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True Events vs. Astrology: Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffery Epstein, leading up to her arrest

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Warning ⛔️: Graphic content some may be sensitive to!

Ghislaine Maxwell is a woman recently arrested (Thursday, July 2, 2020) at her secret luxury home in Bradford, N.H who is accused of baiting and “grooming” young under-aged girls for the late Jeffrey Epstein for at least a few years in the 1990s. From my own research, it’s clear she had gotten involved with Epstein most likely out of a desire to maintain the lavish high-society culture she was so used to for the younger parts of her life. In researching her younger years, I discovered her father was a rough-and-tough newspaper tycoon who only wanted the best in terms of prestige & power in a mate for his daughter, perhaps cutting corners if people met these standards but had other red flags. He honed in on this importance not only because of the weight he puts on those qualities, but also possibly in part due to the fact that Ghislaine was known to be one of his favorites, in terms of children. While it’s true her young life was filled with the culture of high-society and luxury, this came with an over-burdensome sense of responsibility given to her by her family since a young age. She was perhaps pushed to grow up too quickly. When scandal surrounded her family in France due to illegal business activities conducted by her father, she fled & moved to the US to start over (without all the amenities she was likely used to).

What do we know about Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's alleged ...

G. Maxwell in 1995

G. Maxwell with her father, Robert Maxwell

When simply examining what others have said of the “British socialite” during her college years, it’s clear she had consistently maintained an iron-clad sense of self-confidence; often bordering on teasing, taunting, or simply between-the-lines rudeness towards adversaries or those she saw as “below” her station in a certain aspect. An example of this is when she met Princess Diana in 1984–Maxwell bragged about making Diana cry, which at the time–if played right–could, and was, to be played off as a simple tease or taunt. This is partially attributed to the time period in which this type of behavior was more likely to be brushed off, but also the fact that a very active rivalry existed at Oxford University (where Ghislaine Maxwell met Princess Diana) between those who were privately educated and those whose education was funded by public means. Maxwell was on the private side of things while she seemed to, by personal account of other Oxford students, wave that flag pridefully while maintaining a whiff of arrogance. She was known to dress how she wanted; embellished in colorful jewelry & clothing. There was a way about her that many seemed to envy, but the ugliness that hid beneath the charisma and expensive artistic sense would rear its face to other students/cohorts from time-to-time.

I’d like to examine Ghislaine Maxwell’s natal chart under the lens of the question: What placements & aspects make it likely that she would be confronted with whether or not she will fall prey to the lure of toxic power, greed, lies, etc.? There is always a choice, but as we know, our charts show what behaviors, coping mechanisms, and other things we may be predisposed to. After a partial examination of the natal chart, I’d like to discuss the transits to her chart on the day she was arrested. As usual, I will start by saying that the astrological information examined is to be looked at within the context of the character of Ghislain Maxwell–not any other single person or group of people with any one of these aspects or placements. Most aren’t likely to be okay with participating in the types of choices and behaviors that Maxwell has both obeyed in and procured. Practically every (in)famous person I write on or study in astrology that has done some reprehensible deed has a placement that either myself or someone else I know has in their own natal chart. It’s true that we are starting with her natal chart, but it is A L W A Y S the individual’s choice as to which way they are going to build their character: in the positive for themselves (and others), orrr going a different, alternative way out of a selfish or over-developed ego. Through the partial examination of both her natal chart and transit chart on the day of her arrest, we can see how she both 1) could easily be presented with situations that both lead to power & deciding whether or not to abuse that power and 2) what transits likely prompted or contributed to the law finally catching up with her.

Ghislane Maxwell meeting Princess Diana in 1984

There are a number of indicators in Maxwell’s natal chart that point towards a sort of… brilliance. Since the natal chart could be seen as our “coding” of sorts, this means she truly is wired of ‘the-right-stuff’ in order to make it successfully in many areas of her life. When looking at her chart, we can see there are a number of flowing Earth element trines between the signs of Capricorn and Virgo. This points towards the individual being rather practical and particular; a perfectionist of sorts that holds both great ambition and perhaps a well-planned & thought-out plan for the future. Since the trine is a smooth-flowing aspect, the planetary energies between the aspecting planets flow very easily with each other. Practical decisions rooted in reality is noted, but perhaps an ambition that easily detriments other areas of life that need attention.

