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Venus Synastry Aspects – Personal Planets, Part II: Squares & Oppositions

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

There are a number of challenges that can be present in a Synastry chart between two people. These aspects are not all negative, however, as every aspects contains both positives & negatives that can be used for growth in the relationship, given both individuals are open to growth. Whether it’s intense sexual energy or intellectual stimulation, Squares and Oppositions can provide both opportunities & challenges for personal transformation within the relationship, and stimulating, intense, or passionate energies that can make sparks fly. 

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Venus Squares to Personal Planets:

Venus square Sun: The Sun’s personal ambitions, goals, and personality-type can clash with Venus’s style, preferences, what they value, and even what they find attractive & desirable. On the same token, there can be a lot of stimulation here–intense or energetic romance is possible, and there will be lots of sexual attraction. The key here is to make sure there is an understanding & valuing of each other’s personality & preferences, rather than having to have them be all the same; AKA understand/compromise.

Venus square Moon: The Moon’s feelings, intuition, and emotional nature may be in conflict with Venus’s style, preferences, what they value, and find attractive & desirable. This is a more difficult Synastry aspect to deal with, as emotions can be heavily involved in intimate relationships. There may be frequent ups & downs in the relationship, but a lot of sexual energy, attraction, and love is stimulated here; it’s just rather easy for the two of you to hurt each other’s feelings. This can be avoided with some work; as in, understanding when your S.O. is in a different mood than you, sympathizing with them, and knowing the love you have is truly there in actuality.

Venus square Mercury: Mercury’s mode of thinking, intellect, reasoning, and thought processes may be in conflict with Venus’s style of giving love, aesthetic preferences, what they value, and find attractive & desirable. Venus may think Mercury may come across as rather cold & calculating, while Mercury may sometimes believe Venus to be too dreamy. But in actuality, this is not a very challenging aspect. It’s more likely that the stimulating ideas between the two of you spark attraction, and a lot of mental stimulation can be created. The only “danger” here is in cutting each other off in the excitement–make sure you hear each other out!

Venus square Mars: This Venus square may very well be the one with the highest sexual attraction potential, yet this does come with a cost, however–as this sexual attraction is often brought about by arguments, tension, and a mutual competitive nature. Mars may be attracted to Venus’s gentle nature and way of giving & receiving love, while Venus finds Mars physically & sexually enticing. The key here is to make sure you aren’t together for the sole reason of sexual & physical attraction, as depending on the Synastry chart, there may be other aspects that either support a harmonious relationship between the two of you; or not. This Venus aspect is overall mixed in it’s nature; as it produces intense sexual energy, yet there may need to be other positive connections between you two to make the relationship worth the conflict it can give.

Venus square Venus: There may be conflicting ways in which you give & receive love, your aesthetic preferences, styles, and what they find attractive & desirable. There may be a tendency for you both wanting to assert your own way upon the other. The lesson here is to learn to cooperate and compromise when it comes to getting things your way. The intense attraction you feel for each other, however, can help in this endeavor! There is a lot you can learn from your partner with this placement; of course, given both parties are open to cooperation. I believe this placement to be less “dangerous” than the Opposition, as while your ways of giving & receiving love may be different, they aren’t in fact in direct conflict/opposition with each other. Working together is definitely possible.

Venus Oppositions to Personal Planets:

Venus opposite Sun: There may be some confusion on the part of both parties; as attraction & stimulation can run high, yet it can become clear rather quickly that your personalities, ideas about personal goals, preferences, and desires are quite different. The way the sun person portrays their personality, goals in life, and personal ambition may be in direct conflict with Venus’s ways of giving & receiving love, aesthetic preferences, style, and overall taste. While much attraction & stimulation can be present, the “next day,” the Venus person can resort to using passive-aggressive tactics, while the Sun person can be somewhat dictatorial towards Venus. The full Synastry chart can portray whether or not this is likely to be draining or stimulating.

Venus opposite Moon: The Moon person may be in conflict with the way Venus feels love should be given & received; as in, it’s not the way they give it. There can be a theme of feeling let down with this aspect, as Venus’s expectations can not be met by the Moon. The Moon’s inherent emotional needs may be in conflict with the way Venus socializes and gives love. The key is to understand each other’s forms of love so that you can grow in mutual cooperation, understanding, and harmony. There is mixed potential with this aspect, depending on the rest of the Synastry chart.

Venus opposite Mercury: The way Venus gives & receives love, aesthetic preferences, and ways of socializing may be in direct conflict with Mercury’s thought processes, intellect, and forms of communication. Their interactions may feel awkward, and they may not know how to approach each other when need be. There may be frequent misunderstandings between the two of you, which can cause frustration. Venus should stay conscious not to treat Mercury like a care-taker, while Mercury should be more comfortable in confronting Venus about things of importance. Minor annoyances can occur, such as Venus being annoyed with the way Mercury speaks (aka their voice), and other small nuisances. But overall, this is a mixed aspect and there is potential to grow together to experience each other’s versions of love.

Venus opposite Mars: The individuals may be inclined to experience frequent ups & downs within the relationship. There may be a constant feeling of conflict or tension, while one can feel turned on while the other feels turned off. You may not feel like doing what your partner wants to do at a given time, and vice versa. This aspect may be even more intense then that of the Square, as the sexual attraction can be extremely potent and the conflict & competition also experienced by the Square may be ever present in the relationship. You could say, it’s much like the square but with “higher stakes.” Be careful not to try to force your partner into doing things your own way, as this can cause resentment. The Venus person may be more inclined to desire things their way, because with this aspect, Venus may feel they are the more giving partner out of the two, and thus deserves to have things go their way. The key here is to not try to change the ways your partner gives & receives love, while also not engaging in unneeded competitiveness between the two of you that simply causes conflict in the relationship.

Venus opposite Venus: The two of you may feel intensely attracted to each other, and deeply desire a relationship, but approach it from completely different perspectives and expectations. You may find that this desire for intimacy is simply not enough to make your relationship goals come true. There will be intense sexual attraction, and you may feel wonderful together in the beginning. When this aspect works with the Synastry chart, it is the true definition of “opposites attract,” as your values can oftentimes be quite different. You may either mirror each other in your tendencies & preferences, resulting in annoyances, frustrations, or competitiveness; or, do things completely different pertaining to love, aesthetic values, and overall taste.

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