the way Ghislaine looked when she was younger, vs. after years of being / working with Epstein. As mentioned, regardless of how “well” they may have “worked” together, there are a number of composite aspects between the two that would prompt a draining feeling, exhaustion, & anxiety.

Young Ghislaine with her father, Robert Maxwell

A more current photo of Ghislaine

While Ghislaine certainly isn’t a physically UGLY woman, her face appears to be bloated in comparison to her younger years; perhaps a sign of too much drinking. I’m sure many would be apt to disagree, but I think that when someone lives their life in a truly “ugly” way, this will start to show physically over time. While we all obviously age with time, I see something in individuals frequently involved in moralistically questionable behaviors that I don’t in others. I wouldn’t be able to point someone out based on looks alone, of course, but it’s obvious when the details are known + time is a factor. I think the body can lose its natural majesty when one lives a life lacking of integrity & a true moral code.

So even though we know Ghislaine was able to achieve many of the things she wanted in a life with Epstein, it was truly like signing over her soul to the Devil, with incredibly unpredictable results. Everyone is better off not giving into truly dark curiosities not just because we know these things to be wrong, but because it takes a toll on the body over time + as we’ve seen, triggered transits will lead to redemption! There is no hiding; it will catch up to these individuals eventually. This has been an exciting subject to write on for me, simply because I’m intrigued by the human mind & its reasoning mechanisms. But when looked at from an emotional perspective, it is truly devastating. We can only be positive & hope that justice will continue to be served in a more timely fashion! Girls under the duo’s influence continue to come forward to this day, thanks to the woman pictured below. Victoria Roberts Guiffre has been an incredible beacon for many lost young women who got caught in dark trap laid by Jeffrey and Ghislaine. Let’s all strive to be beacons in our own Light.

Virginia Roberts Guiffre + her younger self when lured


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