In particular, her Mercury in Capricorn trine Pluto in Virgo (2 orb) would likely invoke a willingness, or at least having an easier time with, connecting to the darker aspects of life. Alone, of course, this aspect supports an individual becoming something akin to a detective, forensic investigator, lawyer, etc. due to their ability to think deeply, probe beneath the surface, and come to a conclusion many others may be quite stumped on. This is due to a keen ability to tap into intuition, psychic feelings or experiences, and an ever-questioning mind. The darker side of this aspect is the potential lure to become involved in any sort hidden or criminal activity in their work. They will be able to tell when someone is lying, without a doubt. When considering G. Maxwell, we can now see the circumstances she was born into would most likely have a profound effect on her somewhat-obsessed, delving, intricate, deep, and practical mind. The aspect (Mercury trine Pluto) indicates the obsession, while the Earth element & Signs, prominent in themselves due to their manifestation through the trines, represent practicality, ambition, and being grounded in the concerns of earthly reality.

One of the trines Maxwell has is exact (0 orb): With that being her Mars in Capricorn (0 degrees) trine Uranus in Virgo (0 degrees). It’s unfortunate she made the choices she made, because a planet being on the 0 degree mark in any sign within the natal chart indicates a host of possibilities. You can liken it to “The Fool” card in Tarot. With this sense of adventure also comes a vulnerability, however; making the individual prone to being swayed by those who can themselves sway these individuals such as Maxwell into doing their bidding. With the signs’ new energy being expressed through the planet, house, and aspects in question, the individual may also be prone to making vast misjudgments that can send them in a tailspin. Innocence can be beautiful, but in this case, it’s clear the misjudgments made by this woman have been morally erroneous to the highest degree. Also, an individual with a natal Mars trine Uranus is most likely not going to be in the most traditional of professions/careers! Either they’re quite unique in their positions or will somewhat erratically change jobs or types of careers. One other important note here–Mars is the planet of health, vitality, drive, work, etc., while Uranus is the planet of individuality, rebellion, intellect, invention, progressiveness, etc. The flowing aspect between these two planets indicates a comfort in doing work or having a profession that is ‘out of the norm’ in some capacity, and with what we know of Maxwell, that fits her profile; on the darker side of things to our chagrin and her misfortune!

The trine aspect between her Capricorn Sun and Virgo Lilith (3 orb) is a powerful driving force that would certainly mean her personality would likely be more in the direction of domineering, brave, and magnetic in her practical (earth-bound) pursuit of her goals. These individuals will intrigue many people and may be seen as provocative in some fashion, while they may in some respect stand out from traditional society or popular culture. While it was unknown for years that Epstein and Maxwell operated as they did in their decisions & practices involving under-aged girls, it may have been known among some in their elite circle that they both were involved in less scrupulous activities.

Rose McGowan calls for Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew's arrest ...

Ghislaine Maxwell, Unknown

Rose McGowan calls for Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew's arrest ...

Carol Mack, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, 1995

The second astrological examination of Ghislaine Maxwell in this article involves her transits the day of her arrest. I wasn’t quite sure of her age when I looked up her transits. It just so happens she was experiencing her 2nd Saturn return, with transit Saturn off her natal Saturn by 1 degree:

As you can see above, G. Maxwell wasn’t only experiencing her 2nd Saturn return, but also the current transit South Node conjunct her natal Mars & Venus, transit Moon square Uranus, and transit Uranus opposite her Neptune. The transits she was experiencing a couple of days ago during her arrest paint the picture of this being a very telling time in her life. A time when, being pretty harshly examined and forced to grow will happen through circumstance, change, or some other sort of disruption if you haven’t been doing the work yourself. To start with, understanding the Saturn Return is important–it occurs when Saturn has made its way through all the signs; making its way back to your natal Saturn position. It’s known to be a time of seeing harsh realities, even if we don’t want to. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, and your Saturn return is “harvest time,” or reaping what you sow. This time period has a tendency to contribute to individuals thinking about how much time on Earth they have left, and whether or not they feel they’ve wasted it so far. Saturn brings to you what you have earned through your efforts. Applying these principles to the personal 2nd Saturn return of Maxwell, it is clear by what has happened so far that her choices & actions have not sown abundance, at least in the positive sense! In fact, it appears that she’s sowing some pretty rotten fruit right now.

