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Venus Synastry Aspects – Personal Planets, Part I: Conjunctions, Sextiles, & Trines

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Anyone somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of Astrology will tell you, when it comes to Synastry, personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) connections are important in any close relationship. Venus in the natal chart shows us our preferences or tendencies when it comes to a number of things–the affection we give, the type of partnership we desire, and even our aesthetic preferences.

The more these connections or aspects are based on trines, sextiles, or conjunctions, the easier the relationship will be–while more challenging aspects, including squares and oppositions, can make a relationship more challenging.

Below is a comprehensive list and description of each conjunction, sextile, and trine between Venus and the other personal planets in Synastry. Soon to come will be the squares and oppositions. Enjoy! 💖

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Venus Conjunctions with Personal Planets:

Sun conjunct Venus: Sun feels Venus brings out the beautiful side in them. They feel more loving, pleasant, and even peaceful in Venus’ presence. Venus sees the Sun as charming, interesting, and overall like-able.

Moon conjunct Venus: Moon feels Venus gives love in a way that satisfies their emotional needs. Venus thinks Moon feels in such a way that it satisfies and fits their love language. The two feel an affinity for each other, and naturally sympathize with each other.

Mercury conjunct Venus: Ideas and conversation flow easily with this aspect. Venus naturally stimulates Mercury’s mind, and vice versa. It’s possible for Venus to feel Mercury is more logical than need be in certain personal interactions between the two.

Mars conjunct Venus: One of the most sensually-enticing aspects between two individuals–there is likely to be an immediate attraction between the two. Mars holds the energy that Venus finds attractive & alluring. One may make the other rise to anger or arguments over trivial affairs may result.

Venus conjunct Venus: There may be intense feelings of compatibility, sexual attraction, and mutual interests between the two. The way the two give & receive love may be quite harmonious. When difficulties arise, the two are likely to be able to work through any issues in mutual cooperation.

Sun sextile Venus: Cooperation and understanding come easy with this aspect. Both want to support each other and make a genuine effort to make the relationship easy, and even beautiful. A good aspect for living together.

Venus Sextiles with Personal Planets:

Moon sextile Venus: This aspect is intuitive in that each person truly feels the other will be there to support the other with emotion & love. A good aspect for raising a family, as there is an overall feeling of nurturing & emotional understanding.

Mercury sextile Venus: Conversation flows pleasantly with this aspect. The two will feel comfortable conversing and can have plenty to talk about. This aspect makes it easier to be each other’s support system. The two may have a lot in common in aesthetic, music, and entertainment preferences.

Mars sextile Venus: This aspect makes easier to have a natural “give & take” in the relationship–each giving to each other without feeling something is needed in return. Giving to each other is a natural part of the relationship. Sexual attraction & satisfaction is very possible.

Venus sextile Venus: This aspect is very similar to that of the conjunction, but with sextiles, a little more effort is to be put in in order to ensure harmonious relations. Cooperation should still come easily; there may just be a slight more effort required. But overall, this is a very harmonious, loving, and comforting aspect.

Venus Trines with Personal Planets:

Sun trine Venus: There is a deep, innate respect and valuing of each other. This aspect supports smooth-flowing domestic relations and a lack of arising conflicts. This isn’t an aspect of passion, but one of ease & understanding in the relationship.

Moon trine Venus: Each feels the other naturally supports their romantic & emotional needs. Cooperation & understanding come much easier with this aspect. Each will be receptive to the other’s ideas of enjoyment, aesthetic value, and preferences.

Mercury trine Venus: The Venus person will be deeply & innately attracted to Mercury’s intellect, ideas, and flows of inspiration. Mercury knows how to communicate effectively in a relationship with Venus.

Mars trine Venus: Has less chance for conflict than the conjunction & sextile–there is still a deep & true sexual attraction between the two, but there is a much lower chance for conflict to occur through passion stirred.

Venus trine Venus: Love, care, comfort & understanding may be almost entirely harmonious (when looking at this placement alone; a whole Synastry chart tells the bigger picture). Very similar styles of working problems out, similar aesthetic preferences, artists, musicians etc. This harmonious aspect will make other more challenging ones easier.

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