The first aspect in transit that stuck out to me is her transit South Node conjunct her natal Mars & Venus. Transit South Node conjunct Mars is known to be a challenging time in that you might need to face a challenge that has existed for some time, but has been pushed back or ignored. It’s a transit that’s known to procure Saturn-type themes–a sort of “paying up” if certain issues haven’t been addressed, or misdeeds that have been done in the past that the individual has been able to get away with. We know Maxwell actively participated in & coordinated in the meet-ups between Epstein and the young girls. This is something that happened some time ago, but she has been able to get away with such seedy behavior, until now. Interestingly enough, in my ‘refreshing-on’ research of this particular transit (SN conj. Mars), I discovered that it’s possible for the individual to experience their “paying up” by means of direct confrontation with those they have hurt. A time when the individual is enlightened by the other person’s hurt. We know that, unless something drastic changes, G. Maxwell will go to court to face the judgement of her crimes, most likely including some of the victims she helped get to Epstein. The stars don’t lie!

Maxwell also at the time of her arrest had transit Uranus square natal Moon. This is a time period (as Uranus is a slower-moving planet) in which unexpected changes & events occur that throw you off balance. It’s a time for testing your ability to keep cool even in a quickly-changing environment. My research also indicated that this transit may bring about not being able to change residences when you really want to, a time in which the individual is thrust into getting in touch with how they emotionally feel, and an overall inflexibility that tests you–in mind, body, & soul. If you’re able to go with the tides, even in the midst of a restricting environment, you will pass this test and move onto greener pastures. But this takes time & patience! Unfortunately for Maxwell, her shifted circumstances are of the most drastic, as she has gone from living a luxurious lifestyle since she was born, to living in what we know to be prison within a cold, harsh cell. She has refused to face her demons throughout the years, and this transit certainly will force her to get further in-touch with herself. She had literally been ‘on-the-run’ for a year, until officers finally found her inside the New Hampshire home (after millions had been spent in their search).

Rose McGowan calls for Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew's arrest ...

Ghislaine Maxwell, Ranjana Khan and Mary Alice Stephenson 2010, NYC

Transit Uranus opposite natal Neptune is the last aspect we’ll be assessing–with this one having negative consequences for those hiding behind subterfuge or has been prone to misleading others. There will be a shake-up in the individual’s life that is likely to reveal any illusions they’ve created or deceits done. I’ve discovered that, this time period often feels “bigger” than the individual, in a way that it might not be 100% personal to them. This led to bells ringing in my mind, as I read previously that when she was finally found & arrested, she seemed very separated from the situation; as if it wasn’t actually happening to her. The individual under the influence of this transit may also realize that they are more than just one person, if ego-drives previously separated worthy vs. unworthy with rather stark lines. People may abruptly come into their lives that force a new awareness, understanding, perspective, and the like. You can’t help but think of when the time comes for her trial, how she will feel hearing testimony from those she has hurt and poisoned. Unless the woman’s a sociopath/psychopath etc., I don’t know how she couldn’t feel something! Only time will tell.

Epstein & Maxwell

While this subject is of a darker nature, it is these life-altering moments in people’s lives that we can learn the most about astrology–through the individual’s transits, natal chart, and karmic burden/destiny. We always have a choice as to what we are going to do with our talents & strong-points. G. Maxwell clearly got caught up in her ego-drives, putting those before moral concerns. While a seemingly brilliant, sharp, confident, impenetrable woman at the many social events she attended & the like, there were much darker things hiding beneath the surface. Our Saturn return and karmic-like transits remind us that we always have a choice, and there is always an opportunity to do better, get better, grow in the direction we may be uncomfortable with but we feel to be right in our hearts. G. Maxwell built her own castle from lies, deceit, manipulation, cunning; for the sake of morally deceitful actions mixed with an enduring financial support from Epstein. Although Epstein left the world before he could be put on trial, it is understandable that their victims are hoping Maxwell can be put to trial, for the sake of justice & to obtain a sense of closure. Astrology is fascinating in that it tells a story of who we are and what potentials we hold. I am interested in obtaining this information, so that we may A L L be a little more cognizant of these themes as they pertain to both our material and moral success.


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